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September 12 – 13, 2017
Subject: DACA, the Muslim Brotherhood Memorandum, &...
like Europe. Dump them on an island in the pacific if they can't hack sending them back but get them
out of here.
a choice
Which is more than the people of America were given by the corrupt (globals) who set all this in
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Manticore Group member discussion excerpt September 12 through September 13, 2017 on the corruption.

Published in: News & Politics
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  1. 1. MANTICORE GROUP MEMBER DIALOGS on the PARADIGM September 12 – 13, 2017 Subject: DACA, the Muslim Brotherhood Memorandum, & the Globalist Coup Reference: 1. archives-of-the-muslim-brotherhood-in-america/ 2. 3. Attack On Berkeley Planned For September 14, 2017 - Antifa Claiming 'Victimhood' After Exposed As Domestic Terrorists By FBI And DHS Report - Was Antifa The Globalists Beta-Test To Control A Terror Group? 4. Obama's Deep State and Alinsky Camps Manticore Group Member 1: Whoa!! Fell asleep. Incredible Contractors say Clinton State Department silenced them on Benghazi security lapses on-benghazi-security-lapses.html 12:37 AMvia Google Voice Manticore Group Member 1: Trump staff acting like rotten kids says insider. Omarosa banned from meetings. Tillierson likely to go. Dems slathering for Trumps ruination. They got an impeachometer up on politico or buzzfeed. Manticore Group Member 1: It is obvious what the libtards are aiming at. They want to smear Trump as a Russian agent then either impeach him for not registering or worse for treason. IMO with dumbshit Americans that could work very well it it can be shown how Trumps business empire benefitted. But they are floundering. Mueller is the most dangerous torpedo. I would be looking at links between Mueller the Clinton's and Comey and criminality at the Clinton foundation. Trump made a very bad mistake of leaving Bummers swamp rats behind at the DOJ A rat is a rat. And if you play or work with rats like Mitch McConne or with Schumer expect to smell like one. Trump does not owe those DACA muzzies a damn thing. Deport them and be done with it 8:01 AMvia Google Voice Manticore Group Member 2: yes. And wrt DACA what's holding it up are kids who arrived at age under 10 yrs grew up here and have fully assimilated. No one around them realizing they were DACA kids because they had assimilated. These are panicking now. These kids believe to be deported to a muslim country is a death sentence for them because they are Americanized. That is a fair argument...and a legit problem if they are indeed fully assimilated and Americanized beyond recognition as a muzzie. All the rest of DACA tho needs to go back...sorry bout their luck...DACA was part of weaponizing a body of immigrants and sowing chaos here. It has to be resolved or we end up
  2. 2. like Europe. Dump them on an island in the pacific if they can't hack sending them back but get them out of here. Manticore Group Member 1: I see the ones fully assimilated should be spared. But the rest need to go and the libtards responsible held accountable Manticore Group Member 2: yes. Right now first priority should not be Dreamer should be emergency removal of the muzzie immigrants because you cannot figure out who is who unless you have a decade or more to delve into it and we do not. Put them in interim location if they want to play the sorting game Manticore Group Member 2: I'm not insensitive on this. I'm being realistic. The weaponization of immigrants deliberately is an act of war. We're in a state of war and people should stop pussy-footing around that fact. Manticore Group Member 1: Send the mofos who did this along with them. There is criminal conspiracy involved along with abuse of power Manticore Group Member 2: When the population of immigrants reaches a critical mass they become a force of colonization and wrt the muslim brotherhood plan a force of violence and destruction. Manticore Group Member 1: Yes that's what the plan is. Muzzies are useful idiots in the agenda Manticore Group Member 2: I agree about the mofos who did this except they must answer in a court of law for these acts. If we just turn them loose with the DACA then they become kings in a new land with a standing army Manticore Group Member 1: Yeah Manticore Group Member 2: Do we unleash our mistakes in a new land among some other people? I say no. The DACA without leadership largely might remain refugees and have a chance for survival somewhere else...but with a kingship in tow they become a threat to others like what happened when the hebrews became vagabonds and look how predatory and vampiric they became? Manticore Group Member 1: Agree Manticore Group Member 2: They've had a taste of representative governance...we could influence them further by allowing them the chance to continue with representative governance in a place of their own as an island people where they don't disturb nation state assemblies...there are island locations and those could be outfitted to take them and become prosperous...also the tech to create ocean extensions for islands exists. Giving the option...go home or to the ocean locals
  3. 3. a choice Which is more than the people of America were given by the corrupt (globals) who set all this in motion Manticore Group Member 1: Seems like this version was a 50 year plan. The IsrAelis are involved along with the global elites Manticore Group Member 2: Quite possibly. I'm not sure other then to recognize it as a planned patter that it's relevant to how we deal with it. Manticore Group Member 2: pattern Manticore Group Member 1: I was told by a source this would happen back in the 1980s. More or less it has Manticore Group Member 2: Yes. Researchers have clearly revealed it was part of the 4th Reich Manticore Group Member 1: don't forget how the Jews of Spain sold Spain down the river to the zMuslims of North Africa Manticore Group Member 2: I am disturbed that it was shown Clinton in the State Department was part of some diplomatic agreement for which there was rumored writings outlining how Turkey, Qatar, Israel and the Sauds would fund Global Government in exchange for regime change in Syria....where are those documents? It's like everyone has moved on to other stuff and forgotten lives in Syria depend on a clear understanding why covert powers are pushing to annihilate a sovereign nation using our money and resources aka military and intel community 8 minsvia Google Voice