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Animal Magazine Covers

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Animal Magazine Covers

  1. 1. Animal Magazine Covers by Mrs. Prettyman’s Language Arts Classes 5 th Grade G.W. Carver Elementary
  2. 41. Pictures from Microsoft Office Clipart or from Flickr under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License Image: 'Stink Bug 03' Image: 'What Stinks?' Image: 'Northern Bald Eagle' Image: 'Perched 06' Image: 'SASSY RACCOON' Image: 'Bandit' Image: 'gliding' Image: 'Flying Squirrel 4Oh My34' Image: 'Cotton Mouth' Image: 'Cottonmouth' Image: 'schlapperklange' Image: 'Whitetail' Image: 'Eastern diamondback rattlesnake' Image: 'House Centipede' Image: 'House Centipede closeup' Image: 'bad day to run out of hairspray' Image: 'Cardinal with Bug' Image: 'New Visitor' Image: 'high-def bass' Image: 'big mouth' Image: 'Eastern Bluebird' Image: 'Mountain Blue Bird (Sialia currucoides)' Image: 'Harvest Mouse' Image: 'black widow at home'
  3. 42. Image: 'Staring...' Image: 'fawn' Image: 'Rude Deer' Image: 'Snail' Image: 'Small Things' Image: 'the champ' Image: 'dolphin' Image: 'Dolphin1' Image: 'Yellowstone black bear' Image: 'Early Bird' Image: 'Chipmunk on Stump' Image: '4Lucky me' Image: 'Ground Hog' Image: 'critter by the side of the road' Image: 'marmot' Image: 'Canada - Beaver' Image: 'Patagonia - a beaver' Image: 'Red-tailed hawk' Image: 'Hawk with an Attitude' Image: 'Broad Winged Hawk' Image: 'Baby Fox' Image: 'Red Fox' Image: 'Swallowtails 07' Image: 'butterfly' Image: 'Caterpillar' Image: 'I9m On Top Of The World3' Image: 'black widow'