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The Future of Internet Services: Artificial Intelligence


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This slide deck is from talk at the We RISE technical conference.

Hands-free and screen-free is the future of Internet services due to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) discipline of natural language processing, which parses grammar and syntax. Amazon Alexa is leading the charge to a hands-free and screen future and will soon be able to recognize your emotions.

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The Future of Internet Services: Artificial Intelligence

  1. 1. The Future of Internet Services Artificial Intelligence Kesha Williams
  2. 2. LPE Demo
  3. 3. This Talk • Crack open LPE • Certification Process • Development & Running Costs • Security and Privacy Concerns • Future of Alexa • Your Future
  4. 4. Raffle & Prize Giveaway
  5. 5. About Me Kesha Williams Software Engineer 20+
  6. 6. Certified & Published Skills
  7. 7. Chick-fil-A Skills
  8. 8. Cool Skills on the Market
  9. 9. Artificial Intelligence (AI) 9/4/1927 – 10/24/2011 1955 Science that makes computers do things that require intelligence when done by humans Branch of computer science that studies and develops intelligent machines and software John McCarthy
  10. 10. Alexa
  11. 11. The Real Alexa
  12. 12. Talking to Alexa
  13. 13. Amazon Echo • The most common way to talk to Alexa • A smart speaker
  14. 14. Teaching Alexa to be Smarter • Alexa is always learning and growing • Grows by learning “Skills” • Developers teach Alexa by creating “Skills”
  15. 15. How Skills Work
  16. 16. Alexa Skills Kit (ASK)
  17. 17. Skills Case Study – Live Plan Eat
  18. 18. Developer Accounts •Amazon Web Services (AWS) Account •Alexa Developer Account
  19. 19. LPE Arch Diagram
  20. 20. Data Model
  21. 21. Menu Item Data Model { "CATEGORY": "meal", "DESCRIPTION": ", dipped in buttermilk, and seasoned with a mixture of flour, salt, paprika, cayenne, garlic powder, pepper, and onion powder, and then fried to perfection", "INGREDIENTS": ”chicken, buttermilk, seasonings", "MEAL_ID": "21", "NAME": "buttermilk fried chicken", "PICTURE_URL": " content/uploads/2007/08/buttermilk-fried-chicken-horiz- 1200.jpg", "PREP": "Medium", "TYPE": "southern” }
  22. 22. Menu Assignment Data Model { "DATE": "2017-06-01", "MEAL_ID": "21", "MEAL_SLOT": "dinner", "ORDER_DATE": " ", "ORDER_PLACED": "False", "RECORD_ID": "amzn1.ask.account.AF7O5GOEGII", "USER_ID": "amzn1.ask.account. EUW27IBQ5RC5OYDL” }
  23. 23. Step #1: Invocation Name • Can’t be one word • Can’t be a person’s name • Can’t be name of place • Can’t include: the, a, an, for, to, or of • Can’t infringe on intellectual property rights of another The name to start the Skill
  24. 24. Invocation Sample
  25. 25. Step #2: Intent Schema JSON representation of an action { "intent": "GetMenuIntent" , "slots": [ { "name": "Mealtime", "type": "LIST_OF_MEAL_TIMES" }, { "name": "Date", "type": "AMAZON.DATE" } ] }
  26. 26. Intent Schema: Custom Lists
  27. 27. GetMenuItent Slots: Meal Time, Date Question: What is for {dinner} {today}?
  28. 28. GetMenuItemIntent Slots: Menu Item Question: Tell me about {lasagna}?
  29. 29. GetMealIntent Slots: Meal Type, Meal Category Command: Tell me a {Southern} {dessert}.
  30. 30. AddMenuIntent Slots: Menu Item, Meal Type, Meal Category, Meal Time, Date Command: –Add {buttermilk fried chicken} for {dinner} on {November 1, 2017} –Add an {Italian} {meal} for {dinner} {today}
  31. 31. Intent Schema Sample
  32. 32. Step 3: Utterances Utterances are example invocations of your skill questions users will ask Alexa, ask Live Plan Eat what is for dinner today? Alexa, tell Live Plan Eat to add an Italian meal for dinner today. Alexa, ask Live Plan Eat to tell me about lasagna.
  33. 33. Utterances Sample GetMenuIntent what is for {Mealtime} {Date} GetMenuItemIntent Tell me about {MenuItem} AddMenuIntent Add an {MealType} {MealCategory} for {Mealtime} {Date}
  34. 34. Step 4: Lambda Function • Log in to AWS Console and create a Lambda • Add the invocation method as Alexa Skills Kit • Author Lambda in either Java 8, C#, Python, or Node.js • Remember the ARN (Amazon Resource Name)
  35. 35. Lambda Function Code Snippets Alexa, ask Live Plan Eat to tell me about lasagna.
  36. 36. Step 5: Link Lambda to Skill • Define Innovation Name • Define Intent Schema • Define Utterances • Author Lambda Code • Link Skill to Lambda in Developer Portal
  37. 37. Skill Overview
  38. 38. Step 6: Test Skill Via Service Simulator
  39. 39. Test Via a Device Device must be registered to the same e-mail address used on your Alexa Developer Portal your skill will automatically load once you set it up
  40. 40. Troubleshooting & Logs
  41. 41. Step 7: Certification Process
  42. 42. Certification Attempts 4x 5x
  43. 43. Failure Reasons When invoking stop, the skill does not exit/respond appropriately. When invoking "help" within the skill, it must return a prompt which instructs users. The skill's invocation name cannot include any of the launch phrases supported by Alexa. The invocation name you have chosen for your skill does not follow all conventions for choosing a name. Interactions presented to users in the companion app must be included in your sample utterances. When invoking the skill, the skill's response is irrelevant to the request. When invoking the skill, the skill's response contains an error. After the skill completes a task, the session remains open with no prompt to the user. Code references are displayed in the Home cards for your skill. When invoking the intent with an invalid value for the "Date" slot, the skill returns an error.
  44. 44. Lessons Learned • When testing there is a way to switch between my personal and developer Alexa accounts • Plan for certification to take 2-weeks or more • Commas and periods make Alexa pause when speaking • “Live” vs “to Live” • DynamoDB data is case sensitive • Skill’s Lambda can be secured to ensure it only serves requests from authorized sources
  45. 45. Cost to Running a Skill
  46. 46. Amazon Incentives
  47. 47. Security Concerns Always Listening Does Not Mean Always Transmitting! Amazon Alexa Recordings Demanded By Police In Murder Case
  48. 48. The Future: Amazon Echo Look
  49. 49. The Future: Amazon Echo Show
  50. 50. What’s Next For You Tell Me Dream and Implement Your Own Alexa Skill
  51. 51. Alexa Skills Challenge
  52. 52. LPE 2.0 • More menu items and food categories • Integration with Amazon for ordering ingredients • View your weekly meal plan on an interactive calendar on the Live Plan Eat website • View recipes and pictures of menu items on the Live Plan Eat website
  53. 53. Contact @KeshaUCI 678-364-2767
  54. 54. Questions
  55. 55. Raffle