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The Complete Guide to Retargeting


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Over 95% of visitors to a website leave without filling out a form. The fastest way to boost top-of-funnel website leads, while being cost-effective with media spend, is through retargeting. Learn:

--How to budget & plan your retargeting campaigns.
--Site, Search, Email, and CRM retargeting.
--How rich media makes retargeting more effective.
--How to launch, measure and optimize retargeting campaigns.

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The Complete Guide to Retargeting

  1. 1. to Retargeting Contact us at, or +1 408.216.7025. Follow us @kwanzoo Kwanzoo provides a cloud-based platform that makes it simple for marketers to launch full-funnel retargeting and personalized display campaigns that boost top-of-funnel leads, improve nurture programs, and accelerate the sales pipeline.
  2. 2. Complete Guide to Retargeting Table of Contents 1. What is retargeting? 2. What is full funnel retargeting? 3. Why use retargeting? Introduction (pg 1) The Basics (pgs 2-3) 1. What is site retargeting? 2. What is email retargeting? 3. What is CRM retargeting? 4. What is predictive retargeting? 5. What it persona-based retargeting? 6. What is account-based retargeting? Getting Started (pgs 4-5) 1. Site retargeting pixel 2. Email list upload 3. Viewthrough pixels for site visits and conversions 4. Plan your offers 5. Choose your ad types 6. Choose the sites to retarget from or block 7. Segmentation 1. Direct lead captures 2. Viewthrough site visits 3. Viewthrough site conversions 4. Nurture touches 5. Ad activity tracking Best Practices (pgs 6-7) 1. In-banner forms 2. Persona-based ads 3. Known contact suppression for net new prospecting 4. Ad activity tracking 5. Ad personalization using 3rd party data 6. A/B testing for multiple ad creative in a single campaign 7. Real-time data append for instant lead routing 8. What is a data management platform (DMP)? How do DMPs help with retargeting? pg. 0 | © 2013 Kwanzoo Inc, All Rights Reserved. Measuring Success (pg 8)
  3. 3. Complete Guide to Retargeting: Introduction What is retargeting? Retargeting is an advertising strategy that allows you to serve display ads to people who have already interacted with your brand – for instance, by visiting and leaving your website without converting. In a retargeting campaign, you serve a set number of ads (eg 30) to each site visitor per month, in order to engage and convert them with an offer. As a result, retargeting can turn anonymous site visitors into known prospects and customers. What is full funnel retargeting? Typical retargeting campaigns are set up to only deal with one stage of the funnel – for instance, a site retargeting campaign may be set up for generating net new leads or inquiries. An email retargeting campaign can be set up to improve and enhance nurture programs in the mid funnel. Persona-based retargeting campaigns and account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns can be used to set up segments to reach specific accounts or known contacts, based on data in your marketing automation or CRM database. However, retargeting is more effective when these strategies are used comprehensively across the whole funnel – which we refer to as “full funnel retargeting.” As more net new leads are created with top-of-funnel site retargeting campaigns, this results in more leads into your email nurture flows, which are subsequently targeted by email retargeting campaigns in the mid funnel. This brings more marketing qualified leads (MQLs) into your sales pipeline. Across the board, you would further serve highly personalized campaigns targeted to specific accounts or contacts to accelerate the pipeline. 1 2 3Why use retargeting? For every dollar spent on SEM / PPC to bring in a new prospect to your website, over 95% of those visitors typically bounce off without filling out a form. That’s 95 cents of missed opportunity in moving a prospect along towards becoming your customer. You face this same situation with your email sends, where around 80-90 out of every 100 email recipients will not engage with your email. Retargeting programs are key in combating this type of lead dropoff from typical SEM/PPC and nurture campaigns. Site retargeting campaigns can help to capture more leads off of lost SEM/PPC traffic, by serving highly relevant display ads to all incoming site visitors. Specific ads and offers can be customized to different parts of your site, to appeal to specific visitor segments and drive compelling results with initial visitors brought to your site by an offer, who have not yet converted. Email retargeting campaigns can increase your nurture touches from an average of 2x per month to between 20x and 30x per month through display, helping you reach and re-engage those contacts who have gone inactive on your list or who are not opening your emails. These types of retargeting campaigns are essential for enhancing the effectiveness of existing nurture programs and getting full value from your in-house email list. pg. 1 | © 2015 Kwanzoo Inc, All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. Complete Guide to Retargeting: The Basics pg. 3 | © 2015 Kwanzoo Inc, All Rights Reserved. 4 What is predictive retargeting? With predictive retargeting, target only your best-fit prospects, identified off real customer data in your marketing automation (MAP) & CRM, & 3rd party onboarding (Oracle|BlueKai, Acxiom|Liveramp, others) data. Using a predictive engine to analyze your marketing automation (MAP) & CRM data, we identify net new contacts that “look like” your best customers. We also recommend “best-fit” customer segments, and optimized offers for increased conversion, upsell & cross-sell. Then, customers and prospects are served rich media ads, and download your offers without leaving their current site. The Basics 5 6 What is persona-based retargeting? What is account-based marketing (ABM) retargeting? Persona-based retargeting means running retargeting campaigns segmented by individual prospect data. This data can be acquired either from 3rd party vendors or from data already existing in your marketing automation or CRM database. Most commonly, these campaigns are set up using one or two key variables to segment the campaign, such as job source, geographic region, or lead score. Then, specific ad offers or creative variations are served to each segment, allowing for more targeted ad offers, with each piece of ad content targeted to your individual buyer. ABM retargeting (also referred to as Account-based Advertising) starts with a list of target accounts. The target account names are first mapped to IP address blocks. Users from these target accounts who visit the internet from those specific IP address blocks are then served a fixed (10 to 30) ads per user per month. For large companies, the IP address blocks can be further filtered down to specific geo location(s) of this company (e.g. corporate HQ) to be targeted. ABM retargeting is less media efficient than email retargeting. However, it can be a great strategy for influencing buyers and building brand awareness at target accounts.
  5. 5. Complete Guide to Retargeting: Getting Started Site retargeting pixel The first step in setting up a site retargeting campaign is to place a tracking pixel across your sites, which will allow you to cookie users for ad serving. This pixel code can be obtained from your retargeting media partner or your real-time-bidding (RTB) partner and should be placed across all pages of every site whose visitors will be served your ads. This pixel code can be placed early even as you are planning your campaign, because your cookie pool will grow while your ad creative is being designed. For typical B2B companies, the campaigns are more effective if the pixel has been in place for at least a couple of weeks before launch. Placing your pixel involves analysis of your website traffic – if you are not placing the pixel across all your site pages, or if you are still in the early stages of growing your website visitor traffic, your volume of unique visitors can be an important consideration. Website traffic can vary, but generally retargeting works best when there is a moderate (5000+) to high (50,000+) number of unique monthly visitors coming to your website. You can, however, start with as few as 1000 monthly uniques. This is especially true for segmented campaigns within a larger website (where you have identified a collection of web pages visited by valuable B2B prospects). For site retargeting programs with persona-based ads we generally recommend at least 20,000 monthly unique visitors, who are served at least 20 ads/visitor/month, over a 6-month period, to maximize ROI and see strong improvement in conversion and funnel metrics. Email list upload (minimum list size, match rate) For email retargeting campaigns, one of the first steps is to upload your email list(s) to your retargeting partner or 3rd party cookie- matching service’s database. This will allow setup of a matched cookie segment at an RTB or DSP, which is then used for ad serving to the matched users. Email list matching can take 5-7 business days, so submit your list for matching well in advance of the planned campaign launch date. Generally, for B2B campaigns, cookie match rates tend to be between 30 and 50 percent, meaning that only around 30-50% of your full email list will be served ads in the resulting campaign. We recommend serving 20 to 30 ads/matched email user/month. Because of this, for email retargeting, approximately 40,000 email addresses per campaign is required, that allows serving 300,000 ads or more per month to say 35% of the full list, who are the “matched” users. 2 3 Viewthrough pixels for site visits and website form conversions Viewthrough pixels allow you to track visitors who see your ad but do not engage, but later visit your site or visit your site and convert. These pixels are important for tracking the full performance of your campaigns. Site visit viewthrough pixels should be placed across your site, to track overall visits. Website form conversion pixels track conversions driven by your campaign, so they should be placed on the thank you pages for the landing pages associated with your campaign. pg. 4 | © 2015 Kwanzoo Inc, All Rights Reserved. 1 What does it take to get started with a simple retargeting campaign? Sample site retargeting pixel code:
  6. 6. Complete Guide to Retargeting: Getting Started Choose your ad types. The more ad sizes you plan to use, the better – this will increase the available inventory for ad serving for your offers. We recommend using a wide variety of different ad sizes in your campaigns, from 728x90 (Leaderboard) to 160x600 (Skyscraper) and 300x250 (MPU). Besides more inventory, the different ad sizes help catch user attention, increase engagement and conversions. Additional ad formats can be important to consider. Rich media ads, for instance, can be more effective than traditional banners at engaging and driving conversions from your campaign. Unique rich media ad formats to consider include in-banner form ads (that integrate with your MAP system), video lead form ads, and responsive polls/surveys. Choose the sites you plan to retarget from or block from your campaign. For site retargeting campaigns, you will need to choose any specific sites or site categories you wish to exclude from your campaign, and which geos to include/exclude in your campaign. Most retargeting platforms have a standard blocklist of ‘undesirable’ sites, including x-rated sites and others, but some companies prefer to block a wider range of sites from their campaigns. Additionally, many companies choose to restrict certain geos from their campaigns in order to target their key audiences. It is important to recognize that, especially for site retargeting campaigns, where your audience is already targeted solely to site visitors, these types of restrictions will decrease your total available impressions, and may increase necessary bidding thresholds for your campaign. Segmentation – are you going to split your retargeted site pages/email lists? Segmenting your campaigns, or splitting your ad offers by specific groups of site visitors or email list members, can make your campaigns more effective by allowing you to serve more targeted offers. If you are planning to segment your campaigns, it is important to make sure that you plan this in advance so that you can (email retargeting) upload email lists corresponding to each segment, plan your ad creative offers for each specific segment, and (for site retargeting) note the site URLs you wish to include in each segment. In segmented campaigns, it is also important to note that site traffic and email list size minimums still apply. For instance, if your site traffic is only around 1500 unique visitors, we do not recommend segmenting your campaign, as the resulting segments will be too small to run effective campaigns. pg. 5 | © 2015 Kwanzoo Inc, All Rights Reserved. What does it take to get started with a simple retargeting campaign? 5 6 7 728x90 300x250 160x600 4 Plan your offers Since these types of campaigns are directed toward people who are to some extent familiar with your brand, retargeting campaigns tend to work well with offers for resources collateral pieces (such as ebooks, whitepapers, and video resources); upcoming webinars; or offers, such as free trials, demos, and more. We recommend running campaigns with multiple creatives and multiple offers, so that you can A/B test and see which offers are most effective with your audience.
  7. 7. Complete Guide to Retargeting: Best Practices In-banner forms Rich media in-banner form ads can increase retargeting conversions by 30% or more. Kwanzoo’s in-banner form ads allow prospects to engage with your brand without returning to a landing page on your website, allowing them to fill out a form directly in the retargeted ad as they surf around the web. These ads integrate directly with marketing automation/CRM databases such as Oracle Marketing Cloud, Marketo, Silverpop, or Salesforce, allowing you to capture leads and additional or appended data fields directly in your MAP/CRM database. --Serve Kwanzoo In-banner Form Ads with white paper offers. --Serve Kwanzoo Video Lead Form Ads with short-form videos, that lead after a form fill to longer-form video content or reports. --Serve Kwanzoo Webinar Sign-up Ads to drive webinar registrations. Persona-based ads 2 3 Interested in running site retargeting campaigns for net new prospecting? Known contact suppression can help you avoid wasting impressions on existing contacts in your Eloqua database. Kwanzoo’s cloud-based platform allows you to build ads directly on our platform and serve them through your existing retargeting media partners. Our unique Eloqua integration ensures that you can quickly remove all known Eloqua contacts from your pool of retargeting cookies, regardless of your retargeting media provider (e.g. Adroll). This lets you spend your full retargeting budget exclusively on targeting net new prospects. pg. 6 | © 2015 Kwanzoo Inc, All Rights Reserved. 1 4 Ad activity tracking Track ad activity on your ads for all known Eloqua contacts interacting with your ads. Kwanzoo allows you to capture ad activity, including ad engagement data, partial form fills on in-banner form ads, and lead data, inside of Eloqua contact record and CDO records in order to identify known Eloqua contacts who engage with your ads, and identify sales-ready leads in your database. What are ways to make retargeting more effective? Run more effective campaigns using persona-based ads, or ads targeted specifically to your individual buyers based on buyer profile data in your MAP & CRM systems. Kwanzoo’s innovative persona-based marketing solutions uniquely integrate display advertising and MAP/CRM technologies, bridging the divide between display and your customer database, and enabling the delivery of highly targeted marketing content and offers. Known contact suppression for net new prospecting campaigns Sample In-Banner Form Ads
  8. 8. Complete Guide to Retargeting: Best Practices What is a data management platform (DMP)? How do DMPs help with retargeting? Data Management Platforms (DMPs) such as Oracle/BlueKai, Oracle/Datalogix, and Acxiom/Liveramp, are 3rd party data platforms that store a broad mix of behavioral data on prospects and customers from their prior website, display and email interactions across multiple websites and media publishers. They primarily track anonymous visitors, while marketing automation (MAP) platforms track customers and prospects who have provided personally identifiable (PII) data such as name, email address, phone number, and more. DMPs help with retargeting in a variety of ways. They help with increasing media buying efficiency for large scale campaigns, where RTBs can use their data when bidding for impressions. They also can provide valuable data, to increase ad personalization using 3rd party behavioral and prospect-specific data. pg. 8 | © 2015 Kwanzoo Inc, All Rights Reserved. What are ways to make retargeting more effective? 8
  9. 9. Complete Guide to Retargeting: Measuring Success Direct lead captures (total lead count, Cost per lead, MQLs) Direct lead captures, or count of form fills driven by your campaign, are the most common way of measuring campaign success. Lead captures can be measured in terms of simple number of captured leads, average cost per lead across your campaign, or number of MQLs driven by your campaign. Viewthrough site visits Viewthrough site visits, as measured by the viewthrough pixel placed across your site, can be important to factor into your campaign analytics, in order to measure general interest, branding effectiveness, and engagement across your campaign. 2 3 Viewthrough site conversions Viewthrough site conversions, measured by your viewthrough site conversion pixel, should be factored into your metrics for total leads captured in your campaigns, in order to get an accurate count of leads driven by your campaign. pg. 8 | © 2015 Kwanzoo Inc, All Rights Reserved. 1 Ad activity tracking Track ad activity on your ads for all known Eloqua contacts interacting with your ads. Kwanzoo allows you to capture ad activity, including ad engagement data, partial form fills on in-banner form ads, and lead data, inside of Eloqua contact record and CDO records in order to identify known Eloqua contacts who engage with your ads, and identify sales-ready leads in your database. How can I measure success? Nurture touches Nurture touches, or engagements with email-retargeting display ad campaigns, can be an important source of value when running email retargeting campaigns. To measure the value of nurture touches, first determine the value of a nurture touch for your company and campaign (ie $50 per nurture touch). Then multiply this by the total number of engagements. When running campaigns in the Kwanzoo interface, we can help you differentiate between known and anonymous nurture touches. Nurture touches from known visitors (visitors cookied and identified based on your MAP/CRM data) may have a higher value, as we can identify and record data for all prospect interaction data based on these touches. 4 5
  10. 10. Complete Guide to Retargeting About Kwanzoo: Founded in 2009, Kwanzoo delivers a cloud-based platform for enterprise marketers to easily build and deploy full funnel retargeting and personalized display programs, to boost top of funnel leads and accelerate the pipeline. Kwanzoo’s unique rich media technology integrates with marketing automation & CRM, as well as with a broad range of real-time bidding (RTB) platforms, 3rd party data providers, advertising networks and exchanges. Marketers use Kwanzoo across a range of outbound marketing campaigns, tactics and processes: Full funnel retargeting: Kwanzoo provides the industry’s leading retargeting solution for B2B and “considered purchase” B2C marketers. Full-funnel display personalization: Deliver relevant content or offers to your propects based on where they are in their buying journey. Kwanzoo’s unique rules engine technology integrates first party MAP/CRM data, IP-based account data, third party onboarding data, and RTB/DSP contextual data to deliver dynamic ads that maximize engagement. Outbound Marketing Management: Manage your entire outbound marketing process in the Kwanzoo UI, featuring full integration with your marketing automation/CRM. Address: Kwanzoo, Inc. 26326 Esperanza Dr. Los Altos Hills, CA 94022 Contact: 1.408.216.7025 pg. 8 | © 2015 Kwanzoo Inc, All Rights Reserved.