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The Future of Broadband for Everyone in Africa


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Presentations from the IDATE DigiWorld Executive Club - Africa Going Digital

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The Future of Broadband for Everyone in Africa

  1. 1. FUTURE OF BROADBAND FOR EVERYONE IN AFRICA Srinath Logasubramanian Director – Global Business Development Quality. Flexibility.
  2. 2. Distance is not a barrier
  3. 3. Avanti’s High Throughput Satellites are changing the way the world thinks about connectivity infrastructure
  4. 4. Satellite Broadband enables high speed internet access regardless of location
  5. 5. Satellite broadband Is key to delivering Universal Services
  6. 6. Broadband is an undisputed force for economic growth and social change
  7. 7. Project iMlango has connected over 205 Kenyan primary schools & has made a positive impact on 68,000 marginalised girls
  8. 8. iKnowledge has connected over 250 Tanzanian schools & provided ICT training for teachers and eLearning and ICT for students
  9. 9. CIH has connected 290 constituencies across Kenya with over 1160 connections for vital satellite access for Kenyan entrepreneurs