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Ntc email jail final


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Avoid Email Jail and Deliverability Death Traps

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Ntc email jail final

  1. 1. #18NTCemailjail Stay Out of Email Jail & Avoid Deliverability Death Traps April 11, 2018 Presenters: Amy Braiterman, CDR Fundraising Group Dan Clasgens, DAV Rebecca Luckett, CDR Fundraising Group #18NTCemailjail #18NTCemailjail
  2. 2. #18NTCemailjail Housekeeping 2 • Collaborative notes: • Who’s ready for Bingo? • First three to get bingo get a fun prize! • Call it out when you get it! • Let’s play • Please feel free to ask questions along the way.
  3. 3. #18NTCemailjail About Us 3 Amy Braiterman Associate Director CDR Fundraising Group • Owner of a 20 year old cat; that’s 96 in human years • Baltimore Ravens’ fan • Turning the big 40 this October – I’ll be celebrating the end of a decade by running the Baltimore ½ Marathon followed by wine tasting in Napa! #RunForWine
  4. 4. #18NTCemailjail About Us 4 Dan Clasgens Digital Marketing Strategist Disabled American Veterans  Fantasy football nerd. Host a weekend show on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio & write for Pro Football Focus.  Huge Allman Brothers Band fan. Saw them live 19 times before they called it quits in 2014. Daughter named after one of their songs (Jessica).  Former TGI Friday’s bartender. Traveled country in 1998 on a “TGI Friday’s Passport”.
  5. 5. #18NTCemailjail About Us 5 Becca Luckett Senior Account Executive CDR Fundraising Group • Got married during Hurricane Matthew (it’s like rain on your wedding day ) • Took the Game of Thrones tour in Croatia on honeymoon • Has a 4 year old rescue pup Show Real Life
  6. 6. #18NTCemailjail 6 Email… where do we begin? • Let’s go back to 2016… • It was time to stop sending one mass email to whole wide world of DAV supporters • So, we developed segments: • Targeted: Donors & Non donors • Suppressed: Offline donors • …it worked! • Moved from 6% to 11% open rates • Revenue continued to increase year over year
  7. 7. #18NTCemailjail 7 And then it was Memorial Day…
  8. 8. #18NTCemailjail 8 “It must have been because of this new segmentation…”
  9. 9. #18NTCemailjail 9
  10. 10. #18NTCemailjail 10 Look what you made me do
  11. 11. #18NTCemailjail 11
  12. 12. #18NTCemailjail Moral of our story is… Good decisions are never made in a state of panic. Or, by focusing on one data point. #18NTCemailjail 12
  13. 13. #18NTCemailjail This bring us to hot topics for 2017 13 Sender reputation Spam traps Cleaning up online footprint Business processes Email verification Engaged vs. unengaged supporters Keeping up with mailbox providers DMARC & DKIM authentication Spam complaints
  14. 14. #18NTCemailjail sender 14
  15. 15. #18NTCemailjail Sender Reputation 15 • What is it? It’s EVERYTHING! – An indication of authenticity; mailbox providers use this to recognize and validate the email message is truly coming from your organization. – Scored on a scale of 0-100 • What makes up your sender score? – Domain reputation • Domain name is the registered name on the internet ( – IP reputation • IP address is the number listed in the domain name system that sends mail on behalf of your domain name
  16. 16. #18NTCemailjail Your sender score is like a credit score 16 • Complaints • Blacklists • Mailing to unknown users • Spam traps • Whitelists • Subscriber engagement
  17. 17. #18NTCemailjail How do you know what your sender reputation is? 17 • Google Postmaster Tools • • Scores: • Less than 70: your reputation is in need of repair • 70-80: you’re on the up and up, keep doing good work and following best practices • Greater than 80: you’re a star!
  18. 18. #18NTCemailjail January 2017
  19. 19. #18NTCemailjail 19 In January of 2017, a DAV email hit pristine spam traps and this is where our next journey begins… How did we know this happened? • Email was sent to our engaged email list (opened an email with in the last 6 months). • Experienced 2% open rate – compared to 17% and 20% during year end
  20. 20. #18NTCemailjail 20 Spam traps are a symptom of a problem - it’s a signal that there is a need to improve acquisition methods and list hygiene.
  21. 21. #18NTCemailjail 21 Let’s talk spam traps • What is a spam trap? • A spam trap looks like a real email address, but it doesn’t belong to a human being nor is it used for any kind of communication. • What types of traps are out there? • Pristine • Recycled • The Typo • Role Account
  22. 22. #18NTCemailjail Pristine Spam Traps Pristine spam traps are email addresses that were set up solely to capture bad mailers and were never used by an actual person. Since these email address are not associated with a human – it’s a signal to mailbox providers that your organization has questionable acquisition or list growth methods. Continuing to send and get caught in pristine spam traps can damage your sender IP reputation resulting in emails being completely blocked. 22
  23. 23. #18NTCemailjail Recycled Spam Trap Recycled Traps are email addresses that were used by real human beings in the past, but were abandoned by the user. At some point the abandoned email address was converted into a trap by the mailbox provider. • 270 days inactive • Gmail: 270 days inactive • Yahoo!: 180 days (plus an extra 60 days for every year you’ve been a customer • AOL: 90 days inactive 23
  24. 24. #18NTCemailjail The Typo Trap We all have the best intentions, but typos happne. Whether it’s when the supporter is completing a donation form or a volunteer is entering supporter information into the database – it’s very esy to slip up and leave out a letter. For example: • • DAV inputs fake email addresses when keying in gifts over the phone and the donor doesn’t want to give an email address: If an email gets sent to this fake email address, we’re sending to our own spam trap. 24
  25. 25. #18NTCemailjail Role Account Trap Examples: webmaster@, hostmaster@, sales@, support@, postmaster@, info@, abuse@ These accounts are usually aliases for multiple recipients, not all of whom are engaged with your organization. The risk of complaints from these email addresses is high. We found 1,230 role accounts on DAV file and they are now sequestered in a do not mail group. Other words to look out for in email addresses: remove, removethis, spam, nospam 25
  26. 26. #18NTCemailjail Remember our lesson on panic? 26
  27. 27. #18NTCemailjail So… what next? Find all the bad emails! 27
  28. 28. #18NTCemailjail What did we do diagnosis our list illness? Step 3: Continued to research the file and learned the bi-directional data sync was overwriting good online data with out dated offline data. Step 2: Quarantined email address acquired from old eappends. Step 1: Ran a report to find recent “new to file email addresses” We learned… Russia invaded our email file through outdated live forms. Several new constituent records with .ru Goal: Identify culprit! Where are the bad email addressing coming from? 28
  29. 29. #18NTCemailjail What to know about Spam Traps 29 • It’s just not Russia… • Good email marketers can have spam traps in their list. • Avoid spam by: • improving list collection • maintaining good list hygiene practices • engaging with your audience • Hitting spam traps is never fun, but remember they are a symptom that something is wrong with your file. • The good news is you can diagnose the problem, correct the problem and recover rather quickly. • Here’s now we did it!
  30. 30. #18NTCemailjail The Road to Spam Trap Recovery 30 Review and update business processes 1 Clean up the list 2 Engage your audience 3
  31. 31. #18NTCemailjail Hey Dan! Talk to us about business processes 31
  32. 32. #18NTCemailjail What changed? What was the impact? • Two-way sync between DAV’s offline database and online email system • Uploads from offline membership database to online email system • Promotional emails to specific lists pulled from offline database #18NTCemailjail 32
  33. 33. #18NTCemailjail 33 Always remember…
  34. 34. #18NTCemailjail Clean Up the List: Immediate Actions to Take 34 Step 1: Find an email verification service, but wow they were expensive! So what can we do ourselves before that step? • Close down all old forms, surveys, ecards, or other ways bad emails could come through • Create a “do not email” group of potential bad email addresses -- query for role account emails, typos, fake emails, old domains (earthlink, verizon, juno, etc…), international domains, and hard bounces.
  35. 35. #18NTCemailjail Clean Up the List: Immediate Actions to Take 35 • Important: Do NOT Stop Sending Emails • But… • Narrow down segmentation using email engagement • Only email those who have opened an email in the past 6 months • After researching email validation tools and services – we settled on using: Xverify
  36. 36. #18NTCemailjail Full File Clean Up: Email Validation 36 • Valid: The email address exists. • Invalid: The email does not exist. • Catch All (Potential to Bounce): These emails are on a Catch All servers and could bounce if mailed to. You would have to mail to these with caution if you decided to. • Potential Bounce: The email address and server are showing signs the email could bounce if mailed to. • High Risk: Emails that could severely hurt your sending reputation if mailed to. • Disposable: Email addresses that are meant to be used for a very short period time and then “disposed of”. Never a person primary email. • Complainer: Users who mark email’s as “Spam” at a high rate. • Fraud: The email has been linked to online fraud, chargebacks, or other questionable activity. • Unknown: We held the verification connection with the server for 30 seconds and it didn’t not respond.
  37. 37. #18NTCemailjail You can recover! Caveat: if you improve your email practices. 37 0.00% 5.00% 10.00% 15.00% 20.00% 25.00% 30.00% 35.00% Open Rates 2016 2017 • Open rates rebounded in March • Jan avg:7% • March avg: 19% • Despite our email challenges, closed 2017 with a 1.5% increase in email revenue – year over year
  38. 38. #18NTCemailjail 38 They’re just not that into you… And lastly, email engagement
  39. 39. #18NTCemailjail Developing the right formula for: engaged vs. unengaged supporters 39 Smaller email audience Better content Sometimes more frequent email send Higher engagement & increase in revenue • Have you opened an email? – Tested and we’re continuing to test audience perimeters with each email send to uncover the optimal audience – Test audience perimeters for engaged supporters: • Opened an in email in last six month • Opened an in email in last 12 months • Made a donation in last 12 months • Hey Dan! Any tips for explaining engaged vs. unengaged to DAV stakeholders?
  40. 40. #18NTCemailjail Dear long-lost friend let’s reconnect, Re-engagement tactics for the unengaged email audience • Let’s try some advertising to reach this audience: • Facebook custom audience – using unengaged email audience • Yahoo! In-mail ad • Revived some supporters with email sends • Entire unengaged files vs. limited unengaged file • Next up: true re-engagement campaign • Lapsed donors: they were once engaged, get them back • Haven’t opened an email in 6 months- 1 year • Find the sweet spot of where people stop dropping off 40
  41. 41. #18NTCemailjail 41 Keeping up with mailbox providers
  42. 42. #18NTCemailjail Keeping up with mailbox providers 42 • First started getting these inbox placement reports in September • Based on inbox placement rates improving gmail was first on the never ending to do list: • Email list clean up • Email engagement • Check on Google Postmaster score • DAV’s was 90 (Gold Star Status!) • List header unsubscribe • Gmail only allows senders with good scores to add list header unsubscribe • It’s a reward for good email practices
  43. 43. #18NTCemailjail Of course we were excited for the December inbox placement report • Drumroll please… • Gmail looks great! 86.6% inbox placement! That’s a big increase from the prior rate of: 58% • YAY, well not exactly… • Yahoo! and Hotmail performance was poor • Industry metric: Only 28% of all messages sent worldwide ever reach the inbox 43
  44. 44. #18NTCemailjail More information often leads to more questions 44 Based on what we learned about inbox placement, what do open rates look like? 19.54% 9.43% 23.36% 10.06% 0.00% 5.00% 10.00% 15.00% 20.00% 25.00% AOL Hotmail Gmail Yahoo Open Rate by Domain
  45. 45. #18NTCemailjail If you’re feeling sad and lonely: Spam happens to everyone. It’s not just you… 45
  46. 46. #18NTCemailjail What to know about spam placement 46 • Spam placement rate equals: the number of emails delivered to the spam folder divided by total emails sent • Key indicators to keep spam placement rate low • Messages read & replied to • Messages marked as “not spam” • Messages moved to other folders • Messages forwarded • Senders/domains added to address book • 2017 industry average: 13.5% • Education/Nonprofit/Government: 23.7% • The highest of all the sectors 
  47. 47. #18NTCemailjail When you go back to your office… 47 1. What’s your sender reputation? o Google Postmaster score o 2. What does your spam complaint rate look like? o Aim to stay under .01% 3. What domain is the most prominent on your file? o Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc… 4. What do open rates and spam complaint rates look like on that domain? Start there.
  48. 48. #18NTCemailjail 48 Next Up: Email Authentication
  49. 49. #18NTCemailjail The Tale of Two Email Return Addresses 49 Quick reminder: Emails contain two “from” addresses Envelope From • Return email address • This tells mail servers where to return undeliverable emails back to Header From • Address contained in the “From” email field that users see • Where email replies get sent back to Beware: Both of these can be easily spoofed by cybercriminals!
  50. 50. #18NTCemailjail Step 1 of Authentication: SPF Record 50 SPF = Sender Policy Framework • Authentication protocol that allows the owner of a domain to specify which mail server they use to send mail from that domain • In plain English: An SPF record is like your record at the social security office. If your social security number (IP address) doesn’t match what’s on file, it fails to authenticate. • An SPF-protected domain is less attractive to spammers and less likely to be blacklisted by spam filters Um... 851-25-9357 Very impressive That’s the only thing I really learned in college... Quick, Vicky, what’s your social security?
  51. 51. #18NTCemailjail But, there are gaps… • Difficult to keep updated as you change service providers due to lack of visibility • Just because a message fails SPF doesn’t mean it will always be blocked from the inbox • SPF breaks when a message is forwarded • SPF does nothing to protect brands against cybercriminals who spoof the “header from” address in their message (which is what most users see). 51 #18NTCemailjail
  52. 52. #18NTCemailjail Steps 2 & 3: Meet Kim and Marc 52 DKIM: DomainKeys Identified Mail • It’s complicated • It signs a message in a way that is difficult to forge, proving that the message came you. • Most email providers suggest signing your messages with DKIM authentication. • If your email doesn’t pass SPF or DKIM authentication, will be marked as SPAM. DMARC: Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Configuration • Ensures that legitimate email is properly authenticated against established DKIM and SPF standards. • New advancement: 2011 • Best way to defend your brand from spoofing attacks.
  53. 53. #18NTCemailjail To sum up: Why is authentication important? 53 Protects against phishing and spoofing • Domain reputation is based on DKIM and DMARC authentication Builds your domain reputation • Domain reputation moves with you regardless of what IP address your using Creates a portable reputation • Yahoo requires senders to sign their messages with DKIM in order to sign up for their feedback loop program and received complaint feedback Can participate in Yahoo feedback loops
  54. 54. #18NTCemailjail 54 This brings us to our final chapter… Spam Complaints
  55. 55. #18NTCemailjail Spam Complaints 55 • Mailbox providers heavily factor spam complaints into their filtering decisions. • Complaint rate equals: the number reported as spam divided by number of emails delivered • This means if you send to a small audience, one person could throw everything off Emails Delivered Open Rate CTR Unsub Rate Spam Complaints Spam Complaint Rate 1,599 46.34% 26.64% .06% 2 0.12%
  56. 56. #18NTCemailjail What’s the industry average? • That’s a great question. It varies. • Campaign Monitor: Industry spam complaints is less than 0.02%. That’s about one complaint for every 5,000 recipients. • Blackbaud: recommends staying at or below 0.01% • But… according to a recent Return Path study the average complaint rate for all sectors in 2017 was 0.17% • Sadly, Education, Nonprofit, and Government was: 0.23% #18NTCemailjail 56
  57. 57. #18NTCemailjail What next? Spam complaints by Email Type 57 0.00% 0.02% 0.04% 0.06% 0.08% 0.10% 0.12% 0.14% Donor Welcome Series Sustainer Welcome Series Donor Appeals Donor Newsletters Sustainer Newsletters Complaint Rate
  58. 58. #18NTCemailjail If it wasn’t for those pesky welcome series complaints So, what can we do about it? • Be kind and unsubscribe! Move unsubscribe link to the very top of the email. • Only send welcome series email two or three if they engage with prior email(s). • Use interest groups to give them information they say they are interested in • Call outs: explicitly mention they opted in to receive email from you #18NTCemailjail 58
  59. 59. #18NTCemailjail What’s an email marketer to do? 59 • Overall spam complaint rates drop after sending an appeal… Go us! • The messaging is resonating with our audience. • Let’s take what we’ve learned from appeals and change up the welcome series. Series Timing •Current timing is set to run 3, 10 and 17 days •Welcome series emails run everyday based on new to file date •As we learned earlier one compliant makes a difference with smaller audiences •In progress: adjust the timeline to include more people in a send Series Content •New content will be based on a recent fundraising campaign – which was well received by supporters •Message One: •Focus more on the supporter and less on DAV •Ask supporter what veteran legislative is matters most to them Change up the audience •New! And scary: Not everyone will receive all three messages •Receive email three in the series if: •Recipients interacts with the email 1 and/ or 2 •Tells us what issue matters most
  60. 60. #18NTCemailjail What matters most to you? 60 Email 1: Tell us what matters most Email 2: What DAV is doing to reform and modernize VA healthcare Email 3: Veteran story as an example of important of VA Reform
  61. 61. #18NTCemailjail Please Be Kind and Unsubscribe 61 • We get it, you’re not into us anymore and that’s ok. • Unsubscribes help keep your email file current. • For Gmail users: DAV provides three options for unsubscribing o List header unsubscribe o Above email masthead o In the email footer • In progress – Yahoo! Feedback loop.
  62. 62. #18NTCemailjail Phew, that was A LOT. But you made it through! Key Takeaways: • Don’t make decisions in a state of panic! • Sender reputation is important. Find out what yours is. • Everyone has spam traps on their list. You are not alone and the sky is not falling. You can recover. • Take small steps to clean your email file, one at a time. • If they’re just not that into you, it’s okay. Don’t email them. • Email authentication is important to your reputation and deliverability. • Spam complaints will happen. Do your best to minimize them. 62
  63. 63. #18NTCemailjail Closing time • Please complete session specific survey. We’re fans of feedback… it is a gift • Keep in touch! • Amy Braiterman, • Dan Clasgens, • Rebecca Luckett, 63 #18NTCemailjail
  64. 64. #18NTCemailjail Appendix 64
  65. 65. #18NTCemailjail Appendix 65
  66. 66. #18NTCemailjail Appendix 66
  67. 67. #18NTCemailjail Appendix 67 Helpful Resources: • deliverability • Spam Traps: • primer-spamtraps/ Email Authentication: • quick-start-guide/ • • •