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Robocar POLI_newsletter_2015_3Q


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Robocar POLI_newsletter_2015_3Q

  1. 1. Newsletter 2015 3Q from Korea Issued 2015.11.20. Robocar POLI appointed as an ambassador of Information Security In a celebration of ‘4th Information Security Day’, Robocar POLI was appointed as an ambassador by Korean government in order to teach the importance of information security. During the event, POLI and friends had performance promising voluntary information security along with children, parents, and the CEOs of security companies. In the future, POLI will play important role through on/offline to observe information security. Robocar POLI on K-league ALL STAR football league! Robocar POLI, as K-league football ambassador, rolls out to K-league ALL STAR football sponsored by HANA bank . This event is organized by Ansan city and aimed to comfort citizens who had lost their family member from ‘Sewol’ ferry accident. The ambassador Robocar POLI will participate the safety class and other ground event apart from football match.
  2. 2. Newsletter 2015 3Q from Korea Issued 2015.11.20. Robocar POLI Season 4 (or Season 2-2nd half) on Air! Robocar POLI and rescue team friends finally come back to kids with Season 4 (or Season 2-2nd half)! In this season, new rescue team vails out their presence. Pick up truck, running out off-road terrain, ‘Mark’, ‘Bucky’, and vertical taking off plane ‘Ted’ are the very new rescue team members. There will be also new friends to catch the audience attention in Brooms Town, locomotive train ‘Torino’ and farming tractor ‘Tracky’. News: Robocar POLI licensing products POLI Kick- scooter With foot-brake and adjustable handle, children can play it safely! Road-tape Easy to stick in and out tape that could be used on the floor. Packed with toys, road-tape is the tool to foster child’s creativity. Sound book A book that makes certain sound when it is touched. This is the best solution to make your child to feel book friendly in early age.
  3. 3. Newsletter from CHINA Media: Robocar POLI aired on CCTV 14! 2015 3Q Issued 2015.11.20. POLI exclusively on On 15th Oct, Robocar POLI TV series has officially launched on Animation World time block of CCTV 14 kids channel which covers the whole continent of China. Furthermore, this massive debut on CCTV is expected to be a foundation/milestone for Robocar POLI original series to be aired in other main children’s channel in China. Chinese No.1 VOD streaming service provider has signed the exclusive deal with Robocar POLI original TV series. Youku, which has been recently acquired by Alibaba, requested exclusivity for Robocar POLI based on its strong contents power shown from the spin off series- Traffic Safety with POLI. Youku will promote its broadcast on CCTV and its brand awareness. Youku will also plans to launch kids APP soon and promote the kids APP with Robocar POLI. WASHABLE JUMBO MARKER Ads by ROI
  4. 4. Newsletter 2015 3Q from CHINA Issued 2015.11.20. GRAND OPEN! Welcome to Brooms town! Brooms Town in Nanjing, China! Theme park licensee YuYuTo opened its first indoor theme park in Nanjing, China on 15th of September and will start accelerating POLI theme park business. Yuyuto currently plans to open 2nd and 3rd POLI indoor theme park on Haizhu Wanke pie and Beijing GuoRuiCheng on this Christmas, 25th December.
  5. 5. Newsletter 2015 3Q from CHINA Issued 2015.11.20. Robocar POLI special Zone welcomed visitors in 2015 Shanghai international toy fair. This time, the size of the brand zone increased by three times lager than last year’s along with special display zone for Master toy and various licensed products of Robocar POLI. Based on the official debut in CCTV 14, many buyers and licensees have shown excitements and huge interests towards the brand. Robocar POLI special zone at Shanghai International Toy Show
  6. 6. Newsletter 2015 3Q from CHINA Issued 2015.11.20. Chinese publishing licensee Children’s Fun Publishing is visiting 120 kindergartens and teach children traffic safety with Small Giant Education, one of affiliates to Giant Education Group. In this campaign, POLI will teach Traffic safety to children based on CFP’s brand new series of ‘Traffic Safety with POLI’ story book. POLI and CFP protects children traffic safety
  7. 7. Newsletter from CHINA New Product New Robocar POLI stainless kids tableware launching, 30 SKUs have been developed and 100 SKUs will be developed y Okiz China during first half of 2016. New Robocar POLI stainless Tableware! Poli protects kids Body! Launched High moisture vaseline cream for kid By A+ (Atex) 2015 3Q Issued 2015.11.20.
  8. 8. Newsletter 2015 3Q from TAIWAN Issued 2015.11.20. POLI Play Park rocks!By P&P (TOY), YOYOTV Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A9 8&9F (Taipei) 2015.08.01~08.09 Chung-Yo Dept. Store C-13F (Taichung) 2015.07.17~07.27
  9. 9. Newsletter 2015 3Q from TAIWAN Issued 2015.11.20.
  10. 10. Newsletter 2015 3Q from TAIWAN Issued 2015.11.20. POLI says “hello” during Halloween POLI became the main model for Haloween event @ Tianmu Sports Park in Taipei on 31st of Oct. By Sanbyte (Agency)
  11. 11. Newsletter 2015 3Q from TAIWAN Issued 2015.11.20. 230 stores join “Trick or Treat activity” with POLI sticker
  12. 12. Newsletter 2015 3Q from France Issued 2015.11.20. NEW Product launching MILLE BORNES , No.1 French card game, is coming out soon with Robocar POLI! Voilà! Special POLI books by GRUND are coming out this Christmas! It will be the best Christmas gift for French children, for sure! POLI PUZZLE by NATHAN (15/30/35 pieces) is selling very well ! On flood of request, we’ve decided to make additional 4th puzzle (45pieces) in January 2016 to meet the needs of POLI fans! What a lovely DVD box set by STUDIOCANAL! Its a Christmas limited edition, so hurry up to get it!!
  13. 13. Newsletter 2015 3Q from France Issued 2015.11.20. Kidexpo is held from 17th to 21th of October in Paris. Children met POLI at Gulli and Silverlit booth, and took a lovely picture together! POLI meets kids in Kidexpo, Paris! Crayon, Oil Pastel, Marker, Scissor, Clay, Colored Pencil, Coloring Card, … and more! ROBOCAR POLI ARTS & CRAFTS! GO CATALOGUE! Fill your shelves with POLI Arts & Crafts !!
  14. 14. Newsletter 2015 3Q Russia Issued 2015.11.20. Robocar POLI online promotion! This promotion was organized by ‘Gulliver’, main toy partner in Russia. Each character has its own theme, POLI (Road Safety), AMBER (Mental Development), ROY (Security at Home), and HELLY (Socialization) and each theme has 4 education points for Parents about how to teach their own kids. Participants should upload recommended behavior or comment related to one of themes on Every week, 2 winners will get tablet PC. This event will be held until December 2015.
  15. 15. Newsletter 2015 3Q Russia Issued 2015.11.20. Robocar POLI and kids draws traffic safety together! Road Safety Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Hyundai Motor CIS, and Robocar POLI invite kids to Traffic Safety Drawing Competition! Any child who loves Robocar POLI and his adventure, any child who knows safety rules on the road is eligible to be a participant. The participation process is very simple. Watch traffic safety with POLI, download blank page and draw/upload traffic safety painting on Traffic Safety diploma will be given to every participant and there will be POLI’s award for winners! This event will be held until December 2015.
  16. 16. Newsletter 2015 3Q from SINGAPORE Issued 2015.11.20. POLI Live Show is waiting for you @ Takashimaya Robocar POLI and his team on a rescue mission around Brooms Town from Thu 19 Nov to Wed 25 Nov 2015 at Takashimaya Square, B2 at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm (Excluding Mon 23 Nov) POLI X’mas Fair 12 Nov to 27 Dec 2015
  17. 17. Newsletter 2015 3Q from TOY Issued 2015.11.20. Robocar POLI 2nd Annual Global Toy Conference in HK Oct. 23rd , 2nd annual global toy conference was held successfully in HK. Session contents including Robocar POLI Global Business status & Plan and successful business results & marketing cases from Russia, France, Taiwan and China were shared with all countries. Especially, 2016 POLI Asia Road Show plan was announced during the session. Asia countries including Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and more is planning to participate and prepare for 2016. New Characters & New Toys are coming for 2016! Fruitful results including Confirming the 2016 POLI Asia Road Show plan Mark Bucky Also Coming Soon for POLI & ROY Action Pack Series (Space, Diving and More!) New Mountain Rescue Mark & Bucky for 4 Inch TR & Diecast Find out more in Q4 Newsletter! Reference: Asia Road show map
  18. 18. NEW Launching 2015 3Q Benelux Issued 2015.11.20. Robocar POLI Grand launching at Netherlands Robocar POLI start to broadcast in No.1 channel RTL Telekids from Sep every Monday to Friday with great partnership with Just4Kids and RTL. And RTL had special launching Event with Spectron and the result was unexpected success. Also start to cover most of main Toys Shops with Master Toy lines at the same time of TV launching date and some of them start with branded shelves with main Toy partner Spectron.
  19. 19. 2015 3Q Baltic Issued 2015.11.20. Robocar POLI finally meets kids in Baltic! Robocar POLI toys are on the shelves of Baltic toy shops and Russia main toy partner ‘Gulliver’ & ToysLand(Gulliver’s Baltic branch)is beyond this great achievement. Although Robocar POLI TV series will be aired soon, Robocar POLI toys and a variety of promotions come to meet the kids in Baltic first. At this moment, Robocar POLI toys covering all types of market such as Lacuks (Indivisual Toy chain), Cenuklub (Mass market), Elkor (Shopping mall), and Galerija Riga (Department store). The distribution channel is expected to grow in the future. NEW Launching
  20. 20. Newsletter 2015 3Q Up-coming Country Issued 2015.11.20. Robocar POLI will secure Turkey & Balkan Peninsula Kids Robocar POLI will meet Turkey & Balkan Peninsula(Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) Kids soon. Meet you soon