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2016 AHAIN Passion Workshop Presentation


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This special program was delivered to the 2016 AHAIN Annual Conference by Toni Blake.

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2016 AHAIN Passion Workshop Presentation

  1. 1. Breakout:     2pm  –  3:15pm  
  2. 2. IQ
  3. 3. Sample  Emo*onal  Intelligence  Situa*ons:   I’m  usually  able  to  influence  the  way  other  people  feel   I  find  it  easy  to  calm  angry  people  down   I  can  “walk  in  others  shoes”  and  show  compassion  for  their  situaDon   I  am  able  to  see  a  situaDon  from  many  sides   VS.   I  really  don’t  like  listening  to  my  residents  problems   I  find  if  hard  to  relate  to  other  people  experience  their  emoDons   I  believe  I’m  full  of  personal  weaknesses   I  find  it  difficult  to  change  my  point  of  view   We struggle between our heart and mind everyday!
  4. 4. The only thing greater than the power of the mind . . . Is the courage of the heart! The  Bears  are  out  in   Yellowstone  and  they   are  hungry.    I  am   heading  there  for  a   photo  trip.  
  5. 5. They found GRIZZLIES!!!! Mother and cub
  6. 6. Taken from his cell phone as she walked back to her cub after “suggesting” they get in their car!!!! She did not make an aggressive move however she did walk all the way over to Doug’s side of the car (right) to make sure he got in.
  7. 7. He got a portfolio shot!!!!
  8. 8. The only thing greater than the power of the mind . . . Is the courage of the heart!
  9. 9. 1.  Love   2.  Happiness   3.  Pride   4.  Hope   5.  Faith   6.  Joy   7.  Empathy   8.  PosiDve   9.  NegaDve   10. Hate   11. Sadness   12. Shame   13. Regret   14. Fear   15. Anger   16. Guilt   _____   _____   _____   _____   _____   _____   _____   _____   _____   _____   _____   _____   _____   _____   _____   _____   Follow-­‐up  Assignment:   PrioriDze  how  o`en   you  use  these  emoDons   starDng  with  1  being   the  “most”  and  16   being  the  “least”.  
  10. 10. What are you passionate about?
  11. 11. Is that OK with you?
  12. 12. Do  the  women  in  this  movie  think      their  behavior  is  acceptable?     Do  they  think  they  are  good?     Do  they  suck  and  not  know  it?  
  13. 13. What is your Leasing IQ “If you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” Tony Robbins
  14. 14. ?
  15. 15. -­‐   -­‐  -­‐   Create a positive life! Choose + or - If  a  life  brings  a  nega*ve…    you  should    respond  with  a  posi*ve     to  create  balance!  
  16. 16. Put  a  smile  on  your   face,  then  say  aloud  to   someone,  “I  AM…”   with  5  synonyms  of   HAPPY.  
  17. 17. Say  aloud  to  someone,   “I  AM…”  with  5     antonyms  of  HAPPY.  
  18. 18. hdp://    
  19. 19. The  Power  of  Nice  Linda  Kaplan  Thaler  and  Robin  Koval   hdp://    
  20. 20. The  Four  Love  Languages  for  Property  Management   1. Words of Affirmation! 2. Quality Time! 3. Receiving Gifts! 4. Acts of Service!      
  21. 21. Words of Affirmation An unsolicited compliment or word of encouragement is a valuable relationship builder. “Thank you for paying your rent on time, we appreciate your timeliness”, “Thanks for stopping by, we always love seeing you, you’re such a great resident”. Quality Time This is about showing your resident your undivided attention. Giving them your time and attention while they are in the office. Be sure they feel VIP service with your total attention while they are speaking with you. Receiving Gifts This is not about materialism it is about show a thoughtful gesture of appreciation. How can you say “Thanks” for being a resident in an unexpected gift? Candy, cookies, a cup of coffee, a token left on a service request are ways to give gifts. Acts of Service Dependable service is a key to resident retention. How can you enhance the relationship and communication tools delivered by your service team. Notes, additional service provided during a service call?      
  22. 22. Seven Special Moments Team Assignment: Meet with your team and discuss how to take the 4 relationship strategies and add the 7 Special Moments. ! 1. Move-in Day! 2. Service Request! 3. Mail Room! 4. Office! 5. Rent Collection! 6. Resident Communications! 7. Renewal!  
  23. 23. Posted:  Apartment  Leasing  Ideas  Fabulous  Fundamentals  –    NOTES  
  24. 24. According  to  the  research  at  the  HeartMath  InsDtute,     heart  health  is  directly  affected  by  a  shi`  to  appreciaDon.    
  25. 25. This  community  and  staff  where  grateful  to  be  alive  and  now  they  were  facing  total  devastaDon.     Managers  from  around  the  country  rallied  with  Wal-­‐Mart  gi`  cards  &  lots  of  sugar!    
  26. 26. In  2013  with  aging  parents  we  decided   to  do  sugar  jars  as  a  family  Christmas    project.  Everyone  brought  sugar  to   share  in  each  family  member’s  jar.  
  27. 27. I  have  been  passing  out  Kindness   Hotspot  SDckers  and  joining  with   groups  to  support  a  movement  toward   kindness  in  schools  &  workplaces  
  28. 28. Time  to  pour  some  sugar  out   on  this  ROOM!!!!  
  29. 29. Welcome 10@10+ Week 1
  30. 30. Love  note  staDons  are  common     at  weddings  and  graduaDons  parDes!  
  31. 31. Set  up  a  “love  notes”  sta*on  for  residents  to  tell  their  story!  
  32. 32. Share  your  love  story!  
  33. 33. THEN…Share  their  story  online  with  JPEGs  of  the  notes!  
  34. 34. Have  a  homemade  sign,     leders,  stencil  or  chalkboard!  
  35. 35. Chalkboards    &  Vintage  Mailboxes  
  36. 36. Create  a  theme  statement!  
  37. 37. Custom  Clipboard  for  your  Love  Notes!  
  38. 38. Is this the American way?
  39. 39. Today, people don’t want to do the work
  40. 40. You have to CAUSE Gold!