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Streaming Tango Controls events to HTTP using Server-Sent Events

Tango-Controls is an open source framework for building SCADA systems mainly used at big research facilities such as DESY, Hamburg. Tango Controls emits events related to hardware state changes, archive events etc. In this talk we cover the topic of how to export these events from Tango Controls protocol into HTTP via Server-Sent Events. Implementation details of server and client side will be given.

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Streaming Tango Controls events to HTTP using Server-Sent Events

  1. 1. Streaming Tango events via HTTPStreaming Tango events via HTTP using Server-Sent Eventsusing Server-Sent Events
  2. 2. Who am I?Who am I? Igor Khokhriakov aka IngvordIgor Khokhriakov aka Ingvord      in/ikhokhryakov
  3. 3. Igor Khokhriakov
  4. 4. Putting it all togetherPutting it all together rest-server Waltz
  5. 5. Igor Khokhriakov
  6. 6. 23/07/19 Igor Khokhriakov 7
  7. 7. 23/07/19 Igor Khokhriakov 8
  8. 8. Igor Khokhriakov
  9. 9. Igor Khokhriakov
  10. 10. Igor Khokhriakov
  11. 11. Igor Khokhriakov Some lessons learned along the path...Some lessons learned along the path...
  12. 12. Igor Khokhriakov
  13. 13. Igor Khokhriakov CORS!!!CORS!!! Cross-Origin Request SharingCross-Origin Request Sharing
  14. 14. Igor Khokhriakov https://host:8443/tango/rest/subscriptionshttps://host:8443/tango/rest/subscriptions =>=> https://host:8443/tango/subscriptionshttps://host:8443/tango/subscriptions hence Tango REST API v1.1hence Tango REST API v1.1
  15. 15. Igor Khokhriakov Real life video...Real life video...
  16. 16. Igor Khokhriakov Thank you!Thank you! QuestionsQuestions??
  17. 17. Igor Khokhriakov
  18. 18. Igor Khokhriakov