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2016 AHAIN Keynote The Butterfly Effect


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This special presentation was presented by Toni Blake for the 2016 AHAIN Annual Conference.

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2016 AHAIN Keynote The Butterfly Effect

  1. 1. Keynote  Presenta,on:     12:45PM  –  1:45PM   Toni  Blake   Keynote  Speaker  
  2. 2. November 10, 2016 Will you make positive changes today?
  3. 3. How do others effect YOUR course? Do you change them? Do they change YOU?
  4. 4. Let’s mak e sure our mark eting does n’t put peop leto slee p Are  living  “on  purpose”?   What  %  are  you  “in”?  
  5. 5. Networks  /  People     Books  /  Advice     News    /  Resources   Toni  Blake   Leadership  Coach  
  6. 6. How are you building character? What are you willing to improve?
  7. 7. If  you  can’t  see  it   You  can’t  focus  on  it!  
  8. 8. Are you using what you’ve got?    
  9. 9. Courage has humility! REAL Success = a transition from ME to WE! Where do you get your direction? He lead for 27 years from prison! He gave up his personal freedom for human rights in his country.
  10. 10. Heart  
  11. 11. A  culture  of  ME  to  a  culture  of  WE!  
  12. 12. 1  run     17  minutes  
  13. 13. A  culture  of  ME  to  a  culture  of  WE!   “There  you  are  Peter”  
  14. 14. People  don’t  care  how  much  you  know     unLl  they  know  how  much  you  care?   Jerry  on  Delta…   doing  his  job   Serving with unforgettable style 5200 Flights
  15. 15. WhatWhat havehave learned learned
  16. 16. How do you begin your day?
  17. 17. How  do  you  see  yourself?   Write down 10 adjectives that best describe you using only positive words. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  18. 18. What negative story will you leave in the past today?
  19. 19. HAPPENSCharacter development has many definitions:   Character  leads  a  person  to  do  the  right  thing  in  a  given  situaLon  as   opposed  to  not  doing  the  right  thing.     Character  is  a  to  act  in  a  morally  good  way.     …knowing  the  good,  loving  the  good,  and  doing  the  good.     Not  because  you  have  to,  because  it  is  WHO  YOU  ARE!            
  20. 20. HAPPENS You  might  be  able  to  buy  love  –  but  you  can’t  buy   character!  People  who  have  had  everything  “taken   care  of”  for  them  may  not  have  developed  coping   skills  and  character  for  life's  challenges.  
  21. 21. Is Character Inherited? •  Character  is  a  combina,on  of:   Gene,c  predisposi,ons  &   Environmental  influences     HAPPENS
  22. 22. •  We  are  influenced  by  the  examples  of  character  we  see  and  experience  in  life.   •  The  mind  records  an  experience  in  a  movie  the  same  as  it  does  from  real  life.   HAPPENS
  23. 23. HAPPENS Kindness   Ci,zenship   Determina,on   Responsibility   Respect   Integrity   Trustworthy  
  24. 24. A  Triathlete    
  25. 25. “I HAVE MADE FIRE” If you plan to become a pearl– You gotta deal with the sand!
  26. 26. May   June   July   August   September   October   November   December   Write  down  ONE  YEAR  of  character  focus  goals.       Build  your  character  ON  PURPOSE!  
  27. 27. Write down 12 I AM’s that describe your BEST character. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.    Character  development  is  inten,onal,  conscious,  planned,  pro-­‐ac,ve,  organized,  and   reflec,ve  rather  than  being  assumed,  unconscious,  reac,ve,  subliminal,  or  random.    
  28. 28. •  Make a commitment to your new values. •  Reflect on your life, develop better character traits. •  Take ownership of the core values and good character. •  Each week, work on one of the your goals. •  Work individually or form a group to share the journey.    Character  development  is  inten,onal,  conscious,  planned,  pro-­‐ac,ve,  organized,  and   reflec,ve  rather  than  being  assumed,  unconscious,  reac,ve,  subliminal,  or  random.     Commitment  to  Character  Development    
  29. 29. 19,663  flight  Hour  Logged   40  Years  of  Experience   Pilots  instructor  for  leadership  &  decision  making   Life Changing Course 208 seconds He  walked  the  plane  twice  to   be  sure  everyone  was  off   before  he  exited  the  plane.  
  30. 30. 3,200  Feet  Eleva,on,  procedures  designed  from  35,000  feet   140,000  pound  Air  Crad  -­‐  Dual  Engine  Failure   155  Souls  on  board  &  Millions  on  the  ground   A  city  scared  by  a  plane  strike  to  a  build   One  open  place  to  land!   Life Changing Course 208 seconds “We’re  going  to  be  in   the  Hudson”   The  enLre  crew  as  awarded  the  Master’s  Medal   of  the  Guild  of  Air  Pilots  and  Air  Navigators  
  31. 31. November 10, 2016 Will you make positive changes today? Thank you for letting me be a part of your success! Toni Cell: 970-371-6203
  32. 32. 2:00pm  –  3:15pm  
  33. 33. Breakout:     3:30pm  –  4:30pm