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Flipping the HCP Engagement Funnel - Moving Beyond Banner Ads

This presentation deck was used in the May 2019 Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M) webinar sponsored by QxMD. The webinar explored how flipping traditional HCP engagement strategies can help you to truly connect with healthcare professionals in ways that are significantly more efficient, meaningful and likely to drive behavior change.

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Flipping the HCP Engagement Funnel - Moving Beyond Banner Ads

  1. 1. Flipping the HCP Engagement Funnel Moving Beyond Banners Ads Medical Marketing & Media Webcast | 16 May, 2019
  2. 2. #FunnelFlip#FunnelFlip Daniel Schwartz, MD, FRCPC QxMD Founder and Practicing Nephrologist Matthew Durham Sr. Director of Business Development @QxMD Speakers
  3. 3. #FunnelFlip ENGAGED HCP REACH INTEREST By flipping the funnel we mean going from this
  4. 4. #FunnelFlip To closing the gap with something like this ENGAGED HCP INTEREST REACH
  5. 5. #FunnelFlip#FunnelFlip Why this Topic? 10,000 Total number of diseases. 1 20% Rate of misdiagnosis. 2 10% Estimated patients deaths due to diagnostic errors. 2 Source: 1. Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (2017) / 2. National Academy of Medicine (2015)
  6. 6. #FunnelFlip Why Now? Source: University of Ottawa (2009) HCPs are flooded by information: 2.5M new research papers annually making knowledge acquisition & adoption difficult
  7. 7. #FunnelFlip#FunnelFlip Why Re-think? Source: 1. Google, “The Importance of Being Seen: Viewability Insights for Digital Marketers and Publishers” study / 2. Google Analytics 60% Average pharma branded website bounce rate. Average time-on-site is only 169 seconds. 2 0.35% Average display ad click-through rates. 1 44% Viewability of digital ads. 1
  8. 8. #FunnelFlip Equals ~60 HCP non-bounce “visits” per 100k banner impressions
  9. 9. #FunnelFlip#FunnelFlip HCP Engagement Examples Mobile Apps CMEMicrosites
  10. 10. #FunnelFlip What do these have in common? They use traditional banners to drive traffic.
  11. 11. #FunnelFlip#FunnelFlip Example: Making Mobile Apps
  12. 12. #FunnelFlip “The app nobody uses is usually the most expensive one!” – Steve Royle @Swipe Health
  13. 13. #FunnelFlip#FunnelFlip App User Journey & Stats Awareness Interest Visit Download Tour Use / Re-Use
  14. 14. #FunnelFlip App Costs Source: Kinvey $270k Average development cost (in USD) to bring a standalone app to market. +$$$ Plus +15-20% in maintenance. Plus additional traffic/engagement spend.
  16. 16. #FunnelFlip But the problem isn’t limited to apps For example, microsites with GREAT CONTENT, but LOW ENGAGEMENT References & Research Video Content Calculators & Tools
  17. 17. #FunnelFlip#FunnelFlip CME challenges also exist
  18. 18. #FunnelFlip So how do we flip the funnel? And give clinicians what they want… and need? Source: 1. Veeva 2016 Future of Medical Conferences / 2. Ashfield Meetings & Events 2016 Survey 86% HCPs use a smartphone. 1 92% HCPs view medical journals as most important source for continuing medical education. 2
  19. 19. #FunnelFlip#FunnelFlip Engage HCPs where they are, on platforms they trust
  20. 20. #FunnelFlip Go beyond profiles & find HCPs by interests
  21. 21. #FunnelFlip#FunnelFlip Native advertising drives superior engagement Source: IPG Media Lab / Sharethrough 52% Native advertising viewing boosts over display advertising.
  22. 22. #FunnelFlip Avoid spending $270K+ in new app development to engage a small number of users. Choose popular point-of-care tools with millions of built-in users & uses – driving real value.
  23. 23. #FunnelFlip Leverage microsite assets for greater ROI & engagement. Inject content natively into HCPs’ daily workflows: • Landmark papers • Branded & unbranded content • Decision support • Educational materials
  24. 24. #FunnelFlip Boost CME sign-ups & close clinical knowledge gaps. Explore emerging all-in-one HCP platforms for content hosting & user acquisition. AUDIO & MOBILE PLATFORMMOBILE & MICRO-FORMAT Plus many others!
  25. 25. #FunnelFlip#FunnelFlip Where to start? 1. Find funnel-flipping platforms & partners 2. Collaborate with your agencies & platform partners to create tailored playbooks Disease State Awareness Branded Pre launch Growth Maturity Clinical Trial Data Clinical Decision Support Continuing Medical Education