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Cardiovascular Disease
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JohnDoe Report


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JohnDoe Report

  1. 1. Cardiovascular Disease Risk Profile Name: John Doe Age: 45 years Consultation date: 2009-08-04 Height: 175 cm Gender: Male Ideal weight: 57 - 77 kg CVD present No Family History of CVD N/A Blood Cholesterol (mg/dL) Total Cholesterol 250 LDL Cholesterol 189 HDL Cholesterol 30 Total-HDL Ratio 8.33 Blood Pressure (mmHg) Systolic 152 Diastolic 92 BP Medication No Smoker Yes Diabetes No Weight (kg) 100 2 32.7 Body Mass Index (kg/m ) Waist Circumference (cm) 48 Cardiovascular Age 55.8 Your risk of cardiovascular disease (heart attack and fatal coronary event) over the next ten years is 27.4%. Your estimated cardiovascular age is 55.8 years. You have 4 modifiable cardiovascular risk factors: total cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, blood pressure and smoking. Reduce your total cholesterol by 25% (LDL-cholesterol by 35%) and lower your risk to 14.5% Increase your HDL-cholesterol by 20% and lower your risk to 23.7% Reduce your systolic blood pressure to 140 mmHg and lower your risk to 24.9% Quit smoking and lower your risk to 8.6% By reducing your total cholesterol by 25% (LDL-cholesterol by 35%), increasing your HDL cholesterol by 20%, reducing your systolic blood pressure to 140 mmHg and quitting smoking, you can lower your 10-year cardiovascular risk to 3.3%. You can also lower your cardiovascular age to 45.5 years. These results represent average risks based on the information provided. The actual experience of individual patients will vary. Copyright © 2009 by Clinemetrica Inc. All rights reserved