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Employer branding & CR7


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when you like to learn how EB works best, take CR7 as an example...

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Employer branding & CR7

  1. 1. Benfica Stadium Employer Branding & CR7 Published on June 11, 2018 Edit article | View stats Alexandra von Muralt Passionate Recruiter, CV-Consultant & Apocaloptimist 7 articles I have been a huge football fan ever since my stepfather forced me to manage the official game watch of the local football team at the age of 10. Every Sunday I was the proud owner of the official 'Match-Uhr' and was responsible for ensuring that the score was always correctly displayed and the clock set on the correct game time. It was the age of magnet numbers. So little me also had to climb up a chair to even reach the height of the watch to exchange the 0 by a 1 etc. . Naturally I then went on to accompany my stepdad in the national league duties and till now a good football game enlightens my day. At the Champions League final end of May I was in front of the TV and sadly heard the news of CR7 (Cristiano Ronaldo) leaving Real end of season. I did understand why he positioned it at his personal Champions League winner interview even though I would have hoped to only hear about the game and not his personal marketing strategies. With a few weeks of distance and interesting employer branding experiences & observations in the last few months I can clearly see some patterns. CR7 wanted to own the narrative before his employer informed officially. He wanted to be seen as the successful player having options. Real Madrid (his current employer) looked like they did not apprecciate CR7 (& also Gareth Bale who shared a similar story). For every employer (& employee) the branding is a similar exercise. You need to appear in
  2. 2. charge of your strategy and present yourself as the perfect and equal partner in negotiations. The roles haven't always been in this setting. In previous decades the employee was the receiver, the employer the giver. And many employers nowadays still get caught in the old pattern of leading the conversations, setting demands or presenting offers to employees that do not meet the required wishes & demands. And every so often it is so much more than money and employer is seeking. All of my colleagues, peers, former bosses, mentees and me do not only work for the money. Our generation does not get motivated only by money and status. It is fair treatment, flexibility on work hours & presence, appreciation, development perspectives, an interesting area of responsibility, a trusting team, to only name a few of the key factors why people decide to work for an employer. So whatever employer strategy a company decides to run on, 'be human & fair play' summarizes most of the points that define if the strategy will succeed or not. In this sense I wish all a great world championship and that you have the privilege of being valued at work (& have the work flexibility to watch some of the great games in the coming weeks). Report this Published by Alexandra von Muralt Passionate Recruiter, CV-Consultant & Apocaloptimist Published • 2yr 7 articles Employer Branding, Employee Branding and why CR7 presents a good example #CR7 #CristianoRonaldo #employerbranding #employeevalueproposition Reactions Like Comment 3 · 54 ViewsShare 0 Comments Add a comment… Alexandra von Muralt Passionate Recruiter, CV-Consultant & Apocaloptimist from Alexandra von Muralt
  3. 3. 7 articles Most Sought After Job that Software Developers ndra von Muralt on LinkedIn The importance of the CV inspired by Michael Jackson Alexandra von Muralt on LinkedIn LinkedIn für SchweizerInnen Alexandra von Muralt on LinkedIn LinkedIn=Männer / Facebook=Frauen ? Alexandra von Muralt on LinkedIn MessagingThomas Breitinger Send Alexandra von Muralt • 12:02 PM congrats zur neuen Stelle Tom! Thomas Breitinger • 12:57 PM Vielen Dank! !! How are you? Write a message… Franziska Müller… Send Franziska Müller Tiberini • 1:20 PM Wau das ist ja super! Ist eine tolle Ausbildung- dann treffen wir uns spätestens bei der UMCH- Versammlung wenn du abgeschlossen !! Write a message…