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BC Agricultural Climate Adaptation Research Workshop Welcome, Sean Smukler, UBC

A welcome to the workshop and introduction to the BC Agricultural Climate Adaptation Research network.

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BC Agricultural Climate Adaptation Research Workshop Welcome, Sean Smukler, UBC

  2. 2. Funding provided in part by:
  3. 3. The Climate Challenge ● Research and development is needed now ● Resources are limited ● The problem is long-term, widespread and complex ● Solution really need to be transdisciplinary
  4. 4. Mission Enhance climate change adaptation research in the BC agriculture industry by promoting the sharing of research information, expertise, and resources in the province
  5. 5. ACARN Objectives 1. Strengthen cross-province collaboration and sustain the network 2. Share research information, expertise and resources 3. Coordinate network research projects 4. Enhance the accessibility of applied research outcomes 5. Train future researchers and outreach specialists
  6. 6. 8
  7. 7. Today’s Agenda: Three Sessions 1. Agricultural extension - better utilizing existing resources & networks to support climate adaptation 2. Collaboration to improve baseline data for agricultural adaptation 3. Opportunities for integrating research across data sets & disciplines to better guide agricultural adaptation
  8. 8. Today’s Objectives ● Establish some basic background ● Interact with a diverse group of participants ● Build an understanding of challenges and discuss solutions ● Find synergies among us and start to build on them
  9. 9. Special thanks to: Serena Black John Janmaat Joanne Taylor Lauren Arnold Emily MacNair Jason Lussier Kirsten Hannam Shauna MacKinnon