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Leadership Brevard 2020 Leadership Action Project: CareerSource Brevard "R.I.S.E. Brevard"

LEAD Brevard's Leadership Brevard Class of 2020 Leadership Action Project: CareerSource Brevard "R.I.S.E. Brevard"

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Leadership Brevard 2020 Leadership Action Project: CareerSource Brevard "R.I.S.E. Brevard"

  1. 1. R.I.S.E. Brevard Re-entry Intervention resulting in Successful Employment
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Introduction of team and project 2. Scope 3. Groundwork 4. Findings 5. Deliverables
  3. 3. Leadership Brevard 2020 Project Team LB 2020 members: • Katey Benne, Brevard County Sheriff’s Office • Melanie Bradford, Canaveral Port Authority • Diana Dean-Chapman, Delaware North at Kennedy Space Center • Dan Kelley, Community Credit Union of Florida • Meaghan Lawrence, L3Harris • Andreia McGaw, Project Response • Shan McMillon, Cocoa Auto Salvage, Inc. • Neera Miller, Carr, Riggs, and Ingram, LLC • Ross Smith, Brevard Health Alliance • Christine Tripp, Eastern Florida State College Project Liaison • Jessica Mitchell, CareerSource Brevard (LB 2018)
  4. 4. R.I.S.E. Brevard Team #SocialDistancing
  5. 5. Project Overview Background: A team of ten Leadership Brevard 2020 class participants partnered with CareerSource Brevard to develop a marketing campaign for R.I.S.E. Brevard. Goal #1: Survey employer audience to understand concerns about hiring second chance individuals. Goal #2: Develop compelling marketing collateral to promote program benefits for Brevard employers and the community, address hiring concerns, and highlight employer/employee testimonials. Goal #3: Participate in an event to educate and present information to community at large.
  6. 6. Who are Second Chance Individuals? • As of June 30, 2018, Florida’s state prison population was 96,258. Of this population, 68% were serving for non-violent offenses. – Brevard daily inmate population average: 1,689 • Approximately 1 in every 35 US adult residents are under some form of correctional control (in prison or jail or on probation or parole) • CareerSource Brevard is successfully preparing jobseekers whose background includes some degree of justice involvement for successful re-entry to the workforce. • The unemployment rate for ex-offenders is 5x higher than the general US population • Also known as ex-offenders and justice involved Second chance doesn’t mean Second rate
  7. 7. Why this matters to Brevard employers Steady Employment of second-chance individuals: • Increases self-sufficiency • Creates healthier and safer communities • Saves taxpayers money • Reduces recidivism Benefits to Brevard employers for hiring second-chance individuals: • Federal Bonding program • Work Opportunity Tax Credit program • On-the-job Training program • Work Experience Program
  8. 8. Groundwork • Surveys • Interviews • Community Education Events • Gain better understanding of current CSB programs
  9. 9. Survey Responses 47% 34% 19% Yes No Not sure/Prefer not to answer No Unsure Of community leaders’ responses, almost half have hired second chance individuals… Q: Have you ever hired an individual with a criminal background (in your current or previous role at any organization)? 157 Responses Yes
  10. 10. Survey Responses 52% 19% 67% 28% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% Work Opportunity Tax Credit Federal Bonding Program CareerSource Brevard Interested in Learning More . . .and less than 20% were familiar with the Federal Bonding program. Q: Are you familiar with any of the following employment incentive programs? 113 Responses
  11. 11. Interviews / Experiences • Meeting with Pastor Jarvis and Susan Kowalski of The Re-entry Center in Cocoa • Local employers & employees – Video interview • Law & Order session with Sheriff Ivey: – Jail tour – Inmate training programs – Community partnerships
  12. 12. Community Education Events Things we can do: • Raise issue in your company • Organize events to sensitize people • Provide economic and safety measures • Offer support mechanisms for these individuals Let’s change the narrative: • “Second chance, doesn’t mean second rate” • Advocates, stop saying “most” offenders are minor violations – give true statistics and be honest with more serious violations • “Look to normalize the worst mistake they’ve made in their lives.” Topic: Developing successful and profitable “second chance” hiring models for those with criminal records A vibrant economy creates a willingness on the part of employers to step outside their comfort zone and consider people with different backgrounds.” – Jeff Korzenik, Fifth Third Bank
  13. 13. Deliverables Toolkit for CareerSource: • Event Planning & Coordination • Printed Materials • Video
  14. 14. Event Planning & Coordination SHRM Meeting June 16, 2020 (scheduled) Format: • Project Overview – PowerPoint with relevant statistics and information • Video – Interview of Employer and employee on the challenges and successes of the work relationship. • Panel Discussion with representatives from Career Source Brevard, Law Enforcement, Employer of ex-offender, Employee • Q & A
  15. 15. Printed Materials • Rack Card highlighting employer benefits of R.I.S.E • Dedicated landing page (via QR code) for additional and expanded information
  16. 16. Video • Designed to highlight success cases and to promote employer/employee benefits • Name of Employer in video (Jessica) • Delayed until further notice due to COVID-19 • One long video (3-4 minutes max) • CSB could use smaller segments for social media
  17. 17. Professional Publications & Articles “Why hiring people with criminal records encourages true diversity” 2/13/20, Margie G. Johnson, VP of People at Checkr “Americans with Criminal Records” Poverty in Opportunity Profile by Half in Ten “Federal Bonding Program Presentation” by Florida Department of Economic Opportunity “Quick Facts: Workforce Services - Federal Bonding Program”, April 2019 by Florida Department of Economic Opportunity “How to Help People with Criminal Histories Break Employment Barriers” 10/17/19, Stephanie Francis Ward with SHRM Breakthroughs Institute Presentation for Brevard County, 9/17/18 Case Study: The Johns Hopkins Hospital Success in Hiring Ex-Offenders September 2016 “Center in Cocoa aiding ex-offenders gets $500,000 from state” 1/8/20, J.D. Gallop of Florida Today
  18. 18. Moving Forward… At the start, focus was on low unemployment. • Current focus on benefits: – Employer • Hiring individuals with “grit” can overcome adversity • High employee engagement • Low turnover and loyalty – Community • Decrease in multi-generational poverty • Economically it’s a win-win • Builds workforce for expansion
  19. 19. #Leadership in Action • Educate – Employers on benefits – Leaders to destigmatize the topic – Community, hiring ex-offenders is a solution to an economic problem while reducing economic costs
  20. 20. #Leadership in Action • Educate – Bring more awareness to employers • Empower – Available resources mitigate risk to employers • Elevate – Community, Employers, and Employees
  21. 21. Thank you Questions?