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Facebook Marketing Plan (example)


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Digital Marketing Plan with post examples.
3 Strategies to Track Your Facebook Advertising ROI.

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Facebook Marketing Plan (example)

  1. 1. Contents 1. Goals 2. Brand and positioning 3. Current Target Markets & Audiences 4. Competition Analysis 5. Website 6. Local SEO 7. Review Sites 8. Social Media 9. Video Marketing 10.Email Marketing 11.Mobile Marketing 12.Landing Pages/Automated Sales Funnels 13.Offline Marketing 14.Resources & Budget
  3. 3. Social media Social Media platforms we’ll be leveraging for your business include: • Facebook • Advertising • Messenger Marketing • Stories • Live Video • Instagram • Stories • Live Video • Pinterest • Twitter • Snapchat
  4. 4. Facebook Objectives ▪ Increase brand awareness and engagement ▪ Customer acquisition ▪ Share a mix of relevant links, blog posts, and engaging content ▪ Promote upcoming events ▪ Promote changes to new equipment, new specials, new staff member ▪ Educate customers (i.e. on flossing, gum disease, brushing habits) Key Metrics ▪ 1-2 posts per day ▪ Page Likes ▪ Page Follows ▪ Engagement and comments ▪ Shares ▪ Referring traffic ▪ Offer conversion ▪ New customers
  5. 5. Facebook Action Items ❑Create and add to content folder with photos / videos ❑Create list of ideas for weekly offers/promos/contests/campaigns ❑Define audiences to target via sponsored posts and ads ❑Draft and adhere to Facebook Advertising Plan / Budget ❑Create custom audience using the email subscribers list ❑Add appropriate tabs on FB page
  6. 6. Facebook advertising – Types of Ads ▪ Like Ads - Instead of encouraging a user to move away from Facebook, these ads directly influence the user to like your business page. Each additional like allows us to more accurately create target audiences of likely consumers, both from fans themselves and look-a-like audiences, which is very valuable in the long run. ▪ Photo Based Ads (Boosted Posts) - Facebook posts that use images receive more engagement in the form of likes, shares and comments. We are already proving this. Engagement positively influences organic, spreading the message to consumers who are not already fans. ▪ Video Ads – Facebook posts that use video are being reported to get more organic and paid engagement for the advertising dollar.
  7. 7. Facebook advertising – Types of Ads Cont’d ▪ Giveaways / Contests (Boosted Posts) – We’ll create more engagement and these type of posts tend to spread more virally as well. ▪ Link Page Ads - Link page posts use a call to action such as a discount offer to drive Facebook users to your website or offer landing page. ▪ Audience Targeted Ads – Facebook posts/ads that are targeting a specific demographic or psychographic in the market (i.e. employees at a company, craft beer drinkers, wine lovers, etc. - in approximately to your location)
  8. 8. Facebook advertising – Tracking ROI 3 Strategies We’ll Use to Connect Our Facebook Advertising to In-store Sales (ROI) 1. Use Facebook Offers for tractable deals – This is a way to integrate a discount offer directly into a Facebook post and then track the usage of that offer over time. Offer ads are shown to users, who can then click the “Get Offer” button to claim it. Facebook users then have the option to share the offers they like the most with their friends, which means we can reach more people. These offer ads can be targeted toward specific groups, just like any other Facebook ad. 2. Track actions to our website – It’s possible to track any measurable actions on your website based on traffic driven from a Facebook ad unit. These can include when consumers download a menu, schedule a reservation, buy a gift card or sign up for your email list among many others. By setting up a conversion tracking pixel, we can create a unique JavaScript code to place on a thank you or conversion page of our website. 3. Use Email Marketing Offers, Coupon Codes or Password Marketing to compare channels we can use multiple codes for the same 10 percent off coupon, with each code specifically attached to Facebook, email or direct to mail ads. Then, as the coupon codes are redeemed, we can analyze results and optimize in real time. Gives us the ability to directly compare the effectiveness of different advertising options against each other.
  9. 9. Post Examples
  10. 10. Objective: Share engaging content that your fans will love. Over 13,000 people reached on less than $20 Ad spend
  11. 11. Goal: Local reach and awareness & collect emails. Local reach over 47,000 people 1,800+ reactions (Likes/comm ents/shares) 2600 clicks to the link on the post
  12. 12. Goal – local exposure for grand opening Local reach over 32,000 people 1800+ reactions (Likes/comm ents/shares)