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Towards a critical art librarianship conference


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Ruth Collingwood and Monica Sajeva slides

Published in: Education
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Towards a critical art librarianship conference

  1. 1. Empowering marginalized voices in library collections ZinesfromLCCLibraryZineCollectionimage©LCCLibrary
  2. 2. LCC Zine Collection Political act - Leila Kassir Political action - Ruth and Monica TealTriggs‘Fanzines’booklaunch,LCCWellGalleryimage©LCCLibrary
  3. 3. Canon Expansion ZinesfromLCCLibraryZineCollectionimages©LCCLibrary
  4. 4. Authority Work that has been written by an expert who is recognised in his or her field of expertise. Work that has been informed by ‘lived experience’ Work that is not represented in the historical record
  5. 5. Alternative voices • Criticality • Self-reflection • Resistance of dominant ideologies & theories • Inclusive of alternative voices ZinesfromLCCLibraryZineCollectionimage©LCCLibrary
  6. 6. Student voices • Student identity reflected in collections • Developing critical awareness • Students as active agents • Creating and constructing meaning ZinesfromLCCLibraryZineCollectionimage©LCCLibrary
  7. 7. LGBTQ+ zines exhibition + events ZinesfromLCCLibraryZineCollectionimage©LCCLibrary
  8. 8. A collaboration with … • UAL’s Research Biennale ‘Moose on the Loose’ • Sara Davidmann’s Ken. To Be Destroyed exhibition • E-J Scott, UAL academic & curator of The Museum of Transology • Sina Shamsavari, UAL academic and creator of queer comic zine Art Fag.
  9. 9. LGBTQ+ exhibition LCCLibraryLGBTQ+zineexhibitionimages©LCCLibrary
  10. 10. LGBTQ+ mini zine CHOOSE EITHER THE WORD “ZINE” OR “GENDER” TO FIT INTO THE GAPS, for example: No-one can tell you what your _______________ should look like. No-one can tell you what your _______________ means. Your ___________________ does not have to follow any rules. status/832221319362146304
  11. 11. LGBTQ+ exhibition events LGBTQ+ zines session LGBTQ+ reading & discussion group ZinesfromLCCLibraryZineCollectionimage©LCCLibrary
  12. 12. Future… Political act - Leila Kassir Political action - Ruth and Monica ‘Fanzines’booklaunchatLCCimage©LCCLibrary
  13. 13. References LCCLibraryLGBTQ+zineexhibitionimage©LCCLibrary Doherty, J. (2005) ‘Towards self-reflection in librarianship: What is praxis?’ in Progressive Librarian. Iss. 26 Winter 2005 pp.11-. Available at Accessed 01/05/2018 Elmborg, J. (2006) ‘Critical information literacy: implications for instructional practice’ in The Journal of Academic Librarianship. Vol 32, no.2 pp.192-199. Available at: Accessed 01/05/2018 Friere, P. (1970) Pedagogy of the oppressed. London: Continuum Hahn Tapper, A.J. (2013) ‘A pedagogy of social justice education: social identity, theory and intersectionality’ in Conflict Resolution Quarterly 30 (4), pp. 411-445 hooks, b. (1994) Teaching to transgress: Education as the practice of freedom. London: Routledge