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How PM and UX Can Play Nice


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We all know the importance of project management, but it still seem like it gets in the way of your workday. However, with a little re-tooling, project management can be seamlessly integrated into your design process. Instead of butting heads with your PM or getting annoyed by your daily check-ins, let's explore 3 techniques for integrating the two disciplines!

Adarsh is a product consultant who specializes in strategy and design. His experience as both a founder and a consultant has given him a unique perspective on how the interplay between product design and managing people, resources, and timelines. He is also adjunct faculty through the VCU Da Vinci Center where he teaches engineering design to students from non-technical majors.

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How PM and UX Can Play Nice

  1. 1. Unlikely Bedfellows How PM and UX Can Play Nice Presented by Adarsh Ramakrishnan
  2. 2. Project Management must be integrated into every designer’s process.
  3. 3. For this conversation, a client is the individual who accepts your work (boss, client, team lead, etc.)
  4. 4. Who am I?
  5. 5. Use the Spec Check-ins as Journaling Turn Meetings into Pin Ups
  6. 6. Use the Spec Get Yourself Invited Make sure design/UX is represented during the project initiation!
  7. 7. Use the Spec Plan and Submit a Detailed Approach This lets you catch holes, faulty assumptions, and potential pitfalls before you dig into research and design.
  8. 8. Check-ins as Journaling Turn a 5 Second Annoyance into a 5 Minute Discipline This is an opportunity for self review AND opt-in peer review.
  9. 9. Check-ins as Journaling Capture Your Process, This Isn’t a Time Sheet It might feel like you’re talking to yourself, but this log will keep you honest and keep your project on track.
  10. 10. Turn Meetings into Pin Ups Process over Outputs Let your visuals (eg screens, mocks, etc.) speak for themselves while you describe your process.
  11. 11. Turn Meetings into Pin Ups Focus On Clarity Actively solicit feedback on the parts of the experience you want clarified.
  12. 12. Use the Spec Check-ins as Journaling Turn Meetings into Pin Ups
  13. 13. Adapt these tactics and make them work for you.