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Transmedia storytelling a work in progress28jan


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Transmedia storytelling a work in progress28jan

  1. 1.    Image  Removed  Due  To  Copyright  Licensing  
  2. 2.    Image  Removed  Due  To  Copyright  Licensing  
  3. 3. Transmedia  as  a  marke:ng  tool   Today  transmedia  storytelling  techniques  are  star:ng  to  be  applied  to  tourism.   Tourist  des:na:ons  use  transmedia  storytelling  to  a?ract  and  engage  visitors,   promote  homegrown  goods,  and  share  local  history.       •  TravelPlot  Porto   •  The  Roswell  Experience   •  Bear  71      Image  Removed  Due  To  Copyright  Licensing  
  4. 4. And  what  we  did  …   We  conceived  a  site-­‐specific  transmedia  story  as  an  interven:on,   guiding  our  audience  of  visitors  to  a  be?er  understanding  of   Madeira’s  rich  history  and  natural  capital  
  5. 5. Drawing  inspira:on  from  the  wealth  of  natural   capital  and  rich  cultural  heritage  embodied  in   Madeira’s  breathtaking  landscape  and  pre-­‐ se?lement  old-­‐growth  forest,  our  story  has   developed  around  two  central  themes:  the   impact  of  human  se?lement  on  a  par:cular   ecosystem,  and  its  healing  proper:es.     LauraSilva  Transmedia  story:   WHY:  The  inspira:on  
  6. 6.    Image  Removed  Due  To  Copyright  Licensing  
  7. 7. The  Macaronesian  Laurel  Forest      Image  Removed  Due  To  Copyright  Licensing  
  8. 8. Madeiran  Laurel  Forest      Image  Removed  Due  To  Copyright  Licensing  
  9. 9. UNESCO  World  Heritage      Image  Removed  Due  To  Copyright  Licensing  
  10. 10. LauraSilva  Transmedia  story    
  11. 11. The  narra:ve  :  plot  outline   •  The  story  takes  place  in  Madeira  during  the  18th  century,  when  it   served  as  a  busy  port  for  transatlan:c  trade.     •  The  protagonist,  Laura  Silva,  is  a  young  woman  who  escapes  a   difficult  childhood  in  an  orphanage  to  receive  medical  training  from   her  adop:ve  father  who  is  the  village  doctor.     •  She  stows  away  on  a  transatlan:c  voyage  to  escape  scandal,  but   eventually  returns  to  pursue  her  life’s  work  studying,  cataloguing,   and  defending  Madeira’s  unique  forest.     •  Her  notes  and  samples  are  kept  in  a  vast  herbarium  –  an  annotated   and  illustrated  book  of  medicinal  plants  –  but  Laura  and  the  book  go   missing,  apparently  swept  away  in  the  historic  flood  of  1803.     The  audience  needs  to  find  the  herbarium…  
  12. 12. The  experience  
  13. 13.    Image  Removed  Due  To  Copyright  Licensing  
  14. 14. Quick  recap   Transmedia  Experience   The  outcome  of  the  story   reflects  on  the  present     The  outcome  of  the   audience  experience   generates  future  scenarios  
  15. 15. Prototyping   At  the  end  of  the  conceptual  design  phase  of  the  story  we  were  le_  with  a  lot   of  ques:ons  regarding  the  experience  of  our  audience.       •  How  do  we  a?ract  our  audience?  Will  users  feel  compelled  to  embark  on   the  experience?     •  How  well  does  the  experience  flow?  Can  the  user  connect  the  story  points   with  the  physical  loca:ons?     •  Is  the  story  engaging  enough  to  keep  the  audience  moving  forward?     •  Is  the  scien:fic  informa:on  regarding  the  plants  interes:ng  and   understandable?     •  What  balance  of  text,  visuals,  and  physical  interac:ons  should  we  aim  for   in  order  to  sa:sfy  our  audiences?     •  Is  the  final  reward  of  glimpsing  possible  futures  a  sufficiently  sa:sfying  end   to  the  experience?  
  16. 16. The  experience  prototype  and  a  future  of   Laurasilva  workshop   The  LauraSilva  Experience  Prototype  was  designed   with  two  goals  in  mind.       1.  Collect  feedback  on  the  experience  and  on  the   story  itself;     2.  Cra_  a  compelling  ending  for  the  experience:   inform  the  par:cipants  and  inspire  them  for  the   ‘Laurisilva  Futures’  workshop  that  followed    
  17. 17. Future  of  Laurasilva  Workshop  
  18. 18. Booklet  probe  
  19. 19. Experience  prototyping  in  ac:on  
  20. 20. General  Feedback   The  EP  was  well  received  in  different  aspects:     1.  As  a  useful  way  to  get  to  know  the  village     2.  To  engage  in  a  memorable  way  with  the  physical   surroundings     3.  To  learn  about  the  Laurisilva  forest  as  valuable  natural  capital   Detailed  feedback  was  organized  in  three  main  sec:ons:   •  Story  feedback   •  Media  feedback   •  Experience  design  feedback  
  21. 21. Story  related  feedback   1.  Par:cipants  enjoyed  the  story  and  wanted  to  learn   more  details   2.  Some  par:cipants  wished  there  was  more   fragmenta:on  in  the  story,  so  that  it  comes   together  only  at  the  last  moment   3.  Story  sec:ons  needed  a  be?er  hook  from  one  to   the  next  to  mo:vate  users  to  move  forward   4.  More  drama,  more  empathy  with  the  protagonist   was  desired   5.  Clearer  and  stronger  anchors  to  the  physical   loca:ons  
  22. 22. Medium  related  feedback   1.  More  interac:ons  with  real  ar:facts  that  hold   informa:on   2.  Touch  and  smell  real  medicinal  plants,  learn   remedies,  take  herbal  teas  home   3.  Mixed  opinions  about  more  video  or  more  audio   4.  Use  of  Augmented  Reality  to  overlay  history  to  the   place   5.  Technology  mimicking  X-­‐rays  to  be  able  to  see   inside  the  house  and  through  walls  
  23. 23. Experience  design  feedback   1.  Distance  between  loca:ons  was  too  long   –  Ra:o  between  walking  and  story  :me  should  be  propor:onal   –  Find  secondary  ac:vi:es  for  the  in  between  :mes,  to  give  users  something  to   focus  on   2.  Par:cipants  enjoyed  the  treasure  hunt  aspect     –  They  wished  more  treasures  were  planted  hence  more  agency  of  the  individuals   3.  More  interac:ons  with  the  locals  and  the  village  loca:ons   –  Users  liked  the  idea  of  mee:ng  with  local  people  and  ask  for  clues   4.  More  agency  for  the  player   5.  More  autonomy  in  choosing  where  to  go  and  walk  around   6.  Not  to  rely  on  the  map  and  the  screen  so  much,  having  a  narrator  or  a   guide   7.  A  stronger  sense  of  urgency  was  needed  to  complete  the  experience   8.  Remind  the  players  about  the  :me  issue  in  finding  the  herbarium  
  24. 24. Laurisilva  Futures  workshop   Immediately  following  the  experience  prototype  in  Ponta  do  Sol,  our  experts   led  the  workshop  group  on  an  educa:onal  walk  through  the  heart  of  the   Madeiran  laurisilva,  describing  the  plants,  climates,  and  remedies  that  form   such  a  wealth  of  heritage  on  the  island.    
  25. 25. Future  scenarios  workshop  
  26. 26. The  possible  fic:onal  futures  of     the  Laurisilva   A_er  iden:fying  the  major  drivers  of  change   with  regard  to  the  future  of  the  laurisilva  forest,   we  discussed  these  drivers  in  rela:on  the  four   futures  just  men:oned.  
  27. 27. Discipline      Images  Removed  Due  To  Copyright  Licensing  
  28. 28. Collapse      Images  Removed  Due  To  Copyright  Licensing  
  29. 29. Transform      Images  Removed  Due  To  Copyright  Licensing  
  30. 30. Fragments  of  Laura  
  31. 31. i) Is the experience of watching a 360º VR narrative affected by the location? Flow  and  narra:ve  transporta:on  and  sense  of  presence  are  higher  onsite   ii) To which extent does the medium where the 360º VR story is presented affect the experience? •  Flow  is  higher  with  the  MVR,  while  transporta:on  seems  device  independent.     •  Awareness  of  the  surrounding  is  slightly  higher  with  the  tablet   iii) To what extent does the medium and the location where the 360º VR narrative is presented affect the experience? •  Flow  off  site  is  higher  with  the  tablet  while  onsite  is  higher  with  the  MVR   •  Onsite  is  harder  to  use  the  tablet  than  the  MVR.   •  For  the  narra:ve  transporta:on  its  higher  onsite  with  the  MVR  and  off  site  with  the  tablet  
  32. 32. Reflec:ons   Key  reflec:ons  dis:lled  from  the  Experience  prototype,  the  Future  Scenario   workshop,  and  the  MVR  tests:     •  Laurasilva  is  an  interes:ng  and  very  rich  topic  to  engage  the  public  of  visitors  to  the  island.     •  Audience  engagement  is  hard  to  sustain,  and  need  strong  premises  to  sustain  audience  interest  and   interac:on  throughout  the  story  (Intro  or  call  for  ac:on  and  conclusion  or  payback).  Tansmedia  aloud   personaliza:on  of  such  premises.   •  More  story  and  more  scien:fic  informa:on  is  appreciated,  also  guided  visits  to  the  laurasilva  itself   before  (to  engage  people)  or  a_er  (as  a  payoff)  to  the  experience.     •  Carefully  choose  the  right  medium  and  technology  to  deliver  different  parts  of  the  story,     Refinements:     •  Deliver  more  story  and  more  science   •  Use  of  real  ar:facts  and  plants  samples  for  sensory  s:mula:on   •  Expand  the  technology  to  include  Virtual  Reality  and  Augmented  Reality  Scenes   •  Weave  in  connec:ons  to  the  locals  
  33. 33. In  Summary   •  We  have  takled  about  the  design,  experience  prototype,  Future  scenario   workshop  and  360  mobile  VR  experiments  of  the  LauraSilva  transmedia  story,  a   technologically  mediated  effort  aiming  to  create  awareness  about  the  natural   capital  and  ecosystem  services  of  the  UNESCO-­‐protected  Laurisilva  forest  of   Madeira.     •  Before  moving  into  the  final  technical  produc:on  and  development  phase  of   the  story  we  are  going  to  redesign  and  evalaute  a  stronger  entry  point  of  r  the   story  and  cnclusions  and  payoff  for  the  audience.  Shall  we  keep  the  influence   of  the  future  or  shall  we  make  use  of  a  more  plausible  cause,  such  as  following   the  diaries  of  a  famous  historian  or  scien:st  such  as  Darwin  for  example…   •  Finally,  tes:ng  again  the  full  experience  with  parts  of  it  already  implemented,   Vr  and  AR  technolgoy  at  work,  some  social  media  aspects  developed  such  as  an   online  presence  of  Laura  as  an  historic  figure,  and  interac:on  with  scien:st  and   botanist  regarding  the  laurasilav  biodiversity.   •  We  are  now  designing  the  rest  of  the  transmedia  aspects  of  the  story  and   gepng  ready  for  a  Hi  Fi  prototype  tes:ng  phase.  
  34. 34. Conclusions   The  Madeiran  Laurisilva  and  its  natural   ecosystems  represent  a  wealth  of  natural  capital   that  need  to  be  protected,  while  at  the  same   :me  being  promoted  and  be?er  understood.  We   believe  our  efforts  advance  the  possibili:es  of   ecotourism  on  the  island  by  joining  culture  with   natural  heritage.  
  35. 35. Thanks  for  listening!     More  informa:on  at  :   h?p://futurefabulators.m-­‐     For  any  further  ques:ons  please  do  not  hesitate  to   contact  me:   valen:na@m-­‐