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STaARS, Inc.


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Webinar in Support of NSF Solicitation NSF 19-509

Published in: Science
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STaARS, Inc.

  1. 1. STAARS/KiWi For the advancement of life sciences, development of new medicines, identification of new therapies, and discovery of new biotechnology, we go into the next frontier, to benefit all mankind. STAARS Inc. KiWi/Airbus-DS
 Craig Walton/CEO Christian Bruderrek/Program Manager Tom Kyler/CTO Maria Birlem/Program Manager BreAnne McKenzie PhD/Project Scientist Phillip Schulien/ Systems Engineer Elias Jackson PhD/Project Scientist Noemie Bernede/Market & Outreach
  2. 2. Science Mission Integration & Operations Where We’ve come from • 20 year Flight Operations Experience • 20 year research experience • 20+ years of experiment hardware design • Multi national collaboration of PIs • Multiple research campaigns
 Stem cells
 Drug Discovery 
 Tissue Engineering
  3. 3. To conduct terrestrial-quality research on the ISS at levels required by academia and industry
 We integrate all aspects of the project starting with Science Requirements, to Engineering specifications and Flight Operations STAARS/KIWI
 Microgravity Research Strategy Goal is to build long term research campaigns that produce advances in biotechnology and the life sciences Provide rapid and high throughput access to facilitate fundamental and advanced scientific research capabilities in a microgravity environment
 Our Tools • Multiple fluid exchanges • Provide real-time control • Can accommodate fixatives • Wide range of inserts, such as multi-well plates, Chips, LEDs, OD, Cameras Experiment Containers (ECs)
 More Tools • Project connectivity between benchwork and ISS • Rapid time to flight with established hardware
  6. 6. Our Platforms Host 24 Experiment Containers
 Host 2 CORE Labs Temperature Controlled from Ambient +1C to 37C Variable Speed Centrifuge STAARS-1 EF ScienceTaxi Host 46 Experiment Containers
 Temperature Controlled from +4C to 40C Variable Speed Centrifuge Capable of Autonomous Operations
  7. 7. Mission Integration and Operation Craig Walton: Christian Bruderrek: 
 Maria Berlim: Science Requirements Development BreAnne MacKenzie: STAARS/KIWI Where Science, Engineering and Flight Operations come together to produce tomorrow’s biotechnology breakthroughs