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Tara Dillon CIMSPA CEO - CIMSPA Conference 2019


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Tara welcomes delegates to the conference with news of CIMSPA's Five Year Plan

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Tara Dillon CIMSPA CEO - CIMSPA Conference 2019

  1. 1. Together we have made the destination of becoming a recognised and respected profession everyone wants to be a part of, a reality. We’re in the arrival lounge together and on time!
  2. 2. Delivering our strategy, including a multitude of asks from every corner of our sector
  3. 3. NOW IS THE TIME TO Release the potential we have uncovered together in recent years…
  4. 4. • We’ve listened your challenges and captured the solutions within our strategy, pulling all of the strings into one tight knot. • Our work over the next 5 years will speak to your agendas and we will continue to curate a narrative pushing our sector potential to the best we can we be.
  5. 5. 1 1
  6. 6. Our sector succeeds through PEOPLE – they are the defining factor
  7. 7. My pledge to you remains the same as ever – I will not stop until the excellence of what and who I see in front of me is understood everyone from government, allied professions and the public.