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Simplifying Complex Processes With Machine Learning


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We all operate in various environments, using different processes and tools to deliver the greatest possible value to end customers. In many cases, technology supports those efforts but quite often it also introduces additional complexity.
Learn how to solve some classic challenges in your organisation by using adequate technical solutions.

What will you learn from this webinar
How you can quickly build a business case for advanced automation, resulting in a higher ROI
How Machine Learning can push smart solutions even for complex tasks
How to free up your most valuable employees for other, more creative activities

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Simplifying Complex Processes With Machine Learning

  1. 1. Increase You ROI By Simplifying Complex Processes Using Machine Learning Andrzej Rygol Relationship & Growth Officer Adam Gurgul Data Scientist
  2. 2. Andrzej Rygol Relations & Growth 15+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN THE INDUSTRY FIELD At PGS Software now, combining the responsibility for PGS’s relation’s with clients with preparing the right GTM strategy. — Helping partners to growth with the use of the right technology — Mentoring others to drive the change — Research focused on draining strategies in IT
  3. 3. Adam Gurgul Data Scientist 5 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN THE INDUSTRY FIELD At PGS Software now, helping clients with the AI transformation. — Doing magic with data — Spreading the AI awareness — Research focused on Artificial Intelligence
  4. 4. Machine Learning Myths & Beliefs „ML is a black box” „For ML, you need a gigantic amount of data” „It's not possible to augment our proces by cognitive intelligence because it's too complex" „ML solutions means large and complicated projects with hight cost of development and low ROI" „Companies implement ML to replace people"
  5. 5. Made with by PGS Software · Case Study: An engineer's burden to bear?
  6. 6. Made with by PGS Software · Once upon a time, there was a company... ...that provided Quality Assurance in the production of highly critical mechanical parts... 30 years of providing QA services for factories producing critical parts for machines like large airplane engines. ...with multi-dimensional scans... Scans to detect possible defects in materials as a crucial element in flaw prevention. ...and under immense time pressure With a fixed delivery cycle, every check and feedback had to be propagated within hours.
  7. 7. Made with by PGS Software · — Modern Equipment — Newest Frameworks — Advanced Plans Our Expectations? Modern Solutions
  8. 8. Made with by PGS Software · — Motivated Experts — Highly experienced personnel — Lack of automation The Reality? Great Engineers
  9. 9. Made with by PGS Software · What Was The Challenge?
  10. 10. Made with by PGS Software · Tons Of Raw Data... 2 screens (and only one mouse) Engineers scroll through excel sheets – section by section, on two screens in parallel to discover material flaws. Up to 22 Hours to check a single part A single, review cycle has around 410 different parts to check, by 270 engineers. A single cycle costs around $4.5M Ensuring quality is not trivial. If you multiply it by number of parts, number of engineers, and time, the cost is astronomical. Ultrasonic scans produce large excels with numerical representations of machine parts. These lists were manually processed.
  11. 11. Made with by PGS Software · Prior Improvement attempts „The Scroller” Get more people to support the work „Add a screen” Add more equipment to support the work „Scripting” Write correlation scripts to automate
  12. 12. Made with by PGS Software · Visualize The Challenge & Choose The Right Approach
  13. 13. Made with by PGS Software · Use Design Thinking To Break It Down! Focus on solving the right problem, design a solution aligned with business goals and user needs, and evaluate the outcomes ASAP.
  14. 14. Made with by PGS Software · True Problem Highly skilled people are spending their time inefficiently. Process complexity is high, while supporting tools are given a low value. The Approach Build map of the process, divide it into smaller (SMART) pieces and address them in phases through rapid prototyping and measuring outcomes. Use Design Thinking To Break It Down!
  15. 15. Made with by PGS Software · Use Design Thinking To Break It Down! Phase 1 Hard to review the excel and identify problems in timely manner. Phase 2 Categorisation of known problems should be done quicker. Phase 3 Improve time to discover new problems and share them with factories. Phase 4 Reduce the time spent by engineers so they can use their skills better.
  16. 16. Made with by PGS Software · Phase 1 replace and visualize the “Excel method” Process described with engineer and decision on usability & UI concept Simplification by automation and visualisation Prototyping & User Interviews PoC WEEK 1-2 WEEK 3-6 1 Day Elaboratio n Workshop .
  17. 17. Made with by PGS Software · Phase 1 PoC Results The Solution Only 6 weeks for 5 IT engineers to create PoC focused on translation of excel file into 3D visual model of the physical part with colored areas. The solutions was introduced to testing group (30 engineers) for feedback. The Gains The solution cost was $45k. After 4 weeks of testing and feedback, the numbers speak for themselves: — Less struggle to discover new problem — Time for review reduced by 8h — Expected cost savings of 42% and impact on ROI by 68%.
  18. 18. Made with by PGS Software · Phase 2—3 Enhancing Result To Increase Value 1 2 3
  19. 19. Made with by PGS Software · Phase 4 Introducing Machine Learning
  20. 20. Made with by PGS Software · Phase 4
  21. 21. Made with by PGS Software · Phase 4
  22. 22. Made with by PGS Software · Phase 4
  23. 23. Made with by PGS Software · Phase 4
  24. 24. Made with by PGS Software · Phase 4
  25. 25. Made with by PGS Software · Phase 1-4 Result Summary Solution After 5 months, an IT team of 8 people (including ML experts) delivered the solution. Expanded capability of initial platform by 3D visualization, automated discovery, classification and reporting. The solution was rolled out to all engineers and end-customers. Gains The next 3 months of testing and gathering the feedback showed: — Time required for review reduced from 22 to 5h — Immedate feedback for factories — Rised quality by 16% — Dictionary of problems expanded from 17 to 29 possible flaws — Overall ROI on the investment 49%.
  26. 26. Made with by PGS Software · Phase 1-4 Result Summary
  27. 27. Made with by PGS Software · Phase 1-4 Result Summary
  28. 28. Key Take-Aways
  29. 29. Key Take-Aways Rapid workshops & rapid prototyping are the way to go The time you invest in preparation and experiments will be returned many times over during further implementation. The critical part is to narrow down the problems to manageable chunks and learning based on first user experiences, e.g. when trying out prototypes. Avarage ROI over automated processes: 19% Automated processes using ML can bring an avg. ROI of 19% Trust your Experts in numbers Be SMART and focused. Trust your experts' numbers, and measure the outcomes to drive changes and future improvements. 6 weeks PoC can bring first value The implementation of AI/ML solutions does’t always translate into a lengthy and complicated process
  30. 30. Thank you Andrzej Rygol Adam Gurgul