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Mozingo lake habitat project


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Reservoir Habitat Partnership-Mozingo Lake, Missouri Project

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Mozingo lake habitat project

  1. 1. Reservoir Habitat Partnership - Mozingo Lake Habitat Project
  2. 2. Iowa St. Joe N. Kansas City Maryville Kansas Nebraska Mozingo Lake 1000-acres Smithville Lake
  3. 3. Mozingo Lake • Construction 1991…finished and filled in 1992, open to public in 1993. • Primary purpose is water supply for City of Maryville
  4. 4. Mozingo Lake CAP agreemement • MDC manages the fishery, stocks fish, sets fishing regulations, enforces fishing regulations, etc. • MDC helps with infrastructure and fishing access (boat ramps, docks, etc.) Community Assistance Program
  5. 5. Very popular and successful sport fishery
  6. 6. 10,012 RV campsite rental nights annually 1,427 tent camping nights annually Shore fishing is extremely popular
  7. 7. City of Maryville sells over 3,000 annual and daily boat passes to anglers and recreational boaters each year.
  8. 8. Mozingo Lake hosts 50-60 fishing tournaments annually.
  9. 9. Still staring at this
  10. 10. Maryville more worried about this
  11. 11. Severe bank degradation 1997 2010
  12. 12. Mozingo Lake Habitat Project Eroded, sloughing banks
  13. 13. Mozingo Lake Habitat Project Purpose: • Establish/enhance suitable aquatic habitat in Mozingo Lake • Stabilize and protect eroding shorelines • Increase angler-fish interactions • Improve angler access • Enhance recruitment of multiple fish species that will lead to improved lake health, increased wildlife-related recreation opportunities, and strengthened local economies. Applicant Information. Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) NW Fisheries Region Principal Contact: Tory Mason, Fisheries Management Biologist Missouri Department of Conservation 701 James McCarthy Drive St. Joseph, MO 64507-2194 816-271-3100 Project Information Title: Mozingo Lake Habitat Enhancement Partnership Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership (RFHP) Location: Mozingo Lake (Figure 1), Nodaway County, Missouri (40.38040979, -94.78105341). Mozingo Lake is a 1,006-acre water supply reservoir located just east of Maryville, Missouri. Mozingo Lake was constructed in 1992, and attracts thousands of anglers and pleasure boaters annually. The lake’s primary purpose is to provide water for the city of Maryville. Other goals of the lake are to “ensure continued future hunting, fishing, and wildlife viewing opportunities”, and “ensure good watershed practices are implemented adjacent to the lake”. Like many aging reservoirs across the county, diminishing fish habitat and extensive bank erosion have significantly hampered the recreational value and goals of the lake. Over the last 10 years, examination of aerial photography shows significant shoreline degradation, as well as depositional rings of shallow water that extend into the lake as far as 200 feet. Without preemptive action, the extensive bank erosion will likely result in the deterioration of existing boat ramps, bank fishing access, and parking lots. Also, the aging of suitable fish habitat will soon limit the lake’s potential to serve as a productive and diverse fishery. Project Focus: To stabilize eroding shorelines, and provide habitat for focus fish species, which include largemouth bass, white and black crappie, bluegill, channel catfish, and walleye. Estimated On-the-Ground Start and End Dates: January 2013 - December 2013 Estimated Total Cost: RFHP Grant $ 20,000 Anticipated Match $ 39,842 Total $ 59,842 List of Partners: Missouri Department of Conservation City of Maryville Leavenworth Bass Club Bird Hunters United Northwest Missouri State University Bass Club Pony Express Bass Club N-2-IT Bass Club
  14. 14. Might was well do brushpiles too
  15. 15. Yeah! Your project proposal, Mozingo Lake Habitat Enhancement Partnership Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership (RFHP), was selected to receive funding in 2013. Grant administration for 2013 will change from previous years. FWS will award the total amount of funding for projects ($85,410) directly to the Friends of Reservoirs Foundation (FOR) which, in turn, will subgrant the funds to the successful applicants. This should reduce the paperwork required of the project leaders. FOR will be responsible for filing paperwork with the FWS. Project leaders will still be responsible for providing financial information and annual and final reports to FOR. FOR will require a Cooperative Agreement between the grant recipients and FOR prior to project funds being distributed. FOR will provide that to the project leaders as soon as funds are received from the FWS. The grant process from FWS to FOR has been initiated but I am unsure at this point how long that process will take. We will keep project leaders informed as the process develops. Congratulations and we look forward to working with you to make reservoir habitat and fishing better on Mozingo Lake. Jeff Boxrucker Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership 9321 E. State Highway 9 Norman, OK 73026 (405)659-1797
  16. 16. Permits
  17. 17. Heritage review Section 7
  18. 18. Degraded shorelines and/or loss of sensitive habitats Amount (length or linear ft2 ) of shoreline wetlands or submergent/emergent vegetation protected, created or restored; Amount (length or linear ft2 ) of shoreline habitat protected, created or restored; 1,875 ft Amount (area) of cove habitat protected, created or restored. Structural habitat Amount of structure added; Number and size of brush piles, rock piles, etc. 30 brush piles @ 2-5 trees per pile
  19. 19. Dollars City of Maryville 20,391.60 Cash Personnel 7,260 In-kind Equipment 4,000 In-kind MDC Personnel 2,280 In-kind Fringe 1,140 In-kind Travel 225 Cash Equipment 1,000 In-kind Supplies 400 Cash Volunteers Personnel 2,880 In-kind RFHP Grant 20,000 Totals 59,576.60
  20. 20. Partners and volunteers
  21. 21. Future Tory- The City began the shoreline stabilization priority in 2013 after the reservoir habitat parntership grant…. Since then, the City has contributed $185,000 towards rip rap. In total, since 2013, a total of $205,000 has been invested towards rip rap at Mozingo Lake. This amount does include the proposed budget amounts for FY17. That is a number strictly for material. In regards of other costs, such as labor, it would be really difficult to tell. A conservative estimate would be an additional $20,000 in staff time. Hope this helps, Ryan Heiland Assistant City Manager