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HELM TALKS: Net Zero Lecture 5

  1. 1. NET ZERO & THE 25 YEAR ENVIRONMENT PLAN • The 25 year environment plan • The environment bill • The list of 10 goals • Defining the trade-offs • The Office for Environmental Protection (OEP) and the CCC
  2. 2. THE 25 YEAR ENVIRONMENT PLAN The key objective: “to be the first generation to leave the natural environment in a better state than it inherited”.
  3. 3. THE ENVIRONMENT BILL • Place 25 year plan on a statutory basis • Is this for the overall objective, or for the 10 goals or the regulatory process? • Like the CCA and the CCC? Or watered down? • The principles – including public goods for public money, the polluter pays and net environmental gain
  4. 4. THE 10 GOALS OF THE 25 YEAR ENVIRONMENT PLAN • Enhanced beauty, heritage and engagement with the natural environment • Mitigating and adapting to climate change • Minimising waste • Managing exposure to chemicals • Enhancing biosecurity • Clean air • Clean and plentiful water • Thriving plants and wildlife • Reduced risk of harm from environmental hazards such as flooding and drought • Using resources from nature more sustainably and efficiently
  5. 5. DEFINING THE TRADE OFFS • Some examples: • Fast going spruce conifers vs. broadleaf woodland • Impact on rivers and biodiversity • Bio crops and biofuels vs. biodiverse rich farmland • Cattle & sheep and grazing vs. vegan and vegetarianism • Protecting fragile uplands • Vs. onshore windfarms and the roads and access • Protecting the landscapes • Vs. onshore wind and solar parks
  6. 6. THE OEP AND THE CCC • Who is in charge? • The statutory status of the other 9 goals vs. no 7 on climate change? • OEP/CCC or who else determine the trade-offs? • The long-term parliamentary commitment And dealing with the consumption dimension.