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Introducing GrowthTester

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Introducing GrowthTester

  1. 1. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 Powered by
  2. 2. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 A Test and Learn Approach Builds Stronger Organizations A studies show that team growth orientation has a positive relationship with sales Whereas individual goal setting was unrelated to sales performance Pay for performance only really works for routine asks Pay for performance can have a negative effect in contexts where collaboration and cooperation, learning, are essential. Several studies show that when teams frame their goals around learning, it improves their performance (HBR)
  3. 3. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 Your customers are changing faster than ever “Businesses fail either because they leave their customers or because their customer leave them !” ― Andrew S. Grove, Only the Paranoid Survive
  4. 4. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 Learning is how we stay ahead “We must learn what customers really want, not what they say they want or what we think they should want.” ― Eric Ries, The Lean Startup
  5. 5. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 Creating a test-and-learn culture is hard! You can’t change one without the other… Activities Mindset Incentives ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020
  6. 6. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 Driving Trends Audiences keep changing Methods are adapting Learnings are getting lost
  7. 7. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 What if you your teams were empowered with an easy to use test-and-learn toolkit that helped them embrace systematic growth?
  8. 8. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 INTRODUCING
  9. 9. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 GrowthTester is a product of Collective Nexus, which provides community-building solutions Connect LearnCo-CreateGrowth marketing is an organizational capability that must be creatively and actively practiced At the 3C’s of building community are a key part of our philosophy
  10. 10. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 We believe that the right tools can facilitate real change "If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don't bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.” -R. Buckminster Fuller
  11. 11. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 Taking an iterative approach to learning “The solution to this dilemma is a commitment to iteration. You have to commit to a locked-in agreement—ahead of time—that no matter what comes of testing the MVP, you will not give up hope. Successful entrepreneurs do not give up at the first sign of trouble, nor do they persevere the plane right into the ground. Instead, they possess a unique combination of perseverance and flexibility. The MVP is just the first step on a journey of learning.” - Eric Ries, The Lean Startup
  12. 12. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 Harness the creativity of our growth teams “We are moving from an economy and a society built on the logical, linear, computerlike capabilities of the Information Age to an economy and a society built on the inventive, empathic, big-picture capabilities of what’s rising in its place, the Conceptual Age.” ― Daniel H. Pink, A Whole New Mind
  13. 13. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 Our Principles for Success Successful growth requires a test & learn culture Measure process, not outcomes Experiments are the work Incentivize learning
  14. 14. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 Focused on the audience engagement lifecycle Entice Enter Engage Exit Extend Evaluate The GrowthTester Way ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020
  15. 15. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 Cycles Programs Stages TestsMetrics Our solution enables cycles of learning
  16. 16. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 Define a Cycle of Growth Clarify Stages of the Audience Journey Create Experiments and Track Metrics Guided approach to iterative growth ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020
  17. 17. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 A solution that encourages experimentation at every phase “The ultimate freedom for creative groups is the freedom to experiment with new ideas. Some skeptics insist that innovation is expensive. In the long run, innovation is cheap. Mediocrity is expensive—and autonomy can be the antidote.” - Tom Kelley, General Manager, IDEO
  18. 18. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 A solution that inspires questions rather than relying on what worked before “In the new world of sales, being able to ask the right questions is more valuable than producing the right answers.” ― Daniel H. Pink, To Sell Is Human
  19. 19. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 Ensuring Joint Ownership of Success It’s not enough to turn on a new application and expect engagement Build a Community of Team Champions Gather growth team champions Set up periodic cycles Set up programs of growth Understand audience lifecycles Set up tests and success metrics Track success
  20. 20. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 We are here for you Setup Training Support ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020
  21. 21. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 Setup Process Signup Consult with an account manager Set up your account Train your first users Promote within your organization
  22. 22. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 GrowthTester is a product of: Collective Nexus, LLC Building community in remote and distributed organizations ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020
  23. 23. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 A toolkit for harnessing the growth mindset "The true method of knowledge is experiment." - William Blake
  24. 24. ©Collective Nexus, LLC 2020 Thank You Visit us at

Editor's Notes

  • A study of the American psychological association showed that team growth orientation had a positive relationship with sales performance whereas individual goal setting was unrelated to sales performance

  • The goal posts are constantly moving in today's world. You can either adapt, or we get left further behind.
  • The world is changing fast, the audience you are trying to reach is changing with it.

    Growth is never accidental

    Today there is too much competition for attention

    What worked yesterday may not work today, or tomorrow

    Growth teams have to stay close to the audience, and constantly be testing
  • The organizations that can constantly test and learn methods for engaging their audiences will be the ones that thrive in these times
  • Foster growth mindset
    Reward learning, not failure
    Encourage outlier thinking
  • But too many growth teams still measure the wrong things

    Measuring the wrong things inevitably leads to gaming the system

    And lackluster results, frustration, and needless turnover

  • Puts the customer experience at the center of the growth process
  • Builds a library of tests for the future
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