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Technical details of my levels


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Technical details of my levels

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Technical details of my levels

  1. 1. Technical detail of my levels Progress Depending on the game-design I use to make a plan how to use the map space and ensure the game is balanced. Then I start to build a prototype with primitive forms, try out different compositions and test how it feels to navigate through the level. After that I start to upgrade the primitive forms to the final assets. Usually I make small aesthetic changes and support the level’s mood with details, light and particle effects.
  2. 2. Strategic Compositions At this level every rock stands at a strategic position. This not only forces the opponent to take a longer ways to reach their goal (red line) but also limits the player’s view and space to move. Every village has its advantages and disadvantages. In the northern village (black) the player is further away form everything. But he has no barriers in front of him so he can shoot freely at a 180° angle. Additionally he has “almost” a clear view to the western and eastern edge of the map. The position at the eastern village (blue) offers the player the best view and also few barriers in front of him. Apparently the best position of all. However, the player has no opportunity to replenish his water pistol there in contrast to the other villages that are either directly located at the water or have a well to fill up the pistol. In the western village (white) the player had a worse view. However, he can move quickly to the central of the map and also reaches the opponent’s spawn place fast. In the centre village (green) the player is at the best interaction position because he can reach every village quickly. Yet he has to accept a small field of view.
  3. 3. Illusions I always try to use the space most effectively and play tricks with perspective to the player the illusion of being at different heights and in an overall bigger world.
  4. 4. Variations I combine items and objects in different arrangements and sizes to create a lot of content with just a few resources.
  5. 5. End of Map Since the end of a map usually frustrates the player. I try to counter this reaction with eye candy, Easter eggs, diversions, rewards and entertainment.
  6. 6. Stories Some locals tell stories to make the player fantasize and come up with logical conclusions that let him be more engaged with the world.
  7. 7. For the player Sometimes it is necessary to lead the player but to offer him choices as well. Should the player get lost or pursue his own exploration urges surprises await him in different corners. In large levels I place unique objects on the world that are always visible as an orientation for the player. A closer look will reveal loving details and funny things.
  8. 8. Inspiration Whenever I’m not sure how to fill some areas or arrange objects I tend to go outside and get inspiration from the real world, or look up references on the internet.