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6 Month Startup - Marketing 101 - Emily Carrion


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"6 Month Startup - Ideation to Revenue" - Month 5, Marketing 101 program by Emily Carrion

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6 Month Startup - Marketing 101 - Emily Carrion

  1. 1. Startup Marketing 101 Emily Carrion VP Marketing,Textio @Emily_Carrion
  2. 2. Understand your customer Who are they? What do they care about? What jobs does your product do for them?
  3. 3. Decision maker • VP of Sales, CRO, • CEO Influencers • Sales Operations • Sales Managers • Finance Teams • Board Other People We Serve • Sales Reps Example: Aviso’s Customers
  4. 4. Example: Aviso’s Customers What they care about • Obsessed with growth • On the hook for revenue • Reliability • Predictability • Catch challenges early • Hitting targets • Coaching team • Looking good to CEO, Board • Being in the know about Pipeline • Avoiding hot water What jobs does Aviso do for them • Replace Excel • Accurate forecasting • Points out deals that need more attention • Predicts forecast early on • Provides early warning signs • Know what changed and why
  5. 5. Where do Customers hang out? What do they read? Where do they learn? Where are their “water holes”? Who are they influenced by? How do they spend their time?
  6. 6. Pick Channels
  7. 7. Pick Channels
  8. 8. Appendix
  9. 9. Build powerful brand & positioning
  10. 10. Messaging/Positioning • Why do we exist? • What do we believe? • What are we? • What do we do? • How do we do what we do?
  11. 11. Messaging/Positioning • Who do we serve? • What types of companies? • What specific people in the organization (job titles, responsibilities, etc)? • What are the benefits for our customers? • Benefits to companies and individuals • How do people use our product?
  12. 12. Brand/Logo Exercise • What words do we want to associate with our brand? • What imagery do we want to associate with our brand? • How do we want our brand to make people feel? • What look and feel do we like? • What colors do we like? • What are examples of other brands we like? • Who are our competitors and what do their brands convey? • How will the brand/logo/design be used? • If you want a mascot, what animals or creatures or things represent the words/emotions you want to convey?
  13. 13. How do we measure success? • Volume metrics • Traffic, impressions, page rank, referral sources, attendees, deal size • Engagement metrics • Opens, CTR, downloads, opt-outs, likes, comments, shares, time to site, bounce rate, exit rate • Conversion metrics • Conversion through funnel stages, lead score, lead source • Velocity metrics • Time between funnel stages, time per page, lead response time, avg sales cycle • Value metrics • CPL, CAC, ROI, sales/marketing cost as % of revenue, QoQ revenue by channel, customer LTV, revenue initiated by marketing, revenue influenced by marketing • Loyalty • NPS, product performance, retention