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How effective complaint management improves business operations


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How effective complaint management improves business operations

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How effective complaint management improves business operations

  1. 1. With both first-contact and escalated complaints, without a good system in place: • The information is not useful • Resolutions are inconsistent • No time-frames are enforced • Documentation is not standardised • Root cause analysis is not possible.
  2. 2. With a good system in place: • Front-line people follow a predefined process − Capturing all necessary contact information − Capturing the product or service involved − Capturing the nature of the complaint − Resolving the complaint immediately OR − Escalating the complaint to the relevant person/department − Providing a reference number to the customer
  3. 3. With a good system in place: • The responsible person is alerted by email and the clock starts • The resolution process is driven by a series of tasks with associated SLAs to − Acknowledge the complaint within a specified time-frame − Investigate the case within a specified time-frame • Collect and attach all evidence to the case (Emails, claim forms, recorded phone calls, etc) • Communicate with 3rd parties as necessary (Panel beaters, service providers, assessors, etc.) − Send a written resolution to the Customer within a specified time- frame − Standardised document templates are used for all communication (Professional, clear and correct)
  4. 4. With a good system in place: • Root Cause Analysis allows you to spot trends and highlights: − Which products attract the most complaints? − Why claims are repudiated? − Why policies being cancelled? • Root Cause Analysis will: − Drive change across all areas of the business − Improve customer experience − Save costs where processes are improved • Comply with all relevant legislation, FAIS, TCF, etc. • Deal efficiently with Regulators and Ombudsmen
  5. 5. A Complaint/Feedback/Case management system gives you: • A professional way to interact with your Customers • A consistent complaint resolution process • A measure of your people’s performance • A single point of reference for any complaint • All evidence stored with the case • Increased Customer Loyalty
  6. 6. Respond is the world-leader in complaints and feedback management software • Many Financial Services Companies and Regulators around the world use Respond to: − Close the loop on customer feedback − Go from anecdotal to analytical − Get to root causes • Respond is an off-the-shelf complaints management system − Implemented within weeks • Get more information about Respond: Here • Let us know if you would like to see Respond in action − 011 783 1009/1016