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Course introduction

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  1. 1. Global Information Law and Practice Course Introduction January 6, 2020 professor michael geist university of ottawa, faculty of law
  2. 2. course basics This is pretty intense…
  3. 3. course basics So thank you!
  4. 4. About Me • Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law • Focal point is the intersection between law and technology • Somewhat unusually – my research, writing, advocacy, teaching tends to be broad – IP – Internet issues – governance, jurisdiction, e-commerce – Privacy – Trade (TPP) – Telecom – Emerging technologies – AI, ML • Policy oriented – what the law is but also what it could or should be • Globally focused – emphasis on Canada, but interests in comparative issues, global scope • Accessible –columns, blogs, social media, videos • Familiarity with Hong Kong – several visits over the years (professional + personal)
  5. 5. About the Course • course site for materials – everything open. Moodle will be used for paper submissions only • IT law issues – jurisdiction, contracting, internet governance, domain name issues, privacy, cloud & copyright, platform liability, and hot topics • Substantively – three perspectives – Historical/foundational – how has the law developed in the field – Comparative – how have different countries addressed – Future-focused – future challenges, where to next
  6. 6. About the Class Structure – Mini-case studies to start each class (no reading). Introduce and break into small groups for a quick discussion. Bring it back to the full group. – Shift to some lectures on key issues and developments – Back to discussion on the law and the future – Use PPTs – will post after class – Try to start on-time
  7. 7. Course Grading – 100% is frowned upon so… – 25% for a presentation & 75% for a final paper – Presentation – intro to your final paper if you’ve managed to do some research and ready to discuss Or – Short case study or presentation on a related issue you encounter or have dealt with in your own practice/career. Great expertise in the classroom – opportunity to share it would be great. Presentation expected to last for about 15-20 minutes – 10-15 presentation, 5 for discussion. – Paper – anything related to IT law. Either directly we’ve dealt with or you wish we had. 20-25 pages. Must be submitted via Moodle. Deadline is April 30th.
  8. 8. About you…
  9. 9. Is Cyberspace a place? Do we still regard regulation as something involving physical space? Is there an analogy that works? Do we need one?