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Bridging Literature and Nonfiction


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CA Association of Teachers of English Conference session slides. 2018 Facing History and Ourselves presentation including Armenian Genocide with Like Water on Stone and All American Boys with Facing Ferguson

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Bridging Literature and Nonfiction

  1. 1. Pairing Literature and Non-Fiction Mary Hendra
  2. 2. Central Questions
  3. 3. Three New Guides: Witnesses to History
  4. 4. Poetry and Primary Sources
  5. 5. Central Questions Connections ● Text-Self --> Text-to-Student ● Text-to-Text ● Text-to World
  6. 6. 1. What would reading this excerpt add to central question? 2. What connections might our own students make to a book this linked to a specific historical moment? 3. What questions does it raise about this history?
  7. 7. Identity chartsAll American Boys ● Read silently. ● Note window and reflection thoughts on graphic organizer. ● Pair/Share. Non-fiction Resource: Facing Ferguson
  8. 8. Facing Ferguson: News Literacy in a Digital Age
  9. 9. ❖ Preparing Students for Difficult Conversations ❖ The Impact of Identity ❖ Confirmation and Other Biases ❖ How Journalists Minimize Bias ❖ Verifying Breaking News ❖ Social Media and Ferguson What is in the Unit? ❖ The Power of Images ❖ #IfTheyGunnedMeDown ❖ The Importance of a Free Press ❖ Hands Up, Don’t Shoot! ❖ Citizen Watchdogs and the News
  10. 10. “The thing about that picture that's fascinating is that the police officers loved that picture. They thought it showed them doing their job and made them look very strong and powerful. And the protesters loved this picture. They thought that this picture showed police militarization and police violence. Look at these outrageous tactics that the police are deploying on us.” ~ David Carson, Photographer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  11. 11. “Whether that picture is viewed through the eyes of the police and the police sympathizers or whether it's viewed through the protestors and protestor sympathizers depends on how you view that photograph.” ~ David Carson, Photographer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  12. 12. Confirmation Bias “Confirmation bias is the idea that we tend to accept information unquestionably when it reinforces some predisposition we have or some existing belief or attitude.” ~ Brendan Nyhan, Assistant Professor, Dartmouth A selective collection of evidence because of our subconscious tendency to seek and interpret information and other evidence in ways that affirm our existing beliefs, ideas, expectations, and/or hypotheses.
  13. 13. “The world is not separated by those who have bias and those who don't. It is divided by those who recognize they have bias and those people who think they have none.” - Binna Kandola
  14. 14. Danger of a Single Story
  15. 15. • “I Lost My Talk” • Mr. P • “Why Reconcile” The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian + Stolen Lives
  16. 16. Facing History’s Case Studies •The individual and society •The power of difference •Difficult moments in history •The fragility of democracy •Choices & human behavior •Multiple perspectives •Moral & ethical dilemmas •Civic participation today
  17. 17. Facing History has always focused on building community & providing support for teachers around the world now they are expanding that support outreach by partnering with Teacher’s Connect.
  18. 18. Currently on Teachers Connect
  19. 19. On TeachersConnect You Can… • Learn about Facing History events and programs • Answer questions from the Facing History community • Post teaching ideas to get feedback from other teachers • Search for teaching resources • Find articles to stay on top of education news • Connect with teachers from all over the country
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  21. 21. Respond to Questions / Posts Ask Questions Remember to choose the Facing History Community as your audience RAFFLE!