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Content Strategy Proposal - Online content


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Content Strategy Proposal - Online content

  1. 1.     The Journey With Blue  Content Strategy Proposal  BY JESSICA JABR  OVERVIEW  Building a content strategy for The Journey with Blue talk show.   GOALS  1. Grow The Journey With Blue Community  2. Drive visibility and engagement to the talk show episodes.   DURATION  6 months strategy for market testing, traction, and increasing engagement  COMMITMENT  ● Planning: ​9 hours / month - video call or in person meeting with Blue  ● Execution: ​9 hours / week  HOURLY RATE  55.34 USD  OVERALL BUDGET  TBD  Marketing Strategy  ● Main publishing channels: Journey With Blue website and Youtube channel  ● Marketing channels: FB, Instagram(?), Twitter, medium(?)  ● Social media posting schedule   
  2. 2.     ● Re-assess episode production publishing timeline  ● Targeting demographics  Partners Landscape  Requires an extensive research and extended layout of your potential leads  ● corporates from the industry interested in supporting entrepreneurship   ● Media partners interested in similar content  ● Re-sharing platforms   ● Free posting services  ● Innovation support partners: by industry verticals  ● Banner ads on partners websites  ● Native advertising on partner’s platforms through blog posts  ● Speaking in podcast interviews with media partners on their platforms  ● Media partners social media posts  ● Interviews or being hosted in partner companies  Localized Advertising  ● Paid ads  ● Social media campaign promotion on Facebook, Instagram   ● Geo-marketing in NYC + Local Search   ● Native advertising through blog posts on medium, Partners blogs, speaking in podcast  interviews with media partners on their platforms  ● E-mail blasts - database, email collection   ● Activation: freebies, featuring, more engagement initiatives   Sponsors  ● Paid sponsors - Sell Sell Sell!  Engagement Metrics  ● Host an offline meetup.  ● Host an offline focus group from our sample target audience.  Content Audit  ● Content is king and as a first step I would assess the direction of the episodes content.   ● Defining our target audience for the show. It can’t be directed for everyone. Be very  specific on the type of community we’re initially looking to grow.  ● It is suggested to increase the number of featured women.  
  3. 3.     ● Dissect the market success stories by industry.   ● Deep knowledge in each of the industries isn’t necessary.   ● Thorough market research on specifying the least available content which viewers might  be interested in.   ● Explore our existing network and contacts for potential featuring.