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Automating the Neo4j Pipeline for Data Shaping and Visualization with Power BI


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NODES 2020

Published in: Technology
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Automating the Neo4j Pipeline for Data Shaping and Visualization with Power BI

  1. 1. Automating the Neo4j pipeline for data shaping and visualization with Power BI Power BI +
  2. 2. Bryant Avey Chief Geek Internuntius, Inc. See us in our NODES 2020 Virtual Booth @BryantAvey in/bryantavey • Consultant for 30 years • Founded Internuntius in 1997 • Microsoft Partners + IBM, SAP, Oracle • Specialize in Data Solutions • Office 365 and Azure Platforms • AI + ML for 10 years
  3. 3. Why Microsoft Power BI? • Pulling further ahead of all BI tools for 2 years running • 97% of Fortune 500 use Power BI • 43 Languages • 45 Datacenters Worldwide • 20 PB+ /mo 12M+ queries/hr • Supports “Low Code” to “Pro Code” 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms
  4. 4. Power BI helps you tell your “Data Story”
  5. 5. Power BI – Neo4j Pipeline Connect Multi- source data • Web / File • Database Shape Data • Text Visualization & Modeling • Understand Export for Graph • CSV Files • SQL Tables Neo4j • Import & create graph • Graph Algorithms and Processing Visualize Data • Combine Neo4j data with other data • Use Visualizations to tell story
  6. 6. Data Shaping with Power BI Power BI Analysis Services Cube (MDX or DAX) SQL Server Web / SharePoint JSON R / Python
  7. 7. Demo Using Power BI to shape data for Neo4j and visualize data from Neo4j
  8. 8. Visualizing Graph in Power BI Key Benefits • Run Cypher Queries to leverage the power of Graph • Leverage Power BI’s ability to easily aggregate and calculate complex measures • Write DAX vs Cypher Aggregations (Data Analysis eXpressions) • Combine Graph and non-graph data or Multiple Graphs • Use Neo4j Graph Data Science Algorithms and APOC library to do complex “graphy” things then make use of those in Power BI • Utilize Power BI’s Natural Language Query and other AI capabilities
  9. 9. Neo4j HTTP API Power Query Template Available for download on: Or visit our virtual booth at NODES 2020 Download the Power Query Script - Neo4j Template we use in the demo
  10. 10. Keep In Mind: Power BI Online Service Currently Supported for online refresh • Python • bi/connect-data/service-python-packages- support • R • bi/connect-data/service-r-packages-support • REST API • Anonymous Connections • GET is native PUT requires PQ scripting • Native DBs & 125+ connectors • us/connectors/ Support in Desktop Only • Python Packages – Neo4j, Py2neo, neomodel • R Packages – Neo4R • JDBC • ODBC • Custom Connectors This means: Manual refreshes are needed for unsupported online connectors.
  11. 11. Q & A Visit the Internuntius booth for more discussions and info
  12. 12. Q & A: Security Power BI Security • Power BI has RLS (row level security) that can be assigned per report. • Any DAX-based filter can be used to control access. If it’s in Power BI it can be used for access control. • 1 report different access per user Loading Report Data from Neo4j • Neo4j HTTP API requires Basic Authentication • BasicAuth is for the developer or service account to connect to Neo4j. Users access the reports via the Online Service • Web and REST and OData APIs in Power BI anonymous Web Access – can’t require a login to access the data source
  13. 13. Q & A: Resources Resources • • • Download the Power BI Template and example used in the demo • api/current • Visit our Booth or website • • Interactive chats in our NODES 2020 booth • Register for t-shirts and book discounts & free consultations