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Cost Effectiveness Summit 2018


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WG Meeting REG Summit 2018

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Cost Effectiveness Summit 2018

  1. 1. REG Summit 2018 Amsterdam, 22nd March 2018 Cost Effectiveness Working Group Meeting
  2. 2. Agenda • Working group progress update • Review existing project ideas o Review potential studies – REG COPD missed opportunities study • Brain storming new ideas • Feasibility, funding and logistics
  3. 3. Attendees • J Campbell (Chair)
  4. 4. Progress update • Currently no active REG studies but research opportunities have been identified • Goals of the cost-effectiveness Working Group: o Perform real-life and modelling studies on the cost-effectiveness of respiratory treatments o Raise awareness on the importance of cost-effectiveness and identify gaps in currect research o Provide input for clinical studies with an economic component o Provide workshops/education on health economic issues in respiratory medicine • Moving forwards we need to: o Determine how we reach our goals o Prioritise research o Discuss how best to complete research
  5. 5. Potential projects: Focus areas Topics/research areas for consideration Indirect cost of asthma/COPD and ACO Quality of life measures and preference scores in real-life asthma/COPD Long-term clinical and economic consequences of oral steroids Comparison of effectiveness and efficacy in asthma/COPD models Validating long-term outcomes predicted in models vs. real-life data Rare disease modelling Cost-effectiveness of new technologies in asthma/COPD Development of respiratory disease specific CEA guidelines Treatable traits in asthma and COPD management and the implication on economic evaluations Economic considerations around precision medicine in COPD
  6. 6. Missed opportunities for cost-effectiveness research in REG projects • We are now reviewing existing projects and new projects for potential cost-effectiveness elements • Potential projects identified: o Completed: – Missed opportunities to diagnose COPD in routine care in the UK o On-going: – Clinical implications of combining antibiotics with usual care (oral steroids) for the management of asthma exacerbations – Bi-directional relationship between asthma outcomes and adherence
  7. 7. Potential projects: The cost of missed opportunities to diagnose COPD • Based on an existing, published REG project • Cohort study data readily available • What is the cost of missing an opportunity to diagnose COPD?
  8. 8. Other research ideas?
  9. 9. Making research happen • Feasibility o Which projects are we able to take forwards • Funding o What funding opportunities are available to the WG • Logistics o Who would lead research effort and who would perform the research
  10. 10. Creating a COPD reference policy model Mohsen to present: • Results of a project to create a COPD reference policy model • Ask for feedback from the group and discuss potential oportunities
  11. 11. Any other business?