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  1. 1. FUJII CORPORATION Company Introduction
  2. 2. Company Outline  Branch and Sales office Hokkaido branch : Mikasa city Yamaguchi sales office : Iwakuni city  Number of employees : 141
  3. 3.                                   Snow blower Santa Claus’s official Ride-on Mower Self-drive Brush Cutter : First in the world Boom lift Machine Division
  4. 4.                              Machine Division Snow blower was certified as Official Snow blower of Santa Claus. 2007
  5. 5. Machine Division Northern Europe Snow blower is used as a Santa Claus official snow blower in Santa Claus village in Rovaniemi City, Finland.
  6. 6. Machine Division Antarctic (South pole)Antarctic (South pole) Our snow blowers are used in numerous bases including British Antarctic wintering party and Mizuho base in Japan.
  7. 7. Machine Division Ride-on Mower
  8. 8. Machine Division Self-drive Brush Cutter : First time in the world !
  9. 9. Machine Division Boom lift
  10. 10. Machine Division  Exporting countries- 18 countries Snow blowers : Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Czech, South Korea, etc.                                                           Used at “Winter Sonata” drama location. Dragon Valley Yongpyong Resort, Ski resort (South Korea)
  11. 11. Machine Division    Ride-on Mower: South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Germany, etc.   Boom lift : Australia, Malaysia, Turkey, etc. French exhibition Mower & self-drive brush cutter
  12. 12. Diversity management Promoting the active role of women Hiring foreign nationals Employment of Elderly & People with disabilities
  13. 13. Diversity management Awarded "100 Diversity Management Selection” by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2014.
  14. 14. Activities of foreign national workers ・ Hire International students   ・ Hungry Spirit   ・ English Ability   ・ Improve international sense of employees   ・ Future prospects      Open overseas sales office ・ 5 countries Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, Korea, Turkey (Expected to join in 2019)   
  15. 15. Hiring positions       1. Product development · Mechanical design · Embedded SW Software development    2. Sales       · Export sales    
  16. 16. Treatment after hiring: Same as Japanese 1. Initial salary   (monthly salary)                                                                      Bachelor 220,000 yen    Master    240,000 yen Ph.D. 265,000 yen 2. Allowances Commuting allowance, Family allowance    3. Salary raise   Once a year (April) 4. Bonuses Twice a year (August, December) 5. Holidays 109 days / year, Special holiday, Annual paid leave   
  17. 17. Seeking Candidates   Person who intends to work long in Japan · To live permanently · Work for about 10 years → after that work in the home country       Qualification · Japanese test · Able to communicate in Japanese
  18. 18. Selection Process    ■ Selection of documents (resume, transcript etc.) ↓           ■ Notice of an unofficial offer       ↓      ■ Internship training          ↓    ■ Join the company