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Instagram - Product Improvement


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Designed top 3 product improvement ideas for Instagram - May 2017

Published in: Technology
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Instagram - Product Improvement

  1. 1. Instagram By Elaine (Yi Hui) Aw Product Improvement Ideas:
  2. 2. BACKGROUND ➤ Instagram provides a simple way to capture and share the worlds’ moments. ➤ Launched in 2010, acquired by Facebook in 2012, 700 million users as of April 2017. ➤ Users’ motives: Social interaction, archiving, self-expression, escapism and peeking. ➤ Logo change in May 2016: “We've been inspired by all the ways the community has grown and changed, and we wanted to create something that reflects how vibrant and diverse storytelling on Instagram has become” Source: Brown: Organic, Simple Yellow: Optimism, Warmth Orange: Friendly, Cheerful, Confidence Red: Excitement, Youthful, Bold Purple: Creative, Imaginative Blue: Trust
  3. 3. SWOT ANALYSIS Large number of global users (700 million monthly active users on April 2017). Enables people and brands to express themselves through enhanced visuals. Connected to other social media platforms, and has a strong parent company (Facebook). Attractive to younger audiences. High engagement levels. STRENGTH OPPORTUNITIES THREATS WEAKNESS Privacy concerns on different kinds of photos for different followers. Advertisements is the only way for Instagram to monetise, and irrelevant advertisements annoy users. High dependancy on having a great sorting algorithm to sort news feeds in a way that attract users. Increase in mobile usage by users from all over the world. More ways of sharing moments (i.e. Videos, short-lived moments, chats). Machine learning allows the application to learn users’ behaviours and customise it more to their liking. Competitor social media platforms (i.e. SnapChat or Twitter) compete for users’ attention. Currently, Facebook responded to threats by making attractive features also available on Instagram (e.g. Live Videos and Face Filters ). This attracts usage, but at the same time risks diluting Instagram’s brand.
  4. 4. PERSONA Sarah J. Age: 24 Work: Student (Undergraduate) Location: Palo Alto, California Archetype: The Creator Characteristics Goals Frustrations Bio Photographer Food Lover Extrovert Fashion Enthusiast To view lovely images from people or brands that she follow. To attain more followers by capturing and sharing attractive moments with her followers. Sarah is an undergraduate who has an eye for beauty. She loves to view lovely images on social media, and to share snippets of her daily life on the platform. It is common for her friends to wait for her to snap a photo of her food for her to post on her account before they start eating. She becomes a little sad when her photos/videos does not have much likes. She is worried about missing out on her favorite photo updates. She is busy with school work and likes simplicity, so she does not like mobile applications that are too complicated to use.
  5. 5. EMPATHY MAP Hear? Think and Feel? Say and Do? See? Needs? Insights? “I want to capture and share a moment.” “This travel photo is so beautiful!” Double tap to “like” the photo. “I feel accomplished and acknowledged when my followers comment and like my photos.” “Your photos/videos are gorgeous!” “I enjoy having more followers.” Take high quality photos that are worth sharing. Build a brand that has an increasing number of followers. Our persona’s primary interest is to view moments, and to capture and share attractive moments with her followers. Have an easy way to view photos of interest. “I wonder if my followers will like this photo.”
  6. 6. OPPORTUNITY 1: IMAGE FILTERS ➤ Our persona loves Instagram because of the available filters and simple edit options that can easily transform her photos to look great. ➤ She would first take photos, choose an appropriate filter, adjust the lighting if required, then share it. ➤ Many times, if she wants to post a photo on Facebook, she prefers to do it through Instagram because her photos tend to look better if they originate from Instagram. ➤ In a recent update, Instagram now allows her to manage her favorite filters by selecting and ordering them to appear a way that she likes. This however, is a try-and-error method unless she remembers the filter names. Current: Filters Source:
  7. 7. ➤ The ability to create attractive photos with filters is a well-liked feature that can be enhanced. ➤ With 700 million monthly active users, it gives opportunity for machine learning to create new filters: ➤ Based on image recognition, determine the category of photos (i.e. landscape, indoor food, portrait), and figure the type of filter that is commonly used. Create personalised filters based on past user preferences. ➤ Learn the artistic characteristics from works of famous artists to apply on existing photos. In the example on the right, a normal image of a boat, overlaid with the image of “The Scream” by Picasso, results in a unique photo filter style. ➤ Such creativity can be introduced to the platform as new filters to be shown in reserved spots at the filter page. UX Improvement: Machine Learning + Filters Source: OPPORTUNITY 1: IMAGE FILTERS + MACHINE LEARNING Reserved spots for newly created filters.
  8. 8. OPPORTUNITY 2: DISCOVERY ➤ The “Explore” tab at Instagram currently showcases possible videos and images that a user may like. ➤ However, the displayed video and images may not be a good fit to their interests. For example, our persona wonders why “Science Experiments” is picked for her when she is more interested in fashion and food photos. Next, assuming somehow that category is on science experiments, the photos after that does not seem related; it is confusing. ➤ The search feature is more intuitive and relevant, it allows the user to see related accounts at the “Top” category. Our user can also easily search for people, hashtags and places accordingly. Current: Discover New Content
  9. 9. ➤ Hashtags has always been one of Instagram’s strengths. This is because many users like placing creative #hashtags that are related to the photo context. There are even business spin-offs that print instant photos based on event-based hashtags (link). ➤ One way hashtags can be leveraged, is to integrate it with the “Discovery Page” to enable users to understand why certain photos are recommended. ➤ In addition, I am wondering if displaying stats like user accounts and number of likes would encourage engagement because on one hand it explains why a photo is there, on another, it dilutes a user’s reason to click on a photo that he/she really likes. A usability test could be performed to figure the impact. I have designed the prototype with inspiration from YouTube. ➤ Also, it is worth exploring the possibility of following a hashtag. Instead of having a direct message (it is easy to type a hashtag to a friend), a follow feature would value-add more at the “Discovery Page” to increase the possibilities of enabling a user to find new users or brand accounts with similar interests that they may like to follow. To bring it a step further, related tags could also be built in the algorithm. UX Improvement: What’s Trending? #hashtag #dailyactivity - 1,228 Posts susan 1,020 likes - 2 days ago OPPORTUNITY 2: DISCOVERY - WHAT’S TRENDING? electronicguru 320 likes - 3 hours ago shoecollector 250 likes - 1 day ago Follow “Discovery Page” Interestedhashtags Stats Followed Hashtags
  10. 10. ➤ Every user account is the heart of Instagram as this is the place where people and companies build their brands. Currently, accounts are personalised in the profile picture and description section. Posts are arranged chronologically based on the posting date. ➤ This works well usually, but becomes restrictive if a user wants to organise his/her photo. The order the photos in the grids are rigid because there is no way to edit the posting date; it is only possible to edit the caption and location of any post. Personally, I will end up deleting a photo and reposting to reorganise, or to bear with it if the photo already has likes and comments. ➤ Another interesting way a user can opt to showcase creativity at the user account page is to enlarge an existing photo, posting them to arrange in a 3x3 grid, similar to the image on the right. Currently, the only way to maintain the 3x3 grid without messing up the larger image is to post subsequent images in sets of 3. Current: User Account OPPORTUNITY 3: USER ACCOUNT
  11. 11. ➤ The simplest fix to the organization problem is to enable the editing of posting dates as shown on the right. After that, the order of the images at the user profiles will be based on the edited date. ➤ In order not to confuse the news feed, the back- end database could store two date fields: posted date (to display image at the news feed) and edited date (to control how images appear at a users’ account page). ➤ For a more sophisticated solution on top of the posting date, enable featured photos to appear at the top of account. If the user selects photos, it will appear at the top. If the user does not, the profile will remain the way it currently looks. UX Improvement: Photo Organization Done OPPORTUNITY 3: USER ACCOUNT ORGANIZATION Featured Photos Update this section to display your top photos. Edit Featured Photos Choose up to 3 photos you’d like to feature Adopted feature from Facebook. Featured Photos Sorted by: Date Updated User Profile Enable edits to posting date