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Blue Living Lab


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Blue Living Lab by NAUSICAA: open innovation for the Blue Society

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Blue Living Lab

  2. 2. AGENDA NAUSICAA – KEY PLAYER FOR THE BLUE SOCIETY.........3 BLUE LIVING LAB .………….............................................8 BLUE LIVING LAB’S OPERATIONS……………….………....….13
  4. 4. EUROPE’S BIGGEST AQUARIUM NAUSICAA expanded in 2018. The extension turns the French National Sea Centre into Europe’s biggest aquarium, and is aimed at 1 million visitors who come every year. THE BLUE SOCIETY Every year, through its work, exhibitions and events, NAUSICAA raises awareness of developing a Blue Society. Led by Philippe Vallette, the aim of the Blue Society is to cater for society’s present and future needs in a spirit of “positive” growth by harnessing the enormous potential that the global ocean offers us. Thanks to the sharing of knowledge and the adoption of this vision by scientists, businesses, political decision-makers and citizens, positive solutions and innovative experience can emerge and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable management of the Ocean resources. NAUSICAA
  5. 5. NAUSICAA isn’t just an aquarium. Our centre for marine discovery is the birthplace of several conservation projects. We aim to raise public’s awareness of main issues related to the management of the ocean’s resources. All our projects have a European scope and confirm NAUSICAA’s place as a key player for the Blue Society. MARINA is a platform sharing marine knowledge with communities involved in research and responsible innovation. It gathers many actors over Europe discussing and teaching each other to have a better apprehension of the ocean and its resources. OUR PROJECTS Mr. Goodfish program raises public’s awareness of the importance of consuming sustainable seafood products. The program aims to turn consumers into actors for marine resources’ sustainability. We publish a list of seafood products recommended by experts in the field. SUMARIS is a crossborder program for a sustainable management of ray stocks in the Channel and North Sea. It encourages actors in the fishing industry and in research to develop new fishing strategies to avoid unwanted catches and/or to release rays still alive.
  6. 6. LE FONDS DE DOTATION DE NAUSICAA NAUSICAA has been recognized « centre of excellence » by UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission. Today we create our Endowment Funds. It reflects a continuation and an amplification of NAUSICAA’s pedagogical mission, stands for the humanity’s existence and the sustainability of a HEALTHY LIFE on a HEALTHY PLANET. This Funds aims to raise Men’s awareness of the importance of a responsible way of living by using the ocean’s resources sustainably. It’s following this main dimension that we choose the projects supported by NAUSICAA’s Endowment Funds. To get involved or for any question:
  7. 7. NAUSICAA GATHERED ALL REQUIRED CONDITIONS TO WELCOME AN OPEN INNOVATION ECOSYSTEM (according to Inmédiats – network of Living Labs in Science Centres) Animating projects in research, education and innovation for the Blue Society since 1991 Dialoguing with the general public on a daily basis about the main issues facing our society Raising public’s awareness of the main issues and the related innovative initiatives through exhibitions, workshops and events Managing a team highly qualified in project management, scientific and cultural intermediation and animation OPEN INNOVATION ENVIRONMENT
  9. 9. THE BLUE SOCIETY LIVING LAB The Blue Living Lab is an open innovation platform gathering a variety of actors: general public, startups, scientists, industries and public authorities, around innovation for a better use of the Ocean’s resources. Its mission is to build new synergies on innovative projects to address main social, technological, environmental and economic issues for a sustainable management of the Ocean resources. NAUSICAA wants startups and industrials to benefit from the visitor’s perspective and their early participation in the innovation process to codesign products and services in line with real needs.
  10. 10. MISSION The Blue Living Lab contributes to NAUSICAA’s mission: promote a sustainable management of the Ocean resources. SELECTION Project initiatives come from external project initiators and are chosen according to specific criteria to ensure accordance with NAUSICAA’s mission and high-impact outcomes for the Blue Society. PRINCIPAUX AREAS OF INNOVATION ITS MISSION Energy resources, renewable energies, mineral resources Tourism Mobility Water quality monitoring Men-Sea relationships on the coasts Biotechnologies Fisheries and Aquaculture Seafood processing
  11. 11. ECOSYSTEM NAUSICAA • Promote the Blue Society through innovation • Enhance visitor experience • Engage audience • Attract new audience USERS • NAUSICAA’s visitors, • Maritime Industry Professionals, • Citizens interested in innovation • Get involved in innovation process • Access new skills and knowledge • Contribute to the Blue Society • Grow network • Have fun and a good experience • Entrepreneurs • Scientists • Students • NGOs • Public authorities • Industrials • Meet visitors and get relevant data • Ensure high level of adoption • Use external skills and expertise • Get support • Access larger network • Give visibility to project INDUSTRIES & INVESTORS SCIENTISTS & UNIVERSITIES LOCAL GOVERNMENT • Build strong social cohesion • Improve living conditions at local and regional levels • New job opportunities • Better regional competitiveness EUROPEAN UNION • Reinforce European Maritime Cluster • Promote the Blue Society • Promote innovation for business competitiveness • Learn from experimentation • Collect precious data to feed database • Enhance innovation • Create new business • Improve value • Be more competitive BLUE SOCIETY LIVING LAB’S PROJECTS PROJECT LEADERS
  12. 12. NAUSICAA: INNOVATION BOOSTER BENEFITS FOR NAUSICAA To become a leader in innovation for the Blue Society To confirm its key position in the sustainable management of the ocean’s resources To engage and retain visitors and turn them into actors of their NAUSICAA experience To catch new audience’s attention (15-25 yo) more sensitive to innovation To benefit from innovation for its own infrastructure development and management NAUSICAA’S VALUE PROPOSITION NAUSICAA offers a great visibility on the projects Mobilizes its infrastructures, its audience’s attention and a large network of partners Experiments on a local and a European scale Brings its expertise in management of the ocean’s resources along with intermediation with audience Connects citizens, scientists, industrials and local governments to develop new collaborations
  14. 14. THE BLUE SOCIETY FORUM Playful digital facilities to engage visitors and get valuable feedback from consumers TESTING IN NAUSICAA’S INFRASTRUCTURES Use tanks, exhibition spaces, public areas to test new prototypes SPECIAL EXHIBITIONS AND EVENTS Give visibility to projects SENSORIAL WORKSHOPS Tasting sessions at NAUSICAA WORKSPACE 100m² inside NAUSICAA’s building to connect project leaders and resources in the same place DIGITAL COMMUNITY Generate constructive discussions and communicate project updates at all time CODESIGN DIGITAL PLATFORM Virtual place to codesign continually CODESIGN WORKSHOPS Live codesigning session at NAUSICAA LEARNING CENTRE Temple of Ocean Knowledge MENTORING PROGRAM Involve external experts in startup projects DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS Use best pratices for startup’s project development (business plan, financing, commercialization, logistics, etc.) OPEN INNOVATION WORKSHOPS Introduction to open innovation to visitors, staff, interested citizens, etc. NETWORKING SESSION Meeting event with startups and industries to develop partnerships TOOLBOX READY READY READY
  15. 15. First startup experimentation with INNOVAFEED: introducing their work and questioning NAUSICAA’s visitors about insect-based meal in sustainable Aquaculture Blue Society Forum: interactive survey on touch pads, survey overview displayed on a larger screen and human intermediation with INNOVAFEED representative Key figures: over 4,600 completed surveys in a week We want the Blue Society Forum to provide startups and industrials with valuable feedback from consumers on their products and services. BLUE SOCIETY FORUM
  16. 16. COWORKING The Blue Living Lab will provide project teams with 100m² coworking space inside NAUSICAA’s building. Coworking modeling Project workers will be on site and connected with our visitors to experiment and codesign at any time. This coworking space aims to connect entrepreneurs together to develop new collaborations. We’ll host five to eight projects and up to 15 team members at the same time.
  17. 17. ORGANIZATION Blue Living Lab is implemented as a full project by the Department of Projects and Exhibitions. The Department is already carrying out a dozen of successful European projects: Mr.Goodfish, Marina, Sumaris, Columbus, etc. MISSION ꞁ Identify projects ꞁ Facilitate collaboration between all participants ꞁ Manage relationships with project leaders offering relevant assets and helpful services ꞁ Support projects: listening, discussing, advising ꞁ Assess outcomes of every project to define next steps ꞁ Communicate outcomes TEAM & ORGANIZATION BOARD PHILIPPE VALLETTE General and Scientific Director at NAUSICAA FLORENCE HURON Head of Projects and Exhibitions at NAUSICAA MAXENCE HUYGHE Blue Living Lab Manager at NAUSICAA
  18. 18. CALENDRIER 2019 Definition of strategic positioning and business model Coworking design and equipping WINTER2018/19 SPRING2019 SUMMER2019 Selection of the 1st project batch + Living Lab official kick-off Program review + Launch of a new batch of projects FALL2019 On-site tool improvment + Launch of a digital crowdsourcing platform WINTER2019/20
  19. 19. FLORENCE BLOND HURON Head of projects and exhibitions Nausicaá Centre National de la Mer – Boulogne sur mer + 33 (0) 3 21 30 99 99 + 33 (0) 6 43 82 76 89 CONTACT MAXENCE HUYGHE Living Lab Manager Nausicaá Centre National de la Mer – Boulogne sur mer + 33 (0) 3 21 30 99 99