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Elizabeth Knights-Ward - Championing Trends in B2B To Close The Gap Between Sales & Marketing


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Learn Inbound 2019 - Elizabeth Knights-Ward slides

"Championing Trends in B2B To Close The Gap Between Sales & Marketing"

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Elizabeth Knights-Ward - Championing Trends in B2B To Close The Gap Between Sales & Marketing

  1. 1. Championing trends in B2B to close the gap between sales & marketing
  2. 2. Hello there! ElizabethKW @LizzyRoseKnight
  3. 3. There’s something we’re not talking about
  4. 4. The Elephant in the room
  5. 5. Organisational Challenge
  6. 6. Marketing Challenge
  7. 7. It’s time to stop acting like ol’ Homer Simpson
  8. 8. Applying B2B Best Practice Internally Video ABM Data SciencePodcasts Quality Environment 1 2 3 4 5
  9. 9. Internal Approach Applying the same principles and levels of creativity, even without the same level of resource and budget available. Integrated Approach Integrate sales more closely with how we plan and execute the different elements of our marketing strategy.
  10. 10. Trend 1: Engaging sales in your video strategy
  11. 11. Decision makers want to consume thought leadership via video Edelman
  12. 12. LinkedI n Feed
  13. 13. Applying a video strategy to sales It engages and tells stories visually (the obvious ‘talking head’ approach isn’t usually the most effective) Engagement It respects the audience’s time and communicates concisely Respect It takes attention seriously, with a structure that captures it early and maintains it. It often uses emotion to cut through: humour, drama, tension Attention & emotion It benefits from familiar formats and content brands – a regular video content brand (like ‘Live with Marketers’) helps to drive recognition and engagement Different formats
  14. 14. Challenge ourselves Here are three simple ways to tell your story to sales. Think beyond email Visual impact Prioritization
  15. 15. Let your guard down Demonstrate creativity and the value that comes from engaging your sales colleagues.
  16. 16. Engaging sales in your video strategy 1. Identify experts 2. Help your colleagues with video selling 3. Understand where video can make a difference 4. Support new launches 5. Stress why all of it matters
  17. 17. Trend 2: Consciously and intentionally engage sales with the ABM strategy
  18. 18. Sales & Marketing Alignment
  19. 19. Ask the following questions first Have you met and spoken to every member of the sales team? How well do you understand their different roles? Do you know how the sales team is structured? What additional/hidden responsibilities does each person have within the team? How do your sales colleagues make decisions? Who sets and influences the priorities? What are the major challenges and barriers faced by each team member and the team as a whole? What are different people’s personal pain points?
  20. 20. Respect the foundations
  21. 21. Ask the following questions first Why do we want an ABM programme – what are the objectives, and what benefits should sales expect to see from it? Objectives What kind of ABM programme do we want to run? Are we tailoring our approach to a handful of top- priority accounts? Aiming to scale? Or taking a tiered approach that incorporates both? It’s vital to define this at an early stage Software v How are we prioritising and/or tiering accounts? The credibility of your programme depends almost entirely on sales buying into this – and in most cases, leading on it Priorization What sources of insight are we using to profile accounts and plan content for different stakeholders? It’s not just that sales should be one of these sources of insight – you also need their buy-in (and potentially their recommendation) on the other sources of insight that you use Insights
  22. 22. Trend 3: Never underestimate the power of the podcast
  23. 23. of buyers say podcasts are a content format they value in the early stages of the marketing journey
  24. 24. 1. Think about your sales team’s definition of value – what would motivate them to set aside time on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis? 2. Think about your objectives – how can you balance value for the sales team with the information you want to communicate regularly? 3. Are there respected, credible experts that your sales team will make time for, who you could feature as guests? 4. What’s the most accessible content format that you can use to make it easier for sales to check-in? Audio podcast? Video podcast? How can you make it available and promote it? Can you build something that’s easy for people to download and listen to offline, on their commute? 5. What’s a regular format that can motivate your audience to engage? Can you create a podcast brand? Develop a regular presenter? Adopt a format that brings some entertainment value to the episodes? 6. What’s the right length to balance regular listening with value and information? 15 minutes? 20? 30? A podcast strategy for sales
  25. 25. Are there experts within your sales team that you could bring insight and value to your podcast episodes? Don’t be afraid to be selective here – credibility is everything and being discerning can attach greater value to being involved Engaging Sales in your Podcast strategy Are there clients or prospects who would make insightful guests – and provide the opportunity to strengthen sales relationships? Are their priority issues, hot topics or particular barriers that sales are facing, which you could address on the podcast through third-party experts?
  26. 26. Trend 4:
  27. 27. Quality media environments are 42% more cost-effective than the cheaper option Newswork
  28. 28. Focus on quality in sales engagement Think beyond email Re-think your to-do list It isn’t about delegation
  29. 29. Seeing it first-hand at LinkedIn Focused on in- cafeteria opportunities to talk to people in their down-time Leveraged coffee cups as a media opportunity Used bathroom mirrors as a media site Organised early morning desk drops Took over poster sites on the route our sales teams took to work
  30. 30. Engaging sales in your quality media strategy
  31. 31. Emphasise quality, reach, impact… And why
  32. 32. Trend 5:
  33. 33. Identify the best metrics Can you track open and response rates for your emails? The proportion of the sales team that your marketing team is connected to on LinkedIn? How often your sales colleagues engage with, like, comment on and share marketing content?
  34. 34. Think about data outcomes Your target may be defined in MQLs but you don’t have to make those the only metric you monitor – what about the rate at which MQLs become SALs? The rate at which they convert? The speed of conversion compared to leads sales source for themselves?
  35. 35. Spot the patterns 1 Once you’re armed with relevant data sources, what significant patterns can you find? Which styles / lengths / formats of emails engage best? Which sales reps engage most often? What to those reps have in common? Which content engages and enthuses sales most consistently? 2 3 4
  36. 36. Engaging sales in your data science strategy
  37. 37. “The machine told me to do it”
  38. 38. Ensure sales’ engagement with your approach Communicate about the AI tools you’re using, what outcomes they are focused on, and what benefits you expect them to deliver Communicate Explore how the insights you gain through these tools can add value within sales’ own systems Explore Don’t just do what machines tell you! Use their recommendations as an input into your creative approach and execution – but make room for qualitative insight from sales as well Input When you see interesting patterns in the insight you’re seeing from AI and data, make sure you share the wisdom. If you’re using an AI tool that generates a different style of subject line for emails – and you find it dramatically improving your open rates – then why not share that wisdom with sales? Patterns
  39. 39. A final thought
  40. 40. Thank you ElizabethKW@LizzyRoseKnight