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Eiettore nei sistemi a CO2 - G. De Bona - Danfoss


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Convegno Europeo
Le Ultime Tecnologie nel Condizionamento e nella Refrigerazione; Sistemi, Attrezzatura, Componenti, Formazione e Certificazione; il Phase Down
15 marzo 2018 | 14.00 - 18.30
Mostra Convegno Expocomfort
Centro Congressi Stella Polare: Sala Sagittarius
Organizzato da ATF - Associazione Tecnici del Freddo

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Eiettore nei sistemi a CO2 - G. De Bona - Danfoss

  1. 1. Food Retail1 | CO2 Ejector Systems for Refrigeration, A/C and Heating By Gabriele De Bona
  2. 2. Food Retail2 | ABSTRACT: CO2 Ejector Systems for Refrigeration, A/C and Heating The presentation will give an overview of experience with CO2 Multi Ejector systems efficiency and reliability, from more than 250 Multi Ejector installations worldwide. The presentation will also cover experience with the further use of CO2 in a very robust and efficient way for heating and Air Conditioning. Furthermore, we will touch on the training opportunities for these types of systems, including our experience with the Mobile Training Unit.
  3. 3. Food Retail3 | Total Energy Store From Energy Consumer to Energy “Prosumer” Combine Photovoltaic (PV) and refrigeration/ heating into a local “micro-grid power system” Sell excessive heat from refrigeration system into the district heating system. Install heat/cooling storage units (to store energy where electricity price is low and/or COP is high). Use refrigeration compressors for heatpump purposes in periods where cooling load is low and heating load is high (winter). Heat recovery
  4. 4. Food Retail4 | Technology allows for world wide adoption of CO2 only systems Technology status Booster system (reference) Parallel Compression system Ejector system Flooded system +10.000 systems 1000 systems 100 systems 50 systems 2007 Commercially Available 2011 Commercially Available 2015 Testing 2017 Commercially Available 2015 Testing 2018 Commercially Available Cost reduction simplicity 3 systems 2015 Early Testing 2018 Extended field trials 27°C/82°F 38°C/101°F All ambient All ambient All ambient
  5. 5. Food Retail5 | LT System CO2 Transcritical Booster System with Multi Ejector
  6. 6. Food Retail6 | 4 5 1 Multi Ejector installations in the Southern European region Total Installed Base: 250+ 1 4
  7. 7. Food Retail7 | Energy Savings with new CO2 technologies compared to CO2 Booster 0% 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 12% 14% 16% Athens Barcelona Lubljana Madrid Marseille Milan Nancy Nantes Parallel compression Parallel + Ejector
  8. 8. Food Retail8 | Heat Recovery Unit: Developed and designed for optimal heat recovery • Prefabricated solution for recovery of surplus heat from CO2 cooling installations • Surplus heat can be used for: • Heating of own building • Domestic hot water • Potentially also selling it back to a district heating plant or to surrounding buildings
  9. 9. Food Retail9 | Optimize heat reclaim, without stressing the refrigeration system 6. Stable and efficient system 4. ECL controller enabling diagnostics and remote monitoring 5. Buffer tanks for heat storage – heat available when needed 1. Standardized solution – tested and proven 2. Easy to install and commission 3. HRU insulated – no energy waste Note: Simple system illustration based on experiences from Denmark Summary: Maximum heat recovered and reused No or minimum need for additional heat sources
  10. 10. Food Retail10 | Integrated HVAC/R – all natural Case Study Italy; R744 Ejector Plant for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Summary: “… For every investigated operation conditions, the refrigeration system with the running vapour ejectors reduced the total energy power consumption mainly between 15 and 30% depending on the ambient temperatures and corresponding AC requirements. …” Simplified system layout of the R744 refrigeration and AC plant Danfoss Multi- Ejector and Pack Controller
  11. 11. Food Retail11 | Building CO2 Competence Worldwide Mobile Training Unit on Tour • Network of CO2 training Champions • Mobile training unit and stationary training units • 800 People trained in 2017 • Same level planned for 2018
  12. 12. Food Retail12 | Conclusion • 10 years ago transcritical CO2 was only for cold climates in Scandinavia • 5 years ago parallel compression shows promising results in southern Europa • With ejector technology installed on 4 continents in more than 250 installations. Transcritical CO2 shows energy savings and good performance world wide. • Heat recovery and Air Conditioning represent untapped opportunities in both improving total energy efficiency and utilizing synergies to cut first investments • The biggest hurdle we are facing is education and training