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Analysis of the Programmatic Ecosystem - Benchmark by EBG Barcelona 2018


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Published in: Marketing
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Analysis of the Programmatic Ecosystem - Benchmark by EBG Barcelona 2018

  1. 1. # Demand Side Platform
  2. 2. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # XAVIER CARDON Founder SUTTER MILLS SPEAKER
  3. 3. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # SPEAKERS JULIA ETAIX Managing Director New Business CHRISTOPHE MATHON Digital global lead COTY
  4. 4. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # WHAT IS A DSP?
  5. 5. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # A DSP (Demand Side Platform) is an essential platform to the programmatic media buying process. • It automatizes, centralizes and optimizes programmatic and non programmatic media buying • Its main goal is to display ads to a targeted audience following your own rules for price optimization • Automation, targeting and data-in / data-out are some of the main benefits that could justify the use of a DSP and programmatic media buying. WHAT IS A DSP?
  6. 6. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # MARKET TRENDS
  7. 7. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # #1 Consolidation FOLLOWING OVERALL ADTECH TREND, DSPs ARE GETTING INTEGRATED TO STACKS • Why a DSP ? Because Data... • Data does not naturally seats in a DSP - but needs to be fully integrated with tools made for collecting it • Some have been built in a stack approach (DoubleClick, Mediarithmics,...) some are building a stack - Adobe w/ Efficient Frontier (2011) + TubeMogul (2017) + all others before (Omniture (2009) / Demdex (2011)...) MARKET MOVES #2 No frontier EXTENDING INVENTORIES, FROM ORIGINAL FOCUS TO “ALL MEDIA” • It has been a race - moving from classical display to advanced format (video, native ads…) - internally or via external buying - Blinkx w/ Rhythm (2013) + Perk (2016) + RadiumOne (2017) + Yume (2017) • Now, new territories/ - DOOH - “digital-out-of-home” - iPTV - Gaming consoles - Smart speakers (Echo / Home / HomePod...) - Audio Sources: (1) |
  8. 8. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # #2 REACHING AUDIENCES • Match rate ? key topic while bringing in your data from a DMP or other data-storage • Adblocks ? from 25% to 30 % of the French use Adblockers up to 55% of the 16 – 25 years old (2) (study done the New Google Chrome). • Inventory for specific advertisers with strong brand safety topics PROGRAMMATIC’S (&ADVERTISERS) CHALLENGES #3 PROGRAMMATIC IS A SILOED WORLD WITH WALL “PARKS” • Google and Facebook grab 63%+ (2017) of digital ad spend (3) • Amazon is finally seen as a true competitor… for many industries inc. advertising: ad business +60% on Q4 2017, 1.8B$ (10 times smaller than Facebook) Sources: (1) WFA - nov. 2017 - Stephan Loerke| (2) Ipsos IAB / eMarketer - mid-2017 (3) eMarketer - sept. 2017 #1DELIVERING EFFICIENT IMPRESSIONS “From 10% to 30% of ad traffic is fraudoulous” (1) • Viewability ? optimizing campaigns and driving media monitoring on those new KPIs, • New quality standards - Label Digital Ad Trust or Coalition for Better Ads • New tech - offering pre bid technologies fit advertisers’ needs
  9. 9. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # BENCHMARK
  10. 10. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # DSPs ? 6 items to monitor before making your choice 1. Overall environment - is it only a DSP or part of a more integrated solution ? 2. Available device targeting options - desktop, mobile or both ? 3. Available format targeting options - display, video, audio, DOOH… ? 4. Publishers available in the inventory - exclusive inventory ? 5. Optimisation & performance - which are the available KPIs for algorithmic optimization ? 6. Access to third-party data - volume and quality of provided data, pricing, billing…?
  11. 11. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # 1. DSPs - overall environment - a DMP + a DSP Publisher SSP Ad Exchange DSP Adserving DMP TMS (other ?)
  12. 12. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # 1. DSPs - overall environment - a DSP + solutions for publishers Publisher SSP Ad Exchange DSP Adserving DMP TMS (other ?) Adserver Publisher
  13. 13. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # 1. DSPs - overall environment - one integrated end-to-end vision Publisher SSP & adserving Ad Exchange DSP Adserving DMP TMS (other ?)
  14. 14. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # 2. DSPs - device options Mobile only Desktop only both devices IP & Connected TV DOOH in beta and Audio in beta IP & Connected TV DOOH Mobile in game in 2018 TV in 2018 DOOH in 2018 IP & Connected TV Gaming console IP & Connected TV Audio - (online radio, podcast…) TV in beta (linear + iPTV) IP & Connected TV Additional devices
  15. 15. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # 3. DSPs - formats options All solutions are covering most of the classical formats Remaining questions : - matrix mixing format + device (not covered) - # of available impressions - interest for more advanced formats (Audio, ….) OATH DoubleClick Mediamath Mediarithmics AppNexus S4M Tabmo Sizmek DataXu Adobe Video X X X X X X X X X Display Banner X X X X X X X X X X Native X X X X X X X X X X Rich Media X X X X X X X X X Audio X X X Planned end of 2018 X X X X X Others IP & Connected TV DOOH in beta and Audio in beta TV in beta (linear + iPTV) Social Ads(non programmatic) DOOH IP & Connected TV e-mailing propriétaire Skin IP & Connected TV Audio (online radio, podcast…) Social Ads Digital OOH Social (non programmatic) IP & Connected TV
  16. 16. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # 4. DSPs - inventory ? Exclusive Non-exclusive In addition, 1. All players claim they have implemented all the different ways to buy via a DSP: - Open Auctions - Private market places - Private deals 2. SSP / Ad-exchange connexion is also claimed to be a no brainer 3. New move toward pre-packaged and curated private deals: - 2500 curated private deals for Dataxu - MediaMath Curated Market Yahoo GeminiYouTube
  17. 17. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # 5. Optimisation & Performance OATH DoubleClick Mediamath Mediarithmics AppNexus S4M Tabmo Sizmek CPM x x x x x x x x CPC x x x x x x x x CPL any definition of a lead x goals to be defined by client x per landing page x ROI / ROAS x x x x x x x CPA x x x x x x x x CTR x x x x x x x CPV x x x x x Viewability Rate x x x x Video Completion x x VCPM x with active view x x x Specific hybrid KPIs Reach Drive-to-store Uplift Nb/ some KPIs are Sizmek definition ClassicKPI’s Vidéo& viewability
  18. 18. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # 6. DSPs - Access to 3rd party data ? Evaluation criteria OATH Mediamath Mediarithmics AppNexus S4M Tabmo Sizmek DataXu a. Partners / connectors # of 3rd Party Data Providers connected to 40 55 7 200+ 65+ > 25 65 - List of 3rd Party Data Providers All data providers via direct connexion with Nielsen, Exelate, Acxiom, Weborama, Adobe,... SirData, Temelio, Liveramp, Acxiom,... All majore ones : Adobe, BlueKai,…. Factual, Adsquare, PlaceIQ, Statiq, LiveRamp Adsquare, Factual, Statiq, 180byTwo, 42matters, axciom, Alliant, AskFM, AZ Direct, Disnode, Bring!, CACI, ... Acxiom, AdFrom, AdGravity, AdobeDMP, AG Segments,... 180bytwo, 33 Across, Acxiom, AddThis, Adgnito, AdSquare, Affinity Answers, ALC, Alliant, Analytics IQ, Blue ... - Possibility to use other Provider Yes - with different integration modes (and sometimes additional fees) b. Access to 3rd Party Segments - Access to 3rd Data Party segments via a marketplace Yes - Can the advertiser send the segments created with a partner on another platform ? Yes - with different integration modes (and sometimes additional fees) d. Billing of 3rd Party Data? - Directly into the platform with flat fees Yes Yes Yes Not flat fee. Billing on CPM, Ratecard available on our wiki Yes Directly into the platform & tracked within the third party cost Yes Clients will never overpay for third party data due to our unique Automated Overlap Management Algorithm; this algorithm automatically chooses the least expensive way to engage a cookie. 20%-40% reduction in total data expense as a result of this function. - To be negotiated with the partners Yes Yes If client has better rates than ours, we can use its custom ratecard Yes We are able to insert your own ratecard with one of your partners into HAWK Yes
  19. 19. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # Too little time and so many additional topics to cover 1. Some of you have special businesses, and the openness of the whole DSP is to be assessed - especially the ability for modifying the bidder and algorithm and adapt it to your own needs 2. DMPs / Data lakes and other data storage do not interact the same with all DSPs. Before starting test effective matching 3. If you want to internalize, might worth testing the UX and have your teams try the tool before ….
  20. 20. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # PANEL DISCUSSION
  21. 21. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # PRESENTATION OF THE SPEAKERS TOPIC #1 – Why choosing to internalize a solution ? TOPIC #2 – How choosing a specific tool ? TOPIC #3 – Which have been the impacts ? TOPIC #4 – Sharing the results TOPIC #5 – Facing the current challenges TOPIC #6 – Foreseeing the future and thinking of the evolution JULIA ETAIX Managing Director New Business CHRISTOPHE MATHON Digital Global Lead
  22. 22. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # CONTACTS XAVIER CARDON Founder & Managing partner +33 6 16 44 09 47