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Maker Meets: Design for everyone


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Disability equality charity Scope and strageic design and digital delivery agency Aqueduct come together to discuss their approach to setting the example for digital accessibility.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Maker Meets: Design for everyone

  1. 1. © Aqueduct 2019, confidential !1
  2. 2. Maker Meets Welcome to our first event Design for everyone
  3. 3. © Aqueduct 2019, confidential !3
  4. 4. Running order The business case for accessibility1 Becoming an accessibility first organisation2 Delivering Scope’s ambitions3 Q & A4 Meet the speakers5
  5. 5. Working on accessibility since 2001 with major consumer brands such as TV Licensing BIMA judge 2019 Founding host of Agile for Agencies The business case for accessibility by Guillaume Buat-Ménard
  6. 6. Head of Digital at Scope 15 years of digital experience across financial services , travel and charity Our accessibility first transformation by Ceri Balston
  7. 7. Project Director at Aqueduct Project Lead for Scope 15 years of project management & digital development experience How we delivered Scope’s ambitions by Prash Menon
  8. 8. Social Media #DeeperDesign #Accessibility @WeAreAqueduct @Scope 1 2 3 4
  9. 9. The business case for accessibility 1
  10. 10. !10 20 years of accessibility WCAG first recommended in 1999 WCAG 2.0 in 2008 WCAG 2.1 in 2018
  11. 11. Pioneers
  12. 12. Accessibility != Disability It’s not only about blind people It’s not only about physical or mental impairment Do not assume why and how people use assistive technology Promotes good practice and standards Autistic spectrum Screen readers Physical or motor impairments Deaf or hard of hearing Low vision Dyslexia Anxiety Reduced mobility
  13. 13. The Purple Pound 1 in 5 Nearly 1 in 5 working adults with impairments 14 million Disabled adults 250 billion Spending power 11.75 bn Lost to inaccessibility
  14. 14. “ ”Many organisations are waking up to the fact that embracing accessibility leads to multiple benefits - reducing legal risks, strengthening brand presence, improving customer experience and colleague productivity. Paul Smyth - Head of digital accessibility, Barclays Brand
  15. 15. “ ”Designing inclusive software results in improved usability and customer satisfaction. Microsoft’s app developer guide Reach
  16. 16. “ ”The accessibility problems of today are the mainstream breakthroughs of tomorrow. Eve Andersson - Director, accessibility engineering, Google Innovation
  17. 17. “ ”It has been enshrined in law since 2001, and further European regulations came into place for Public Sector bodies in 2018. Legal risk Some organisations have been taken to court in the US and the UK (BMI Baby)
  18. 18. The social model of disability People are disabled by barriers in society. Not by their impairment. Removing these barriers, creates equality and offers disabled people more independence, choice and control. We need to change people’s attitude to difference; such as assuming disabled people can’t do certain things.
  19. 19. Scope’s transformation 2
  20. 20. A big, bold transformation Huge strategic shift Big digital ambitions New digitally enabled services Big investment in self service content Website CMS needed upgrading to latest version
  21. 21. PrimaryBrightPurple PMS2597 C C80M100Y0K0 R89G2B159 #59029F BrightYellow PMS122C C0M15Y85K0 R254G214 B54 #FED636 OffWhite PMS663C C4M5Y0K0 R246G243 B250 # F6F3FA BrightTeal PMS2397C C75M0Y30K0 R10G210B209 # 0AD2D1 DeepPurple PMS2627C C90M100Y25K35 R52G4 B88 #340458 SANJIT New brand coming
  22. 22. Accessibility framework for our digital ecosystem
  23. 23. New website ambitions We need to be compliant - reputational risk We need to demonstrate that great design can combine with great accessibility to create a fantastic experience We need to demonstrate others how to do it, show leadership in the field
  24. 24. Partnership Ambition and mandate UX, design and development expertise Training and advice
  25. 25. Project and product managers Designers Developers Copy writers Tester (QA) “We want you to be self sufficient” Let’s get training!
  26. 26. Embracing inclusive design Discovery Design Build UAT Talking to and testing with users at every step on the journey external support at key stages 12 users 16 users 8 users 9 users 1 x expert review 2 x expert review Internal AX testing External audit
  27. 27. QA internal + external 9 users Internal QA External audit
  28. 28. Content Content audit Content design Plain english Information architecture design 1,720 to 450 pages of easy to read, searchable content
  29. 29. Feedback from the community
  30. 30. Accessibility for our digital ecosystem
  31. 31. = UX Accessibility experience UX = AX AX
  32. 32. Pillars of digital accessibility Getting it right first time Procurement Development Training Checks and assurance Manual testing Automated testing External audits
  33. 33. AX Factor = (visits/month)*(changes/year) Understanding priorities © Scope 2018
  34. 34. Checks and assurance High = > 5,000 Medium = 500 to 500 Low = < 500 Platform Visit a month (000s) Cycles/changes a year AX factor Priority Scope website 250 52 13,000 High Community 130 52 6,670 High Mindful monsters 40 36 1,440 Medium Lottery 1 12 12 Low
  35. 35. Checks and assurance Priority AX factor Approach AX factor High > 5,000 Internal AQ testing Internal assistive technology testing External audit Siteimprove 3-6 months (risk pages only) 12 months 12 months (risk pages only) Automated (all pages) Medium 500 to 500 Internal AQ testing External audit Siteimprove 12 months Launch only Automated (all pages) Internal AQ testing 12 monthsLow < 500 High = > 5,000 Medium = 500 to 500 Low = < 500
  36. 36. Accessibility statement Publish accessibility issues Publish feedback from users Be honest, be transparent, commit to improving
  37. 37. Delivering Scope’s ambitions 3
  38. 38. Aligned for accessibility A
  39. 39. Organisation vision Ambition Digital teamDigital strategy Investment
  40. 40. Same old challenges Stakeholder management Fixed budget
  41. 41. Team leadership Product owner Agency programme manager External partnerships Client team Agency team External
  42. 42. Strict governance Planning & estimation Weekly ongoing and projected budget Daily communication
  43. 43. Prioritisation Priority for your customers
  44. 44. Prioritisation Priority for your customers Mobile development
  45. 45. Don’t bake it at the end but enable throughout your product pipeline. Accessibility from the outset. Discovery Design Build UAT
  46. 46. Accessibility during build 0% 0% 0% 0% 100% Sp1 Sp2 Sp3 Sp4 UAT Risk up to 30% defects 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% Sp1 Sp2 Sp3 Sp4 UAT Less defects during your UAT (around 5% for Scope)
  47. 47. Train for empathy Designers, developers and project managers Team engagement with disabled users
  48. 48. Accessible design B
  49. 49. Empathetic to the audience needs and behaviours Deeper Design In depth user interviews Continuous improvements through user testing
  50. 50. Text
  51. 51. Design and layout
  52. 52. Accessibile navigation Prioritise navigation based on the way users work with functionally - the most popular goes to the top Minimise the levels of navigation involved
  53. 53. Offer short-key access to different features Remember to offer a minimum size of 45x45 pixel space for touch screen tap point Accessibile navigation 45x45 px 45x45 px Ensure that links are visually distinct
  54. 54. NVDA - Non-Visual Desktop Access
  55. 55. Takeways C
  56. 56. Organisation vision Ambition Digital strategy Dedicated investment Governance Team leadership Project controls Prioritisation Invest early Accessible guidelines Improve efficiency by planning upfront Train for empathy Up-skill your team Empathise team by meeting disabled users
  57. 57. Q & A 4
  58. 58. Maker Meets Design for everyone
  59. 59. AX makes business sense Shared vision & leadership Train for empathy Embed in your culture and processes
  60. 60. Technical fixes Navigation for accessibility Improve text and image content Increase empathy Interview disabled users Test a screen reader yourself Change culture Make a video, share your findings Present the case for investment to your SMT/Board
  61. 61. Accessibility is an ongoing process. However it can start small. It can start today.
  62. 62. A big thank you to Ceri and Scope
  63. 63. Thank you to everyone for attending
  64. 64. Please stay a while join us for coffee and tea Thank you