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Real-World Ballerina Use Cases@ OSU

Ballerina ( is a new language for creating APIs/microservices. @ OSU, we are using them with on Enterprise Integration Platform [EIP] Ecosystem. Here are a few use cases!

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Real-World Ballerina Use Cases@ OSU

  1. 1. Glenn E. Donaldson Jr. Dir. Application Architecture, etc. Email: Jim Kittle,Application Architect Email: Real-World Ballerina Use Cases@ OSU
  2. 2. 2 Ohio State – EIP Background Enterprise Integration Platform (NG) – powered by WSO2 • Enterprise Integrator (Ei) • Web Services/APIs (integration Profile) • Data Services (DSS Profile) • Identity Server (IS) • API Manager • API Publisher & Store • API Gateway EIP (NG) Infrastructure • Kubernetes (K8S) – On-Prem (DIY &Docker EE) * AWS for DR • Docker Containers • Gitlab – Code/Jenkins – Pipelines • Ballerina Pre-1.0,& jBallerina 1.0 -> (Now working w/Ballerina 1.1.0)
  3. 3. 3 We started looking at Ballerina in its infancy. It was then we started thinking about how we would or could m use Ballerina in our ecosystem. The high-level use cases we considered Ballerina for: • Of APIs w/business logic • File Management/Movement • Data Services Also for Developers. That like coding more than drag/drop. Ohio State – Ballerina?
  4. 4. 4 SIMS (Space Information) - initial production deploy ~0.9.7x version - single resource Student Info (Ohio State App) - converted from Data Service (DSS) - Feeds Ohio State App (OSU Mobile) - student campus Information EIPCTL (For EIP CLI) - For project scaffolding - 5 sources Ballerina Use Cases eApps (Employees) - eLeave balances - Timesheets Vulnerability Management - Syncing policy files from Gitlab to Security Center Salesforce - File based bulk imports - Job sync Passx - Changing Workday Passwords - Changing Secure Vault Passwords
  5. 5. 5 Use Case Walkthrough
  6. 6. Name Email Phone 6 What’s Next/Future • More Ballerina • Continue working with Ballerina & incorporating into our EIP Ecosystem • Continuous Improvements • Logging & Monitoring • Kubernetes Environment Improvements • Use of Micro integrator & Microgateways • More domain Separation/Isolation • Evangelizing & Empowering • More Meetups • Continuous championing Integrations/Microservice development
  7. 7. Glenn Donaldson & Jim Kittle THANKS