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Wait ... 30% of Your File is Signing up for Recurring Donations

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2018 Bridge Conference

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Wait ... 30% of Your File is Signing up for Recurring Donations

  1. 1. Wait ... 30% of Your File is Signing up for Recurring Donations?
  2. 2. Brought to you by… Rachel Kottler Digital Account Manager Lautman Maska Neill & Company Drew-Shane Daniels Deputy Director— Online Strategy Human Rights Campaign Caitlin Toynbee, CFRE Associate Director— Donor Relations and Monthly Giving Human Rights Campaign
  3. 3. RAISE YOUR HAND IF… • You subscribe to some kind of content streaming platform (i.e. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.) • You have at least one bill set on auto-pay • You give monthly to a charity
  5. 5. 2017 REVENUE GROWTH 0 5 10 15 20 25 Monthly Giving One-Time Gifts 13% 23% Source: Target 2018 Benchmarks #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC
  6. 6. 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 Monthly Giving (Annualized) One-Time Gifts AVERAGE ONLINE REV/DONOR $624 a year $128 Source: Target 2018 Benchmarks #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC
  11. 11. CASE STUDY:
  12. 12. TWO TYPES OF RECURRING GIFTS • HRC Partners – Monthly donors who give less than $100/month • Auto-renewal – automated renewal program • Donors opt into having donation automatically charged at the same time year after year Note: HRC also has a high dollar sustainer program, Federal Club. #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC
  13. 13. HISTORY OF HRC’S SUSTAINER PROGRAM • Launched in 1990’s with 2,000 sustainers • Invested heavily in the pipeline (new donor acquisition, membership conversions) #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC
  14. 14. TODAY: • HRC has over 85,000 sustainers raising more than $1.2 million/month • 23% of HRC’s overall revenue each month comes from monthly gifts • 37% of HRC’s donors give monthly • 15% of HRC’s donor file has opted to give via “auto-renewal” since launching the program in 2016. (7% of sustainers have as well) • HRC sees the best retention via: • Online: 75% • Direct Mail: 79% #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC
  15. 15. WHAT CHANNELS DO WE USE? Everything we can! Direct Mail Email Website Online Ads Mobile Canvass Telemarketing #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC
  17. 17. ON THE STREET: • Street canvassing bring in highest number of new Partners • Requires large infrastructure and support • 47% growth since FY16 (more than 34,000 last year!) • Highest revenue of any channel ($2million in FY18) • Lowest average gift and retention of any channel
  18. 18. • Monthly-First mantra from the beginning in new one-time donor welcome packets #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC DIRECT MAIL WELCOME KIT:
  19. 19. • Assumptive, monthly-first ask #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC DIRECT MAIL RENEWALS:
  20. 20. NEW DONOR CONVERSION • Every other month • Post-election seeing a 5% sustainer rate I’m calling to welcome you as one of HRC’s newest members. We must be stronger than our enemies – will you help by joining the monthly Partners program? #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC TELEMARKETING:
  21. 21. RENEWALS • Smaller, highly targeted • Timing aligned with mail Many supporters are renewing by becoming HRC Partners –– making smaller automatic monthly gifts rather than a larger annual gift … #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC TELEMARKETING:
  22. 22. • Toggle form is key • Try pre-selecting monthly tab #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC Make it easy and obvious. ONLINE:
  23. 23. #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC INVITE CAMPAIGNS: Vary ask based on prior giving
  24. 24. SWITCH IT UP! #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC
  25. 25. • Use a goal and a deadline • Broad themes: “rights on the line” #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC THREATS AND URGENCY ARE MOTIVATORS
  26. 26. #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC
  28. 28. #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC Monthly Checkbox Lightbox with monthly option in high traffic moments
  29. 29. INTEGRATE IT! • With email or mail sustainer invite campaigns • In urgent situations, send a text MOBILE: #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC
  30. 30. FACEBOOK ADS: • Go after your donors • Premium offers work best for HRC • Great cost per click #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC
  32. 32. GET THEM BACK… • Use a credit card updater- HRC can recapture 50% of all credit cards this way in 1st month. • Email decline series • Decline mailing • Reactivation TM campaign • Promote EFT • New: text messaging #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC
  33. 33. IF YOU CAN’T GET THEM BACK RIGHT AWAY… • Set up an automated email to reactivate them after 6 months • Put them back into your regular renewal efforts #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC
  36. 36. USE THE MAIL #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC
  37. 37. PICK UP THE PHONE This is truly a pivotal time for the LGBTQ movement, so we’re reaching out to see if you can help HRC’s fight for full equality by adding $2 to your monthly Partners gift. Can you help at this level?
  38. 38. SMS WORKS HERE TOO! #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC
  40. 40. REQUIRES COORDINATION… • In 2015: Set up backend database Changed donation form Created a plan for when to include in direct response efforts Created a plan for auto-renewal gift declines Determine who owns program #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC
  41. 41. LAUNCHED IN 2016: • Tested in mail and online first • First year saw 7,000 donors choose this option • Web 78% acquired through web • Average gift was $48 #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC
  42. 42. Auto Renew Add a checkbox onto your donation form #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC
  43. 43. IT’S SUBTLE: “at checkout” decision #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC Auto Renew Auto Renew
  44. 44. ONE YEAR LATER • In 2017 began processing the first round of pledges from auto- renewal gifts • Process includes: • One email prior to processing gift as a reminder • Two recapture emails • Mail acquired donors increased 87%
  45. 45. REMIND THEM • Reminder email is sent 2 weeks before next gift charge
  46. 46. EMAIL RECAPTURE • 60-70% of auto-renewal gifts are successful at first run. • Recapture email is sent one month after billing info declines. #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC
  47. 47. TODAY: • 10-20% of campaign donations choose the auto-renew option • More than 15,000 current donors have this pledge with a 80% retention rate • 7% of all monthly donors have this one-time gift, in addition to the monthly pledge. #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC
  48. 48. AUTO-RENEWAL BEST PRACTICES: Get your systems in place before launching Make it easy for the donor Ensure the donor knows they have selected to give annually Have a plan to recapture them #Bridge2018 @LAUTMANDC @HRC
  49. 49. TO WRAP UP… For sustainer recruitment and upgrades… • Make it multi-channel • Mix up your email formats • Make joining feel exclusive • Highlight what the donor gets out of it • Segment if possible
  50. 50. Caitlin Toynbee, CFRE Associate Director- Donor Relations and Monthly Giving Human Rights Campaign Rachel Kottler Digital Account Manager Lautman Maska Neill & Company Drew-Shane Daniels Deputy Director— Online Strategy Human Rights Campaign

Editor's Notes

  • Go through each question. Point being people are used to automatic payment.

    Assigned: RK
  • Assigned: RK
  • Revenue from monthly giving grew 23% compared to 13% growth for one-time giving.
    New donors: Monthly giving makes up from 25% in 2017 compared to 16% in 2016
    M+R benchmarks – 16% in 2017, 14% in 2016

    Assigned: RK
  • The average monthly online donation is $52 ($624 per year) compared to the average one-time gift of $128.

    Assigned: RK
  • Boomers are most likely to make recurring donations on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.
    For HRC it is different! Close to 35 – GenX/Y

    Assigned: RK
  • Assigned: RK
  • Assigned: RK

    Had 0 sustainers when we started, now 11% of file making 22% of overall revenue.
    3-4 sustainer campaigns. Includes email, TM, and direct mail.

    Focuses why it is better for them, uses goal, urgency. Special ask for them.

    Used to be donors only – now prospects too. Last campaign got 74 prospects to change to sustainers. Donor sustainer response around 0.08% for sustainers.
    Expect 100-200 new sustainers from these invites. Animal rights – highest sustainer rates – 24%.
  • Assigned: RK

    Health benchmark only 6% in M+R
    Quadrupled in 18 months to over 850 sustainers.
    Heavy premium-responsive file – lots of donors making 3-4 small gifts a year.
    3 mailings a year with a 2-part email series.
    In addition, 75% of appeals have dual ask, which we have tested into.
  • Assigned: CT
  • Assigned: CT
  • Assigned: CT
  • Overall retention is 68% (due to canvass being low)

    Assigned: CT
  • Assigned: CT
  • Assigned: CT
  • 8% increase from FY17-Fy18

    Assigned: CT
    ***Start off by telling people not everyone can start a canvassing program but HRC has been fortunate to do so and it is the largest source of monthly donors.
  • Assigned: CT
  • Assigned: CT
  • Assigned: CT
  • Assigned: CT
  • Assigned: RK
    Just having toggle is really the key.
    Launched in November 2015, immediate saw huge boost in sustainers going into year-end simply from having toggle.
    Most campaigns see about 10% toggle over to become Partners.
    For website – test pre-selecting sustainer tab.
  • Assigned:RK
    This example is from June sustainer invite – recruited over 1,000 sustainers ($13 avg. gift). – this email alone had 374 ( 0.01% response from prospects, 0.07% response from low $ donors, 0.21% response rate from high $)
    Use behavior – vary ask
    Call out past involvement, thank them.
    Doesn’t need to look fancy.
  • Assigned:RK
    Switch format
    Switch sender
    People respond differently to different emails – text may work!
    Email #2 – 256 sustainers
    Email #3 – 113 sustainers
  • Assigned: RK
    If urgent situation arises, good time to recruit sustainers. Design doesn’t have to be cumbersome. Use urgency.
  • Assigned: RK
    Dual ask in almost all pre/post campaigns.
    Appeal sustainer ask first in January and May campaigns. Replace invoices for this.
    Have also tried for appeal doing match all sustainer gifts for a year.
    Highlight based support.
  • New Member Welcome – Partner invite email +
    This slide also shows that you don’t need a fancy graphic (go take one with a cell phone and it’ll work)

    Assigned: DD
  • (year-end, breaking news)

    Assigned: DD
  • Mobile sees better response rate on average because more people open their texts.

    Assigned: DD
  • Costs will be higher than with a 1x offer.

    Assigned: DD
  • Assigned: CT
  • Assigned: CT
  • Assigned: CT
  • Assigned: DD
  • Pride month example

    Assigned: DD
  • Assigned: DD

    Show the November member card – we do a Partner card and ask them to upgrade
  • Assigned: DD
  • Assigned: DD
  • Assigned: CT
  • Who is the owner of the program? Direct Response, Monthly Giving, Someone else?
    Assigned: CT
  • TM started in 2018

    Assigned: DD
  • Other ideas: telemarketing, pop-up
    Highlight how the donor opts in.

    Assigned: DD
  • Assigned: DD
    Including it in renewal mail series.
  • Biggest customer service issue is that people forget about the donation. Very few want refunds, most just ask that we don’t do it again.

    Assigned: DD
  • Assigned: RK

    Make them feel good.

    Very few cancels.
  • Assigned: RK

    After recycler + recapture emails, about an 80% retention.
  • Assigned: RK

    15% of all online donations are auto-renewal
    Retention hovers around 80% for these people, compared to overall retention around 42%, and Partner retention around 70%.
    Recurring revenue is will be over $500,000 next FY
    40% of sign-ups are NEW donors who also retain at 70% (typical retention = 25%)
    Partners who have this pledge are usually because they replied to a premium offer.
  • (leave it up to them, include it in the auto-responder, remind them before the next gift processes)

    Assigned: RK
  • Assigned: RK
  • Assigned: RK
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