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2015 06 24_evaluation_report_rome


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Evaluation after the third international meeting

Published in: Education
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2015 06 24_evaluation_report_rome

  1. 1. Innovative methods for increasing effectiveness of teaching English of 55+ learners - InMETE 55+ Erasmus+ Project Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships Project coordinator: Stowarzyszenie Akademia Pełni Życia / The Fullness-of-Life Academy Association ul. Rzeźnicza 2a, 31-540 Kraków, POLAND Phone: +48 12 294-81-35, e-mail:; 1 ● SUMMARY OF EVALUATIONS OF THE THIRD INTERNATIONAL MEETING ROME, 29-31.05.2015 7 people took part in the third international meeting and all of them filled in the evaluation sheets at the end of the meeting. For all participants: - the aims of the meeting and agenda were clear; - the meeting was well-conducted; - the meeting made sure that we all know what we have to do in the next phase of the project. In the participants’ opinion the statement that the responsibility for various tasks was distributed fairly in the meeting was assessed at 4.14 points (in scale form 1 which means “not at all”, 5 – “completely agree”) but all of them agreed that in the meeting all of the partners contributed usefully to the discussion and planning. After the meeting almost everybody was sure that they knew what we have to do in the next phase of the project and in their organizations they can meet the deadlines for Project activities agreed in the meeting. One person asked for further information containing the summary of all deadlines in the project. The main hopes and expectations for the Rome meeting which a. in 100% met: - to set next steps, - to set deadlines,
  2. 2. 2 - to redistribute tasks, - to discuss the current issues/tasks, - to understand and clarify the future steps of O1, O2, O3, - templates for O2 quality control, - to discuss responsibilities, - to discuss problems and try to find solutions, - to meet the Italian learners, b. in 90% met: - to clarify tasks, - to set the goals for the next phase of the project, - to get clarification what the different steps of products are + their deadlines, c. in 80% met: - to see deadlines and tasks and responsibility clearer. The most useful part of the Rome meeting was presentation about the outputs and discussion about next steps (setting deadlines and responsibilities). For one person also presentation about EPAL platform was very useful. There wasn’t any part of the meeting which was assessed as unnecessary. One person suggested that “we must make sure that the tasks are fairly distributed”. General conclusion – the meeting was very well-prepared and everyone enjoyed taking part in it. Not everyone after the meeting was sure about the next steps, responsibilities and deadlines so we need to collect all the tasks with deadlines and distribute among partners.