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Working at OpenSesame


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What do you need to know about working at OpenSesame...

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Working at OpenSesame

  2. 2. OPENSESAME. OOOoooppeeennnSESAME!
  3. 3. WHY OPENSESAME? Yes, let’s start with the name...
  4. 4. ...our mission is to unlock learning and the potential of the global workforce. “Open Sesame” is the magic phrase in “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” that opens a cave with hidden treasure.
  5. 5. UNLOCK But we want to so much more than that
  6. 6. We want to unlock YOU. Your potential. Your power to influence. Your power to learn. Your power to teach. BE YOU.Your power to
  8. 8. ARE WE? WHO IS US?
  9. 9. ...but the mission stays the same. WE are constantly growing, improving, adapting, learning and laughing because having people like YOU on the team changes US everyday... To unlock learning and the potential of the global workforce
  10. 10. So WE look for people who believe in the mission and share an excitement for the framework we believe will get us there
  12. 12. We’ve learned a few things along the way and found that the people who thrive at OpenSesame are...
  13. 13. Helpful, but not overbearing Kickass, but not reckless Smart, yet open minded
  14. 14. WHAT DOES THIS LOOK LIKE DAY-TO-DAY? Let’s start with the framework...
  15. 15. TRANSPARENCY 1 2 Everyone meets (and eats!) twice a month to review what the teams have been working on. We discuss highs, lows and areas for improvement in a judgement-free space. Love data and metrics? We do too! Vital metrics for all our teams are displayed in the office for everyone to see. 3 Open office layout and an “open door” policy allows for information to flow and be shared easily across teams and individuals. Hiding or hoarding information is frowned on here!
  16. 16. SIMPLICITY 1 You shouldn’t need mountains of documentation to understand our code. We show the power of simplicity by writing clean, understandable code. 2 We keep our teams simple, by ensuring that each role at OpenSesame is critical to our success. This means, there is no frivolous chain of command to navigate in order to accomplish your goals.
  17. 17. EXPERIENCE FANTASTIC CUSTOMER 1 Our customers represent some of the world’s largest (and smallest) organizations. We believe it’s critical to measure customer success by more than just revenue and retention. 2 The development of new features and products are designed with the end-user in mind, not just because “we think it’s cool” or “it works for our competitors.”
  18. 18. AND WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE? WE, the people of OpenSesame
  19. 19. You won’t ever find that quote hanging on a wall at OpenSesame... that’s because we hire experts who are not blinded by their own abilities. We hire people who want learn from others and help others grow their expertise. Smart, yet open minded WE ARE OpenSesame provides annual paid-time and expense allocation for Professional Development (lovingly called “ProDev”). We are encouraged to use ProDev to learn a new skill or work towards mastery of our craft. “Check Your Ego At The Door”
  20. 20. WE ARE Helpful, but not overbearing A question we get often from interviewees is: “WHAT IS THE BEST PART OF WORKING AT OPENSESAME?” An answer that is spoken a lot is the genuine helpfulness from every member of the team. You won’t find anyone standing over your shoulder or needing you to earn their trust… But if you do need advice, you’ll find a room full of people ready to help!
  21. 21. WE ARE Kickass, but not reckless We invest in kickass people and kickass ideas. You’ll see many examples of this when you walk through our doors, but here is a few to get you started: WE HIRE AWESOME SUMMER INTERNS They work on real projects that impact our business. They also have opportunities to connect with other tech-internships and be mentored 1:1 with someone on our team. GOT AN IDEA AND A PLAN? LET’S TRY IT! Many of our favorite tools, processes and products have started from an idea or suggestion outside of the executive team.
  23. 23. There are over 40 food carts within walking distance of our Portland office We use Slack to increase productivity and teamwork, but we also like to show off our pups in the #DogsofOpenSesame channel. (Many dogs even show up to the office!) Some of us have a work-from-home day, some of us work at a standing desk …and some take a different approach altogether.
  24. 24. We take input from the whole team for community service projects, to support a variety of causes that matter to us! Work life balance is unique to each person. OpenSesame helps find balance with flexible working hours, flexible paid time off (PTO) and flexible holiday observation. There are lots of ways to get to know the team outside of the office. It might be at an arcade match on a Friday afternoon or on the lawn during a summer concert, but you almost always learn something new! (Like who is better at hula-hooping than mini golfing)
  25. 25. A team on a mission to unlock learning and the potential of the global workforce. And most importantly: You will have a team who cares.