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The C.A.R.E. Channel - 2018 Selected Patient and Staff Feedback


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A selection of written feedback from patients and hospital staff about how C.A.R.E. Programming had a positive affect on their hospital stay.

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The C.A.R.E. Channel - 2018 Selected Patient and Staff Feedback

  1. 1. “I have terminal cancer and have so enjoyed seeing the videos of the beautiful scenery you provide. Your programming has sparked my interest in making a list of places I would like to visit (if possible). Thank you for providing your services, it has helped to comfort me through this time in my life!”
  2. 2. “My brother passed away in May. There were limited channels available on TV while he was a patient and one of those channels was The C.A.R.E. Channel. Being a lover of earth's natural landscapes, I fell in love with your channel. It brought peace at a time that I really needed it. Although my brother was not cognizant of his surroundings, I would place the TV/nurse handset by his ear and I know it gave him peace as well from the instrumental music.”
  3. 3. “Your channel helped me heal, dream about a future again, plan for future vacations, helped me cope with a horrible 3 week hospitalization for stomach cancer surgery. You are a BLESSING. Your videos are incredibly healing, soothing, magic.”
  4. 4. “As an RN myself and seeing the calming and relaxing effects it had on my own mother during her 14-day hospitalization; I am so very thankful that you do what you do. It is a Godsend to these patients.”
  5. 5. “My 84 year old mother is currently hospitalized and is on Day 14. Your C.A.R.E. has been a Godsend to her, relaxing and calming her fears.”
  6. 6. “While spending 8 hours in the waiting room while a friend had surgery, and after endless cookie bakings on The Food Network, we turned to The C.A.R.E. Channel. We loved it and it kept us entertained and distracted while waiting for surgery to finish. I don’t think we saw the same scene twice and we are so interested in finding out the locations of where the scenes were filmed. It was so calming and restful, thank you for providing this service. Our friend is recovering and enjoying the channel in his room too.”
  7. 7. “My husband was hospitalized for a “surprise” gallbladder surgery this weekend and we so enjoyed being able to watch The C.A.R.E. Channel while in the emergency room. It was calming and nice and made the time go by quickly. It should be on in every room all the time. Thank you for having this channel available for the patients.”
  8. 8. “My mother has Alzheimer’s and was recently in the hospital. We discovered The C.A.R.E. Channel and it was perfect and remarkable. It would capture her and give her focus so she wasn’t so agitated. Thank you for this great product.”
  9. 9. “My recent stay in the hospital after a kidney operation was made a lot nicer watching The C.A.R.E. Channel. There were no irritating commercials, lousy situation comedies or bad news casts to listen to. I was transformed to another part of the world to fields with flowers, autumn leaves, water falls, remote forests and at night a travel through the universe. I would occupy myself by trying to guess where the videos were taken or try to guess the types of flowers or trees that were being photographed. Best of all, the scenes did not repeat! It really helped relax and take the edge off the pain. Thank you for such high quality work and soothing music. “
  10. 10. We have created a video series called The Story Project, where patients, staff, and families share their own experience with The C.A.R.E. Channel and how it made a positive impact on their hospital stay. Please visit our Patient & Staff Stories page for more information. Thank you to all of the dedicated staff in facilities nationwide that broadcast C.A.R.E Programming. You make our mission possible.