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Cerritos Council Meeting 5/25/17 - Public comments


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Cerritos Council Meeting 5/25/17 - Public comments

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Cerritos Council Meeting 5/25/17 - Public comments

  1. 1. Cerritos Council Meeting 5/25/17 Public Comments Murali Vasudevan Sam Desai 1
  2. 2. & FB Page @Fix90703 • Download the contract including list of collectibles • Use CONTACT button to provide feedback and suggestions • Use Council button to contact council – Astor YES/NO • Public comments from 5/8 and 5/17 • Will add more… • Inviting local businesses to sponsor • Face book Page - @Fix90703 • Check out video clips from Budget Study sessions • 1-2 minute clips on important issues 2
  3. 3. Thank you Council! • For staying neutral on the bill SB 639 by senator Tony Mendoza • For reversing 25% cut in community program funds and Parks and recreations • Bringing back Calendar • We also need to plan for Social media and Website upgrades! • Bring back Arts Education Program at CCPA
  4. 4. Astor Museum – Council just vote!
  5. 5. Astor Museum – YES or NO? • Council asked for more info • Mark asked council members to take a tour to view the collections • Can residents get the above info and tour? • So that we know what you only know? • Saturday 10 AM -12 Noon? • Friday 3PM-5PM? • Looking for sponsors to print the T-shirt • Residents can wear during the tour? • Local businesses welcome! • Win-win situation
  6. 6. 7. Consent Calendar 6 • Items under the Consent Calendar are considered routine and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Council/Agency Member or citizen so requests, in which event the item will be removed from the Consent Calendar and considered separately. • 7A has two sub items. • Approval of the City Council/Successor Agency Special Meeting Minutes of May 8, 2017 (COUNCIL/SUCCESSOR AGENCY). • Approval of the City Council/Successor Agency Special Meeting Minutes of May 17, 2017 (COUNCIL/SUCCESSOR AGENCY). • Request item 6A under this discussed separate discussion (see next slide)
  7. 7. Would like to discuss item 6A, Minutes of 5/17 6.New and Old Business 6A. Review of the Combined Financial Program for the City of Cerritos and the City of Cerritos as Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency for Fiscal Year 20172018 (COUNCIL/SUCCESSOR AGENCY). Staff reports were given by Art Gallucci, City Manager, Ryan Carey, Budget Manager, and Mike Matsumoto. MOTION TO DIRECT STAFF: It was moved by Pulido, and seconded by Hu, to retain all Commission and Committees in the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 budget. The motion carried unanimously. MOTION TO DIRECT STAFF: It was moved by Pulido, and seconded by Yokoyama, to direct staff to provide a report to City Council regarding the costs/benefits for contracting certain City services versus hiring City staff, including tree-trimming/reforestation/maintenance services. The motion carried unanimously. MOTION TO DIRECT STAFF: It was moved by Edwards, and seconded by Pulido, to retain full funding for community services programs in the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 budget. The motion carried unanimously. MOTION TO DIRECT STAFF: It was moved by Edwards, and seconded by Pulido, to return to the 2016-2017 budget funding for Recreation Services Community Events/Programs in the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 budget. The motion carried unanimously. MOTION TO DIRECT STAFF: It was moved by Pulido, and seconded by Edwards, to restore funding for the Community Calendar in the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 budget. The motion carried unanimously. MOTION TO DIRECT STAFF: It was moved by Pulido, and seconded by Yokoyama, to direct staff to provide a report reviewing the City's participating in the Cerritos Astor Museum including review of the contract, a list of the collectibles, the options available in light of Mr. Astor's passing, and whether Supervisor Janice Hahn will allow the City to retain the County funding of $950,000 in the event the museum is not continued. The motion carried unanimously. The Mayor opened public comments. Noting there were no members of the public who elected to speak, the Mayor closed public comments. There was no further action taken on this item.
  8. 8. 8 Why Not Arts Education Program? MOTION TO DIRECT STAFF: It was moved by Member1, and seconded by Member2, to retain Arts Education Program in the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 budget. The motion carried unanimously.
  9. 9. Astor - Two sides of the coin! Build Astor Lease out Lease out No Yes Lease income No $1M every year (Moore St building and Mullikin Building) Operations & Maintenance -($500,000) Income? $4.2M insurance claimes Reimbursed Reimbursed $1M Grant from LA board of sup Yes May have to return Bragging rights over museum Yes No
  10. 10. Residents already spoke Loud and Clear! • Council decided to put it on Agenda (when?) and wants to hear from residents! • Residents already spoke loud and clear! • If we bring 100 speakers, each taking 5 minutes to read a script • Will take 8.5 Hrs! • Waste of time! • See priority survey responses and comments • Use easy to use search tool at • See minutes of the meetings since 11/2016 • Public hearings
  11. 11. Surplus – Pipe dream? Early Christmas? • Surplus is used as an excuse for reckless spending! • Jim Edwards says it justifies Astor Museum even with loss! • City says it compensates the ongoing CCPA loss in Millions! • Residents ask. Review the operations and streamline it. • Employee leader says it can be used to give salary increase and hire more employees! • Mark says it can be used to hire more employees and stop using contract workers? • It is NOT a ticket for shopping extravaganza!
  12. 12. Wait folks! • Surplus is just on paper! • Based on cooked up numbers and unrealistic assumptions! • Not likely to become a reality! • Can result in another deficit if City spends lavishly assuming surplus! • Like going on a shopping spree early in the year anticipating huge bonus in December
  13. 13. 6A - Tree Trimming – Impact to budget? • Mayor and Frank were most vocal. Thank you! • Only TWO council members who talked to residents recently! • City agreed to open for bid – currently ONE contractor only • $1.2M per year, takes 5+ years to trim 20,000 trees! • Increase trim frequency (some streets it is > 5 years) • Frank needs more info before deciding increase of employees and funds • Pine trees • Eucalyptus trees to be removed at high cost? • How are you selecting trees to replace? • Use city employees Vs contract workers? • Cost comparison requested by Mark from city
  14. 14. Please add to the Minutes! • As evident from these slides, it is clear that visuals are much more effective and powerful to communicate • Can we continue doing this? • Can we NOT print, use a projector instead? • Residents are asking for these slides when watching the video! • Less printing, Go Green! • Tree City U.S.A - 19th consecutive year! • Walk the talk! • Third meeting we are making this request! • Please STOP ignoring us! 14
  15. 15. Part II CCPA & Budget
  16. 16. We appreciate Council…. • For asking tough questions on the budget allocations • Bringing back Astor museum as agenda item! • Tree trimming • FTEs Vs Contract workers • CCPA loss
  17. 17. Calmet – Is it done deal? • Frank asked for Calmet contract from the City • Can download from www.OurCerritos.Org • What next? Will it be opened for bid? • 2017-18 budget impact? • $2.2M revenue projection • $1.2M Franchise fee + $1M signing bonus
  18. 18. CCPA • 2017-18 Budget (see next two slides) • Allocates $3M more for expenditure • Six FTEs, 54 Part time contract tech workers • Projects $3M more in ticket sales • Will continue the loss! • City anticipates record collections from ticket sales! • Much less attendance (70,000 last year Vs 152,000 in the past!) • Still projects $2M loss! • It is NOT OK to continue losing residents’ money • We are not asking to fire employees! • Instead, review the operations and make it more efficient and profitable.
  19. 19. 7,000,000 After $500K adjustment on 4/27 19
  20. 20. 20 CCPA expenses Take a closer look - Cut costs and stop losing millions!
  21. 21. From the website of a Cerritos resident 21
  22. 22. CCPA – STOP the bleeding! • First, admit we have a problem and losing Millions is NOT acceptable! • Council should stop complimenting City for a mediocre losing job • Demand responsibility and accountability • Don’t accept lame excuses! • CCPA has been losing Millions for a long time. • We are happy to maintain the status quo! No Kidding! • We were able to get 24,000 more people to watch shows last year! Seriously? • Only then we can come up with solutions to fix it! • Are you serious? • City will add 20 more shows next year • Spend $3M more, get $3M more in ticket sales (give me a break!) • And will show how to lose $2M again! • Residents demand more responsible fiscal management • Can City confirm the loss (and the amount) for the last 10+ years? • See previous slide for what we have, suggest corrections if any! • When was the last time CCPA mad profit? • STOP continuing the same losing strategy! Do a study to identify root cause and Fix It ASAP! • Stop treating the symptoms! • Talk to La Habra Theater Management • Learn from success of others
  23. 23. We Plead….to City employees… • STOP complaining about losing jobs! • If you have pride in what you do, demonstrate it! • STOP flushing residents’ Millions down the drains! • Tell City this is NOT acceptable and MUST change! • Show residents you mean it! Show profit! • More profit, More jobs! • More money! • Less Contract workers! • Less stress! • Less complaining! • Get reward based on results!
  24. 24. Food for Thought! • Time to change “Old guard”? • Give away the baton to younger generation!
  25. 25. 6A Minutes of 5/17 6/18 Budget review and approval • What happens between now and then? • Many items to be resolved which could impact the budget? • Calmet contract => $2.2M revenue projections • Astor Museum • $4.2M insurance claims + $1M Grant + $0.5M Loss Vs $1M Income • Tree Trimming expenditure $1.2M or increase? • CCPA and other services • Use contract, temp, part time workers Vs FTEs? • Studbaker property sale => $3.3M revenue projections
  26. 26. 26 Additional $3M CCPA ticket sales ($4M- >$7M) + ($7M ) -> ($10M) ($1M) AB 1X PTR Revenue ($0.5M) Lease income Net total -> ($11.5M) • It is NOT about looking good on paper in May2017! • It is all about NOT beefing up numbers and NOT reporting a deficit, come 2018! 1) Adjust projected revenue to reflect REALITY 2) Plan expenditure based on resident priorities 3) Report based on the above – Avoid a deficit!
  27. 27. Simple Measures! • Loss/profit for all the 90+ shows in 2016-17 • Identify losing ones and avoid rebooking • Find out age groups and how they performed • Review marketing strategy • Email, snail mails • Social media, websites
  28. 28. CCPA continues to lose Millions! Just Fix It! • Ticket sales (from slide 8, 2017-18 budget) • 2015-16 - $2,831,769 vs $3,675,000 budgeted • 2016-17 - $4M vs $4,375,000 budgeted • 2017-18 projections in budget $7M – Please provide supporting evidence. • Expenditure • 2016-17 – expenditure (from 2016-17 budget) • $7,256,960, Loss $3,256,960 (approx. only, facility rental income not included) • 2017-18 expenditure $9.8M ($4.43+$5.32) • Net projected loss of 2017-18 => 9.8-7 = $2.1M (Realistic 9.8M – 5M = 4.8M loss) • ~ $30 loss ($70 more real) per attendee based on 2016-17 number (70,000 attendees) 28