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Miglena ouzounova–tsekova


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ARTof.HR 2 Conference presentations.

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Miglena ouzounova–tsekova

  1. 1. Merging Companies and Cultures - Hard Work or Art Work? Miglena Ouzounova–Tsekova Senior HR Director Mobiltel EAD, TAG
  2. 2. AGENDA  Mtel as a company  The Integration project  HR project plan and scenarios  HR goals realization and KPIs
  3. 3. Who We Are Mobiltel EAD part of Telekom Austria Group Who We Are Mobiltel EAD part of Telekom Austria Group
  4. 4. The International Group
  5. 5. OUR Services for Residential Customers Mtel packages Mobile services Digital TV Broadband internet Promotions Informational and fun services Prepaid services Manage your account online
  6. 6. Mobile Services Office Internet Office Phone Combined Offers “Office 365” Free calls in your group A true quality network Manage everything online OUR Services for Business Customers
  7. 7. The Project Started in October 2015 – Acquisition of Blizoo Media and Broadband EAD
  8. 8. Project Overview WHY HOW WHAT  Expand fixed services business through acquisition Growth  Integration of Blizoo Media and Broadband Strategy  Merging companies and cultures Execution
  9. 9. Guiding Principles 1) The big fish should not eat the small fish 2) Even playground and equal treatment 3) Find and apply the best practices in every area of our business 4) Consider quality and effectiveness, and not the company they come from 5) Transparent communication and open discussions
  10. 10. [Confidential] 10 COMMERCIAL Stream 0 Stream 1 Stream 2 Stream 3 TECHNOLOGY - IT TECHNOLOGY - NETWORK HR & COMMUNICATION Stream 4 FINANCIAL & LEGAL INTEGRATION Stream 5 STRATEGIC SET-UP Project Streams
  11. 11. [Confidential] 11 HR Goals 1) Full staff integration but through synergies and cost efficiency 2) Keep key people and safeguard the know-how to guarantee business continuity 3) Build ONE team with common values and shared purpose
  12. 12. Project Plan HR Scenarios
  13. 13. “By the Book”  Project Schedule  Daily MoM  Weekly updates  Regular topical reports  HR Audit  Portfolio review and comparison  Due Diligence results’ analysis  Employees’ data analysis  Functional units descriptions  Job screening and job matching
  14. 14.  Fast execution instead of long meetings and discussions  Trying instead of planning  Acting instead of reacting  Solutions instead of being stuck in being flawless  Personal accountability instead of shared responsibility One Month Later…
  15. 15. Project Execution HR Goals Realization and KPIs
  16. 16. Staff IntegrationStaff Integration 331  Sales  Technical  Administration 111 548 101 up to 3 months up to 6 months up to 9 months up to 12 months  Call Center
  17. 17. Staff IntegrationStaff Integration  More than 1,000 personal job offers extended to blizoo employees  Voluntary turnover for a period of 1 year: 5%  All blizoo employees had a salary adjustment with their new employment to achieve internal equity between Mtel and blizoo employees  Non-customer facing employees received bonus opportunity  More than 200 were physically relocated to new office premises with all systems accesses established
  18. 18. [Confidential] 20 Keep Key People  All bonuses and benefits of key people in blizoo were kept in Mtel  60 key employees took over a managerial role in Mtel  30 employees were promoted  Voluntary turnover of key employees for a period of 1 year - 24%
  19. 19. [Confidential] 21 Build ONE team Get to know >Say Hello! >Speed Networking (Meet the Colleagues) >Regular integration news update at Intranet Get settled >Structure finalization >Processes streamline and simplification >Teambuilding activities in the new units Work and succeed > – utilization of employees’ proposals >Regular improvements shared with all employees (systems/ processes) >Best practices sharing >Knowledge sharing Celebrate success >In-house holiday celebrations >Mtel Olympics >Christmas Party
  20. 20. Fast is better than perfect!
  21. 21. Thank you!