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SEAI Better Energy Communities Grant Scheme John Flynn SEAI


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SEAI Better Energy Communities Grant Scheme John Flynn SEAI

  1. 1. SEAI programmes for Homes in 2015SEAI programmes for Homes in 2015
  2. 2. New Build • No grants available for new build. • Requirement to be energy efficient from building regulation • If not compliant you will have difficulty with selling home on and obtaining a BER • Grants available for retrofit as follows
  3. 3. Better Energy Homes
  4. 4. Better Energy Homes • SEAI grant scheme for private dwellings – Attic Insulation – Wall Insulation (Internal, Cavity, External) – Water heating (Solar Heating) – Heating systems • Must get approval prior to works. Online applications possible • Must select an approved installer
  5. 5. Grants Available • Cash Grant Attic – Attic Insulation €200 • Wall Insulation – Cavity €250 • Wall Insulation Dry Lining – Mid- terrace House €900 – Semi-detached, End of Terrace €1,350 – Detached House €1,800
  6. 6. Grants Available • Wall Insulation - External – Mid- terrace House €1,800 – Semi-detached €2,700 – Detached House €3,600 • Heating System Heating – Controls with Boiler Upgrade €560 – Heating Controls Upgrade only €400 – Solar Heating €800 – Building Energy Rating (BER) €50
  7. 7. Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme
  8. 8. Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme • FREE Insulation upgrades • To qualify (eligibility criteria) – Owner Occupier – Be in receipt of one of the following: • Fuel Allowance • Family Income Supplement • Job Seekers Allowance for 6 months with children under 7
  9. 9. Communities Programme
  10. 10. BEC 2015 • €12M funding • Competitive evaluation • Test new and innovative approaches• Test new and innovative approaches • Achieve high quality and efficient delivery of improvements in energy efficiency within Irish communities.
  11. 11. BEC 2015 • Early programme launch • Pre-application review • Clinics for successful applicants • Improved delivery of projects • Increased energy savings to a wider community • New delivery models
  12. 12. Better Energy Communities & Areas 2014 No of successful projects 98 Total domestic upgrades 4004 Energy poor homes 3197 GW of energy saved 95.2GWh SEAI Grants 24.3 M Estimated project costs 45.7 M Jobs created 978 Total Energy Credits 95GWh Average Grant Support - Areas - Communities 59% 48%
  13. 13. ApplicationApplication
  14. 14. BEC 2015 – Key Dates • 22nd Jan Programme Launch • 2nd Feb Application available for download • February SEAI available to discuss proposals with interested parties • 2nd March Applications can be submitted online • 20th March Programme closes• 20 March Programme closes • Letter of Offer issued • 30th Oct Project completion NB: Please note SEAI will not be issuing project extensions in 2015
  15. 15. Key Measures supported • Building Fabric Upgrades• Building Fabric Upgrades • System upgrades • Integration of Monitoring and Control Systems • Integration of Renewable Energy Sources
  16. 16. Funding Levels Maximum Funding Levels Residential Home Ownership Private, Housing Association, Charitable Ownership Local Authority Owned Energy Poor Up to 100% Up to 50% Non Energy Poor, Unoccupied, Voids Up to 30% Non-Domestic Not-for-profit/ Community Up to 50% Private Sector Up to 30% Public Sector Up to 30% Exemplar Public Sector May be < 30%
  17. 17. Balance of funding Commercial Organisation Funding level = Not-for-profit / Energy Poor Funding Level SEAI Grant less Community donation SEAI Grant + Commercial Contribution
  18. 18. Domestic Project requirements • Prescribed Standards - SEAI Contractor Code of Practice and Building Regulations. • Optimal solution must be implemented • Minimum post BER uplift of 150 and 200 kWh/ m2/Yr. • No final individual BER should be less than a D1 rating.• No final individual BER should be less than a D1 rating. • Sample of pre-works BER and 100% post works BER required • Aim to have 70% Energy poor homes present in the project
  19. 19. Energy Poor Homes • Fuel Allowance from National Fuel Scheme Homes will be considered to be at risk of energy poverty if the owner/tenant is in receipt of either; • Fuel Allowance from National Fuel Scheme • Job Seekers Allowance for over six months and has children under 7 years of age • Family Income Supplement (FIS)
  20. 20. Public Sector projects Public sector non-domestic works should encompass energy contracting, and either innovative technologies, or innovative financing in their delivery
  21. 21. Private Sector Non-domestic BEC 2015 encourages works in small and medium sized businesses Larger organisations are encouraged to facilitate or act as coordinator for SME businesses in their supply chain or relevant sector.
  22. 22. Ineligible Projects • Projects without demonstrated community benefits. • Single element projects. • Renewables only projects.• Renewables only projects. • Auditing projects. • Monitoring only projects.
  23. 23. Evaluation Criteria • Value for money (25): • Partnership (25): • Innovation (25)• Innovation (25) • Quality and delivery (25) NB. Projects must score a minimum of 50
  24. 24. Supports SEAI website / BEC page under Funding banner - Programme guidelines - Draft Application form, - Technical workbook and how to complete guide, - FAQ’s - PEP user guide- PEP user guide Technical Information to be submitted - Application Form - Technical Workbook - If PES involved, Form B declaration Pre application review with Better Energy Communities team
  25. 25. Eligible Costs • Project management costs • Costs of external labour • Costs of materials, equipment, hardware & control systems • VAT (where applicable) • Additional specialist costs which may relate to procurement and contracting activities (approved on a case-by-case basis)
  26. 26. Ineligible Costs • Costs not directly related to improving energy performance • Cost of preparing and submitting application • Ongoing monitoring costs • Internal staff costs • Overhead costs • Hiring of equipment (e.g. cranes) • Delivery charges • Costs required to bring process or facilities up to standards required • Costs incurred prior to grant approval
  27. 27. Contact Applications and supporting documents must be submitted via SEAI’s online project evaluation portal (PEP) – hard copy or e-mailed applications will not be accepted If you have queries on the administration or financial documents, please email Thank you!
  28. 28. Sustainable Energy Communities Better Energy CommunitiesBetter Energy Communities
  29. 29. Sustainable Energy Community (SEC) Community SEC Align long, medium & short term objectives Deliver robust & replicable solutions
  30. 30. Organisational Management Commitment Building a Sustainable Energy Community People Developing an energy efficient culture Technical Understanding how and where energy is used Balance Between Elements
  31. 31. Actors and enablers Innovative partnerships Collaboration with industry Access to funding A clear vision and roadmap Infrastructure Data and ICT Key Elements Data and ICT Smart networks Actions A good portfolio of ‘smart’ projects Demonstrate a capacity to deliver Early wins and specific benefits
  32. 32. Sustainable Energy Communities & BEC 1. Commit 5. Review 2. Identify 3. Plan 4. Take Action
  33. 33. John Flynn