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111814 rocketrip stackup


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111814 rocketrip stackup

  1. 1. Back to Lean Basics Kevin O’Neill Vice President Engineering, Rocketrip
  2. 2. About Me
 Canadian born & raised in Toronto 
 Living here for 4 weeks…
 Experience across industries from 
 Telecom (Linux device drivers)
 Services (mostly garbage software shipped on time)
 Retail (Java enterprise stuff)
 Education (More Java enterprise stuff)
 Travel (Python)
  3. 3. “Change how employees think about business travel” Provide an employee a budget to beat
 Employee gains points based off savings
 Employee redeems points for cash rewards
  4. 4. Unlike everyone else in NY, 
 we’re Hiring!
  5. 5. The Rocketrip Platform
 The core stuff… The external stuff… 
 Python MySQL Bootstrap JQuery sass pykss highcharts bloodhound typeahead flight.js choosen EC2 Totango Amplitude Mixpanel Worldmate PDFcrowd sendwithus sendgrid google Rabbit MQ proximo
  6. 6. “If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough” - Mario Andretti
  7. 7. So what happens? Companies think FAST and instead RUSH
  8. 8. RUSH = DEBT unlike most debt, this we have to beg to pay off
  9. 9. Common Smells “we don't have a lot of documentation - we’re doing agile”
 One line requirement statements (e.g. Integrate with xyz)
 Say “Traceability?” and you get blank stares…
 No front end style guides, development standards etc
  10. 10. This is all too common “Startup” behavior wasting most valuable resource - time
  11. 11. Think Lean
  12. 12. Eliminate Waste Focus on customer value
  13. 13. Amplify Learning Increase feedback loops
  14. 14. Decide as late as possible Keep options open as long as possible
  15. 15. Deliver as fast as possible Use small batches
  16. 16. Empower the team Move decisions to the lowest level
  17. 17. Build integrity in Don’t tack integrity on later
  18. 18. See the whole Beware the temptation to optimize parts at the expense of the whole
  19. 19. The playbook
  20. 20. Some required reading
  21. 21. Questions?