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Vladimira sencar perkov


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ARTof.HR 2 Conference presentations.

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Vladimira sencar perkov

  1. 1. beneFIT
  2. 2. Sometimes looking back takes you forward.
  3. 3. our goal page 03 healthy employees healthy community healthy workplace healthy.
  4. 4. the trends page 04 01 focus Focusing on employee wellbeing in and out of the workplace is becoming an integral part of modern total remuneration methods 03 motivation Utilizing Company volume and resources to motivate and engage workforce in bottom line performance. 02 joint effort Wellbeing becomes a focus of all company functions, not just a HSE „concern” 04 win-win Developing tailored targeted wellbeing programs as results in straightforward cost effective benefits that drive engagement and loyalty *sources: CLC, CIPD, PWC, LIn
  5. 5. well being. Holistic well being means considering the overall well being of a person and emphasizes the importance of balance in all areas of life and the connection of mind, body and spirit. .
  6. 6. this PERSON is our employee.
  7. 7. the strategy page 07 our mission Deliver Group wide holistic well being strategy to employees and support local community in manner of good corporate citizen our strategy Analyze, gather and reintroduce existing benefits. Identify and address gaps. Deliver well rounded platform addressing all employee needs while supporting local community. Support relationships and connection to workplace. our vision Provide a balanced, safe and healthy workplace to engaged, loyal, dedicated and content employees
  8. 8. the pillars page 08 physical health • Free yearly check ups • Sport & fitness discounts • Specialized menus • Health promo campaigns... healthy workplace (work safety) • All regulations prescribed by law in place • Additional elective work safety training available • Safe driving campaign... spiritual health • Flexi time & place - FORa • Promote inclusiveness & diversity • Promote & support well being • Support parents • Helping others - volunteering • Hardship support... • Full compliance with CA provisions & material rights • Preferred rates for 200+ various services • Education in financial management and budgets financial health
  9. 9. the platform.
  10. 10. the project page 010 What we have we found over 50 various benefits were available and <5% of the population was aware of their existence. The cross functional team identified all existing benefits and agreed on platform strategy and goals, mission & vision plan The design team developed a visual identity for the beneFIT platform to communicate the new benefits to employees design A task team secured over 100 additional benefit suppliers to provide a well rounded platform which continues to grow produce a strong internal multimedia campaign is designed to showcase the new platform, utilizing all possible modes of internal communication backed up by a team supporting the operational aspects of the platform (IT, Q&A, „service desk”...) promote
  11. 11. making it possible page 011 INAEmployee beneFIT
  12. 12. benefit criteria page 012 01 applies to whole Group Our goal is to make equal benefits available to the whole Group, i.e. ~10.5K FTE 04 long term We secured offers that are not time limited or provide long term validity 02 close to offices In order to support local businesses and community we approached the business subjects in close proximity to our office buildings at all locations 05 à la carte Tailored and targeted benefits as requested by our employees 03 only for INA employees We ensured that offers were exclusive to our employees in some manner 06 holistic approach We remained mindful and focused on providing benefits that address all areas needed to produce an overall sense of well being
  13. 13. intranet platform page 013 fresh design clear categories customer focused on-call support team targeted benefit selection
  14. 14. two major benefits... of beneFIT page 014 elevated engagement In the last 5 years a clear trend in the market has become apparent. Engagement is highest in Companies who demonstrate nurture and care for their employees and the wellbeing and welfare of their families reduced absenteeism Recent studies have shown 54% reduction in absence after implementation of wellbeing strategies* Source: CIPD/simply health absence management survey, Edenred, CIPD employee outlook, HBR increased performace Studies indicate that nurtured employees are more driven to perform, more inclined to participate and noticeably more motivated
  15. 15. launch 01/10 2016 5 sectors involved >200 benefits the timeline page 015 our starting point 01/03 2016 1-2 sectors involved ~50 benefits the future is promising
  16. 16. future objectives page 016 grow targeted benefit base Continue to enhance benefit palette and address needs of our employees promote balance Walk the talk. Every day. provide fresh & relevant data Make relevant studies and trends available to community on intranet platform. Enable interactivity and dialogue.
  17. 17. ask yourself why do we invest in well being? Is it because of the bottom line or because it is the right thing to do? page 017
  18. 18. isn’t it because… page 018 it’s really both! It’s that simple.
  19. 19. thank you.